What would you name the characters in a book if you wrote one?

What would you name the characters in a book if you wrote one? Topic: How to write a three page short story
July 19, 2019 / By Jelissa
Question: Just a name and what role they would play, Example: Amy Smith- Lead, maybe a detective, a little snobby
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Best Answers: What would you name the characters in a book if you wrote one?

Felice Felice | 10 days ago
This is hard for me...A trick that I learned as a young writer (its been years since I have written but wrote A LOT when I was younger) was to not think of these things. Just start writing and let them come to you. Sure you can develop a base character and have an initial idea of how you want them to be. But in reality if you are writing with your heart not your mind these characters develop themselves. My favorite example of this is when I was in about the tenth grade I was in an advanced creative writing class. We had to do a short story. I had my main character "Emma". Emma in my mind was a tennis player with blonde hair. By the third descriptive sentence of her Emma had turned into a soccer playing brunette. That is who Emma was meant to be. Captain Jenna B. Jones could start out as a shy leader with strong qualities but insecure in her abilities and be totally turned around by the end of the second page. Let your story write itself...you would be amazed at the results!!!
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just go to another . i take it you have the money to put up for the bublishing . if not then it wasnt the book it was your finance they turned down . what did you use to write it i use open office org . simple easy and friendly . i agree on putting it on a site but you wont make money from it . however is making money what you are after . if so you will need to get the story out there . send it to some magazine companys like playboy or time .

Cortney Cortney
This is for a mystery: Amos Langley - heir to the Langley estate, playboy, gambler Sir Micheal Langley - widower, on his death bed Lydia Langley - daughter of Sir Michael, a bit of a flirt Detective Mark Shields - veteran detective Larry Sneed - butler for the Langley estate, friendly but secretive Joe Crumley - groundskeeper at the Langley estate, mysterious and always seems to be watching
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Bethel Bethel
I would probably write something that was a realistic fiction, so I would use names similar to those that I know in real life. Ya know what I mean?
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Aggye Aggye
How about something that contradicts itself like Gabriel or Angela for someone very maliscious, or evil.
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Creativity counts friend. I suggest you do an internet query for the keywords: "character development." This will help you a lot in building characters. However, to get you started write down all the characteristics you want in your characters. Even the ones you don't plan to write about: The traits you've listed, physical characteristics, race, gender, family, religion, cultural background, anything else. This is where names come from. But again you will really benefit from a quick over view of character development, I promise. As far as title. The title will happen once you get writing. Don't let a title hang you up. Worst case scenario you can call it, "It's About a Ghost." 8-)

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