Am I crazy, did I REALLY go to purgatory in a dream or is it just my meds?

Am I crazy, did I REALLY go to purgatory in a dream or is it just my meds? Topic: Rules to live by essay help
July 17, 2019 / By Jeannine
Question: Am I crazy, did I REALLY go to purgatory in a dream or is it just my meds? ok im an agnostic atheist, grew up "christian" but really far from orthodox... i can count the number of times i've been to a church service. anyway, last night i think i died and went to a temporary purgatory in a dream, where i got a chance to go back to earth, but then god didnt like my choice so i ended up going to a longer-term temporary purgatory specifically for "b+ to c-" atheists and I couldnt figure out how to get out. When i woke up, i thought it was all real and ended up having a psychotic episode. (oh yeah, im a bit mentally ill, I have depression w/ psychosis and missed my effexor yesterday morning, ended up sleeping through my dose from 11pm to 8pm the next day.) Im not yet 100% sure it wasnt real. I dont get it. if i live my life as a secular humanist, just trying to do right by myself and the rest of humanity, why would god take me through this guilt trip? why would he send to hell a good person who just simply didnt believe in him? (im not up on the bible nor rebuttals, so both atheist & religious answers are welcomed)
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Fay Fay | 7 days ago
You should read The Soul of Man Under Socialism, an essay by Oscar Wilde who is an awesome author. But anyways, let's assume God exists... The message of the Bible changes from beginning to end. Each message/law/rule/moral/etc applies to it's own time period, but may not be applicable today. For instance, we no longer view it as righteous to stone adulterous wives, but the early bible demands that we carry out such punishment. I believe that the message of God - if he exists, and if the Bible is actually his message - is meant to help people live in harmony (or something). And what may have the best message for the majority 1000 years ago, might not be the best message for the majority today. And the best message for the majority (which the bible targets) may not be the best message for each and every individual. For instance, what if Jesus as an individual, abided by the bible and stoned adulterous wives? The bible is meant to help us, but we outgrow the usefulness of some of it's messages from time to time, as individuals, and as a society. If you disagree with that, then I guess you should be out stoning adulterous wives... you better get going, because you've got a lot of wives to stone. That's my opinion. So does god really want to send you to hell because you don't live by the bible? Or because you don't believe in the biblical version of Him? Does hell even exist? Or was it just a concept that was useful for one time period but no longer appropriate for today? I say the the ultimate goal is for us to love and understand each other! So be smart and do what you truly think is right.
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Fay Originally Answered: This crazy dream I had must mean something?
You woke up in a huge bed with a fluffy comforter: your life seemed to be going along fine, but you weren't paying attention to where it was taking you (you had been asleep). The drinking and partying also suggest not taking stock of your life and being prepared to make changes. The extra guy in the middle of the bed represents something coming between you and your boyfriend, which you have just "woken up" to. A factory is a place where important work gets done and things get made. You and your boyfriend are in an abandoned factory, i.e. you're not getting things done. Maybe you're telling yourself it's time for marriage or a baby, or simply that your life together isn't moving forward as much as you'd like. The big building represents yourself, and the back alley store represents a little niche in your subconscious. In there is stuff that you yourself called "junk": purses, shoes and jewelry. These are, therefore, things that other people think are precious but you do not. Maybe you have worked hard to live someone else's idea of a good life, only to find you have other ideas. Shoes in dreams represent beliefs. If you have to "steal" a set of beliefs, that might mean that you don't feel it's ok to change your life the way you want. The shoes you chose are flat (you're not trying to be more than you are -- no high heels) and feminine and graceful. They are also dancers' shoes, suggesting you want freedom to move through life as you wish. When you took the shoes out, they turned out to have heels. That might mean that it will be more effort than you thought to take on these new beliefs. However, the flowers indicate that there will be a reward. The color yellow can go either way in dreams. In this case, it seems positive. You then become scared that you'll be pulled over. That's your fear that people you care about won't accept you if you change your life and/or adopt this new set of beliefs. You would like to escape this scrutiny (avoiding the cop in the dream) but you can't (you are forced to go right by the cop after all). The big smile for the cop symbolizes the way you will present yourself to the world after you change on the inside. You'll feel strange because other people might not understand and you don't want a confrontation. Eventually the road (path through life) becomes too congested for car travel (getting where you're going straightforwardly), so you get out and walk (move more slowly through life, taking more time to think about what you're doing, and perhaps also enjoying the journey more). Once again, the building represents the self, so a blown-up building represents your perceived destruction of your former self. The use of fire to do it suggests purification and truly starting all over. When you realize you were just in that building, that's your acknowledgement that you can't go back. The changes you have made have permanent consequences. Your life will be better, but you still lose something familiar. It's "your fault" in the dream because you decided to change yourself, albeit for the better. The feeling that you got out just in time means you are telling yourself you want to take affirmative steps to change your life right now, not wait around. Incidentally, your friend Tracy who is your companion for much of the dream represents the part of yourself that has already accepted your new beliefs and is already comfortable with your life the way you hope to make it.
Fay Originally Answered: This crazy dream I had must mean something?
Are you sure this was all happening in the same dream? People can have many dreams while sleeping. From what you've described, it seems as if the first one ended in the abandoned factory and the second one started in the back alley with your friend. They both have similar themes. The bed, your boyfriend and your friend represent comfort. The stranger, abandoned factory, back-alley,blown up building,stealing represent an adventurous, thrill seeking streak. Maybe you're a little bored with your current situation and feel you need some crazy excitement in your life. The close call is probably an alarm bell by the rational part of you warning about the dangers of getting too carried away by your whims.

Corona Corona
Ok first of all if you went to purgatory you would KNOW you went to purgatory, I don't think it's even possible to go there before we die, I don't think it has anything to do with your meds, I think the b+ to c- would be how you view God, God would send you through a guilt trip to help you believe in Him, God doesn't send anybody to hell but people choose to go there, God Is Truth and it's the Truth that God exists and made laws for us if you don't follow these laws what else is left for you? If you want more info or advice E-mail me [email protected]
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Beth Beth
i think of it may desire to be from the place you missed your dose or your not taking your drugs suitable yet this is the reason it incredibly is talked approximately as a dream desires constantly look authentic to me i think of that if god needed to take you and it became into some time then you definately wouldnt be typing that question
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Beth Originally Answered: Wut type of sick crazy dream.
One doesn't have to be a 'mother' to have a child in a dream. Women, especially, are naturally and biologically based around bearing children, so its not uncommon for women to dream of having children or being a mother even if they are in no way close to being such. In such a case, the child usually represents an aspect of the dreamer; hopes, dreams, vulnerabilities. Another thing to remember is that the people in our dreams are either aspects of ourselves or how we think of someone else, not the actual person. In other words, if you dream of your mom, its your mind's idea of your mom, not your actual mom. To continue, the guide in the dream represents yourself; unsure about where you are going. The animals represent fears (foreign, vicious, angry, dangerous) that you have coming to 'get' you. The mother gorilla can be interpreted a few different ways: one is to say that it represents 'female-ness', and thus a reflection of yourself that you are not ready to grasp, or it could represent a task that you feel you are 'responsible' for (mother's have a responsibility to their children) and are afraid of facing it. The baby, thus, could represent either the reward-side of the mother-ness factor (being a mother has its responsibilities but also its rewards as well) or the unexpected gift that the responsibility of the mother gorilla brings. The fact that the baby 'changes' means that your perspective changes, from seeing it as something foreign and dangerous to you, to something that is beautiful and wonderful. the fact that you take your 'baby' to Greece suggests that the baby represents an aspect of yourself that you are only beginning to share. You, of course, are sharing a deeply personal and heartfelt experience and the caressing is a way of reinforcing the bond with your 'son'. The fight symbolizes that connection in jeopardy. The fight results in your 'son' getting hurt, but it also results in your son falling apart due to something you did, however accidental. In other words, something that you are afraid of came at you, but instead of being frightened and overwhelmed by it, it turned into something beautiful. As such, you wanted the beautiful part of it to remain, and thus brought it someplace you thought beautiful (or it reminded you of something personally beautiful.) But the incident of the fight makes you worry that it has been put in jeopardy and that, no matter how hard you try, that you will not be able to keep it from falling apart, turning spoiled. Your mind is simply worried about something unexpectedly beautiful that you have within your grasp.

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