Is there a link between autism and PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome)?

Is there a link between autism and PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome)? Topic: Multiple testing hypothesis in research
July 17, 2019 / By Jedida
Question: I asked this in Mental Health but did not get any satisfactory answers. I was hoping someone here might know about this rumor and could substantiate or refute it for me?
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Best Answers: Is there a link between autism and PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome)?

Faye Faye | 8 days ago
This is a hard question to answer. . .as a mother of a profoundly autistic young man, I have researched the cause for years. My son was diagnosed back when only 1 in 10,000 were said to have autism. Now it is 1 in 150. I have PCOS. After my son was diagnosed we all under went genetic testing. Nothing in our genome is out of the ordinary. However, there is a school of thought (the cause of autism is still being debated, and most likely will be found to have multiple causes based on the type and severity) that shows a link between Autism and auto-immune diseases in a family, especially the mother side. Though, not openly defined as an auto-immune disease. PCOS usually happens in females with a strong disposition to insulin resistance (a precursor to type II diabetes), and a vast majority of PCOS suffers will get diabetes later in life. Diabetes, Type I and II are considered a type of auto-immune disease (older doctors may not consider it so but most of your new ones have been taught this). So PCOS doesn't cause Autism but some of the factors that cause someone to have PCOS may also predispose them and their offspring to a higher risk of Autism. I hope this helps a little. The truth is no one knows the exact cause, and their are many credible scientists who have opposing thoughts and hypothesis. No definitive answer has been found. Almost weekly there are new studies that say maybe this or maybe that. The majority of credible researchers believe there are two-types of Autism (I am not talking Aspergers or other diagnosis within the Spectrum that we have a better understanding of). The two types being Infantile Autism (they type one is born with) and regressive Autism (the type that comes one early in life after normal development has already been established and some perceived insult can be pinpointed). With in these two classifications there are many levels of severity. Infantile Autism usually has a strong genetic component and may actually have a genetic cause, where as Regressive Autism may have a genetic predisposition to a weakness (low immunity or poor ability to remove heavy metals or other toxins from the body), that with several insults (much like how a predisposition to certain cancers work) the result will be a manifestation of the Autism in one severity or another.
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Corrina Corrina
I don't see how one has to do with another. Autism spectrum disorders are a neurological function and have nothing to do with the reproductive system. As far as I know, my ovaries are in perfect working order for a woman my age, and I very likely am aspie.
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Bethanie Bethanie
None that I know of. I do have PCOS (medically diagnosed) and suspect I have Asperger's (self-diagnosed), but I doubt there is a link as I think my Asperger's is a "present" from my father.
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