Can you tell me about the character Carmen in the musical "curtains"? Also, an audition question?

Can you tell me about the character Carmen in the musical "curtains"? Also, an audition question? Topic: To reach or arrive at a conclusion
July 21, 2019 / By Jemima
Question: I know the general gist of her but what more? is she a fun character to play? I am auditioning for Curtains in a few days and i'm torn between making my audition seem like i would be best to play Bambi or Carmen. I know they're really different but they both seem like fun. Also since carmen is more of a "lead" than Babmi, it would probably be harder to get the role of Carmen just because of competition. So i think i may want to go for carmen as a goal and have bambi as a backup, if you will. How do i imply in my audition that i want one of 2 characters? I know if there was 1 i really wanted i could just act like her in my audition, but since there's 2 that are really different, i have no idea what to do. Help!!!!
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Best Answers: Can you tell me about the character Carmen in the musical "curtains"? Also, an audition question?

Felicia Felicia | 1 day ago
Act I It is 1959 at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, where Robbin' Hood! A New Musical of the Old West is reaching its conclusion, and the cast sings of their love for the "Wide Open Spaces" of Kansas. The egregiously untalented leading lady, faded film star Jessica Cranshaw, is a triple threat: she can't sing, act, or dance (or remember when to say her lines). She collapses during her opening night curtain call. The reviews of Robbin' Hood! are bad, and the show has lost its star. Divorced songwriting team Aaron Fox (composer) and Georgia Hendricks (lyricist), together with the show's naive financial backer, Oscar Shapiro, and Carmen Bernstein, the hard-bitten lady co-producer (with her philandering husband, Sidney), bemoan the situation ("What Kind of Man"). The show's flamboyant director, Christopher Belling, has an idea: Georgia can sing, and she used to act, and she knows the show perfectly. She would be a far better leading lady than Cranshaw was, although that is not saying much. As they lament the reception of the play, Georgia is asked to sing something from the show and secretly considers her relationship with her past husband. ("Thinking of Him") News comes that Cranshaw is dead, and more than that, she has been murdered ("The Woman's Dead"). The entire company comes under suspicion, and Lt. Frank Cioffi of the Boston Police Department is called in to solve the homicide. He also had seen the show and loved it (except for Cranshaw). An amateur performer himself, he feels that "the show must go on." He enthusiastically helps Carmen bolster the morale of the cast ("Show People"). However, since Cranshaw was poisoned in the last minutes of the show and never left the stage thereafter, Cioffi believes that she must have been murdered by a member of the company. Also believing that the perpetrator is still in the building, Cioffi sequesters it. Sidney Bernstein, Carmen's husband, arrives from New York — at least he says he was there at the time of the murder. Other suspects include stage manager Johnny Harmon, inexperienced ingénue Niki Harris, ambitious chorine Bambi Bernét, and the entire cast. Cioffi is left alone with the winsome Niki, who understudied Jessica Cranshaw but was passed up for the leading role and is now covering for Georgia. The lieutenant is struck by Niki's charm and confides in her about his investigation and his lonely life, married to his job ("Coffee Shop Nights"). She seems to return his affection, so he hopes she is not the murderer. Carmen and Sidney Bernstein ask Boston Globe senior drama critic Daryl Grady to re-review the show with its new lead, and he reluctantly agrees. Director Belling works to re-stage a difficult production number, "In the Same Boat", featuring Niki, Georgia and Bambi, and Cioffi suggests that the song needs to be rewritten. Composer Aaron Fox, alone with Cioffi, confesses that he still loves his ex-wife ("I Miss the Music"). Any doubt that Georgia can carry the show is removed by the dress rehearsal of the big saloon hall number "Thataway!" However, tragedy strikes again as the curtain is rung down, as Sidney Bernstein is simultaneously rung up, with the curtain rope tied around his neck ("The Big Blackout"). Act 2 Sasha, the conductor turns to the audience to reveal that the hanging was fatal ("The Man is Dead"). A makeshift dormitory has been set up on the stage of the still-sequestered Colonial Theatre. Each member of the company suspects the others ("He Did It"). Cioffi returns from the coroner's office, but he focuses his magnifying glass on whether the show will be ready for its re-opening. Aaron previews his new version of "In the Same Boat" featuring Bobby, Randy and Harv but Cioffi is not yet satisfied with the product and has other advice for the show's creators. Bambi Bernét, actually Elaine Bernstein and Carmen's daughter, asks that a pas de deux be added for herself and Bobby. Carmen agrees, but she is no stage mother: her duty is to the box office ("It’s a Business"). Bambi does well at the rehearsal of the restaged "Kansasland". Just then, however, a shot rings out from offstage, and Bobby is wounded in the arm, although someone else may have been the target ("He Did It" (reprise)). As Cioffi works on solving the case, he finds clues pointing to Georgia and is about to arrest her when Aaron attempts to takes the blame for her, reviving their romance. Georgia is cleared, and the couple reunite. ("Thinking of Him"/"I Miss the Music" (reprise)). Cioffi wishes that he could be Fred to Niki's Ginger ("A Tough Act to Follow") and, in an elaborate fantasy sequence, he becomes just that. But he realizes that she has shared a secret with stage manager Johnny. Johnny won't tell the detective what it is, and he is shot and killed before he can reveal any more. Cioffi follows clues in his notebook up into the theater's flyspace high above the stage. He is struck with inspiration...and a sandbag, which sends him tumbling off
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Felicia Originally Answered: What do you do when you audition for a musical?
Typically during auditions for a musical, there will be two portions - acting and singing (it is a musical, after all). These will usually be separate. If the director hasn't handed out any portions of the script, you'll most likely be doing a cold read, and there's not much you can do to prepare for that. Also, choosing the right music beforehand is very important, so it would be good to listen to the soundtrack from the musical and know what kind of feel they'll be looking for. Try to stick to that style. Above all things, DON'T sing any pop music. That will kill you. Best said, if it's something you can hear on any popular radio station, steer clear. It's important to sing something from a musical, because that is what you're auditioning for - they'll be looking for your ability to sing Broadway, not pop, style. Once you've picked a song you'd like to sing, find an online sheet music store and print a copy out in whichever key is best for you. Pick 16 measures from that song, hole-punch the sheet music, and stick it in a small binder or folder. That makes you look very professional and prepared, and the accompanist (if there is one to play for you) will really appreciate it. Also, if possible, bring a karaoke track in the right key on a CD just in case, and you'll be fine. Good luck!
Felicia Originally Answered: What do you do when you audition for a musical?
First of all, if you're in a musical, you're definitely gonna be singing. And.. If you're shy about that.. You could always practice your notes. You should practice them so you can hit it just right whenever you sing the songs you have to sing. For the audition, you might wanna sing a song. You should pick a slow song so it isn't too fast and it might hesitate the director. I recommend the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. It is the PERFECT song to sing for absolutely any audition. But.. If you don't like slow songs.. Then you could sing Rolling In The Deep by Adele. And if you're worried about not knowing what song to sing.. Your director should go through it enough for you to know when this song is coming on.. Or this song and da de da de da. And the last question is up to the director. I hope this helped and good luck on your audition! ;)

Corynn Corynn
Have you ever seen Bye Bye Birdie? I'll bet How Lovely To Be A Woman would work great for you! Kim is 15, it's not a belty song. She's a tomboy who thinks she's becoming a woman now (but she's still just a kid) :-) Also check out anything Sandy sings in Grease, not very belty either and even though it's well known, not very over done anymore. Some songs are famously sung 'belty' but you can make them your own and a director make like them with a softer sound, you never know. Just make your own strong character choices and if the director makes a suggestion, go with it! I also like I'm Calm or or That'll Show Him from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. There's also Goodnight My Someone from Music Man. Not my favorite, but definitely soprano and not belty. Check out the following characters and what they sing in their shows: Wendy - Peter Pan Joanna - Sweeney Todd Tuptim - The King & I Nanette - No, No, Nanette Young Sally - Follies Julie Jordan - Carousel Luisa - Fantasticks That should get you started, but of course there are so many choices out there! Good luck!
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Bethney Bethney
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you tell me about the character Carmen in the musical "curtains"? Also, an audition question? I know the general gist of her but what more? is she a fun character to play? I am auditioning for Curtains in a few days and i'm torn between making my audition seem like i would be best to play Bambi or Carmen. I know they're really different but they both seem like fun. Also since carmen...
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Bethney Originally Answered: In need of an upbeat song from a musical for an audition?
I hope some of theses work for your needs A BRAND NEW DRESS... Coco A FOGGY DAY IN LONDON TOWN. Dmsel in Distres A JOURNEY TO A STAR.. The Gang's all Here A NEW LIFE... Jekyll and Hyde\ A QUIET THING... Flora the Red Menace A WHOLE LOTTA SUNLIGHT... Raisin A WHOLE NEW WORLD... Aladdin ACID QUEEN.. The Who's Tommy ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE.. Brigadoon ANOTHER HUNDRED PEOPLE.. Company ARKANSAS... Big River AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME.. Oliver BACK TO BASE... Closer than Ever BACK TO BEFORE.. Ragtime BACKWOODS BARBIE.. 9 to 5 BE MY HOST.. Fanny BE ON YOUR OWN... Nine BIG SPENDER... Sweet Charity BILL... Show Boat BLESS THE LORD.. Can Do BLUE MOON.. Manhattan Melodrama BOUNCE ME BROTHER.. Swing BOY WANTED... Primrose BUENOS AIRES... Evita CAFÉ CONTINENTAL... Big CANDLE IN THE WATER.. Pete's Dragon C'EST MAGNAFIQUE... Can Can CABARET.. Cabaret COLOR OF THE WIND... Pocahonta DANCE 10, LOOKS 3... A Chorus Line DANCING QUEEN.. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert DAY BY DAY.. Godspell DIVA'S LAMENT.. Spamalot DO Hear a Waltz? EASY TERMS.. Blood Brothers EASY TO BE HARD.. Hair ESCAPE... Escape EVERYTHING ELSE.. Next to Normal FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE.. Boys from Syracuse FEELINGS YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE... Side show FIFTY PERCENT.. Ballroom FOOLS FALL IN LOVE... Smokey Joe's Cafe GLITTER AND BE GAY ... Candide GIMME LOVE.. Kiss of the Spider Woman GOOD NIGHT MY SOMEONE.. The Music Man GREEN FINCH AND LINET BIRD.. Sweeney todd GRAND AVENUE... Flower Drum Song GRIZABELLA THE GLAMOUR CAT... Cats GROWING UP CATHOLIC.. Nonsense HAIL THE HAPPY COUPLE... Pardon my English HAPPY EASTER... Easter Parade HELL NO.. The Color Purple HOLDING ON.. Secret Garden HOLDING TO THE GROUND... Falsettoland HOME... Beauty and the Beast HONEY, HONEY.. Momma Mia HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU.. Grease HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET.. Funny Lady I AIN'T GOT TIME.. Zanna Don't I DON'T KNOW HIS NAME... She Likes Me I GOT RHYTHM... Girl Crazy I HAD A BALL... I had a ball I HATE MUSICALS... Ruthless I HAVE TO TELL YOU... Fanny I LIKE THE LOOK OF LOVE... Oh Calcutta I LOVE YOU PORGY... Porgy and Bewss I MIGHT GROW FOND OF YOU.. Sunny I NEVER SAID I LOVE YOU... Dear World I WANT IT ALL.. Baby I WAS WAY AHEAD AND SEESAW.. Seesaw IF MOMMA WERE MARRIED... Gypsy I'M FLYING.. Peter Pan I'M A WOMAN... Smokey Joe's Café IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING... State Fair IT'S A LOVELY DAY... Call me Madam JUST YOU WAIT... My Fair Lady JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY.. Big Deal KEYS .. Passing Strange LIGHT... The Adventures of Tom Sawyer LITTLE GIRL BLUE.. Jumbo LOOK FOR A SILVER LINING. Till the Clouds roll by LOOK TO THE RAINBOW... Finian's Rainbow LOSING MY MIND.. Fossee LOVE... Love me Tonight LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND.. Carnival LOVE'S NEVER EASY... Bombay Dreams LULLABY OF BROADWAY... 42nd Street MACAROONS... Acorn Antiques MISTER RIGHT... Love Life MY FUNNY VALENTINE... Babes in Arms MY OWN MORNING... Halleelujah Baby NINE PEOPLE'S FAVORITE THING.. Title of Show NOBODY'S SIDE... Chess NOT SINCE NINEVEH... Kismet 100 WAYS TO LOSE A MAN.. Wonderful Town OOH! MY FEET... The most happy fella ONCE UPON A DECEMBER.... Anastasia\ ONE DAY I'LL FLY AWAY.. Moulin Rouge ONE NIGHT ONLY.. Dream Girls PARIS BY NIGHT.. Victor Victoria PURLIE... Purlie RAGS... Rags RAIN ON THE ROOF.. The Wild Party RAINING IN MY HEART.. Dames at Sea SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT... Peter Pan SHINE... Billy Elliot SEPTEMBER SONG... Lovemusik SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES... Robertta SOME DAY.. The Wedding Singer STARS & THE MOON.. Songs fora new World SUGAR DADDY.. Hedwick and the angry inch T'AINT NOBODY'S BUSINESS.. Black and Blue THANK GOD I'M OLD... Barnum THE BARE NECESSITIES... The Jungle Book THE CALLING.. Altar Boyz THE GARDEN RAM... Two by Two TO KEEP MY LOVE ALIVE.. Connecticut Yankee TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.Two Gentlemen of Verona UNDER THE TREE.. Celebration VERY SOFT SHOES... Once upon a Mattress WAITING FOR LIFE...Once upon this Island WITH ONE LOOK.. Sunset Boulevard WOMAN... The Pirate Queeen WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.. Witches of Eastwick YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE.A Tale of Two Cities YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.. Carousel

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