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July 19, 2019 / By Jeannie
Question: Does anyone find it a little funny that we call Hillary Clinton just "Hillary" and not Clinton? lol It seems a little demeaning to me to just call her by her first name everyother president is mainly called my their last name, ex. Bush ....just a thought ha ha :) I said......It seeeeeems demeaning..Pookie...Why is everything always an "arguement" Im just stating my opinion ummm I dont think CHER is running for president. i obviously am talking to a lot of hillary supporters. Dont get mad its just a though jeeze..
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Fawna Fawna | 6 days ago
You really should look at the chronology of her name sake; when BJ Clinton was running she was Hillary Clinton, and after he won she was Hillary Rodham Clinton and a little later she was just Hillary Rodham, and then as elections came closer for BJ's second term she was Hillary Clinton again. When she ran for senate and he was out she was just "Hillary" so obviously the pollsters have told her "Hillary" alone resonates more with voters.
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Cornelia Cornelia
most refer to her as "the Clintons" . They think Bill is running with her I guess. But you are right even in the media circles they refer to her as Hillary, no last name but the other 2 candidates are called by both.
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Beta Beta
Hillary calls herself Hillary.People know her as Hillary.If her own signs say that and not Clinton.How do you have any argument that it is demeaning?
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Agatha Agatha
Its because her husband is as pervasively in the news so an additional moniker is needed. If he would go away we could just say clinton and everyone would know who we meant
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