I'm feeling so depressed? I want myself back?

I'm feeling so depressed? I want myself back? Topic: Homework live chat
July 19, 2019 / By Jeannette
Question: OKAY. So im feeling so depressed because I did some horrible mistakes. I really need advice. So heres what happened: My best friend went to Korea, so we talk a lot on MSN. Today i was talking to her and then my best friend joined our chat so we group chatted and then she tells me that she and my friend are the closest. Then I was kind of offended cuz i was like wat about me? (they sed it becuz i was new to the school, I came this year, and they were friends for about 4 years) and then i was angry at them for saying it in my face because it was rlly mean. Then they both got angry at me so they decided not to talk to me. My bf broke up with me today, and i was rlly sad, and he was in singapore and wen he broke up with me everyone started laughing at me and i was feeling rlly low. He lied about me saying that he loved me very much, and stuff like that. So he ended up with his ex which is REALLY mean. I'm Jewish and she hates Jews because her grandma was tortured and killed by Jews. SO she decided to hate me and i got rlly sad becuz she sed that im her friend...SO THATS IT. I cant focus on school, homework NOTHING. I feel like nothing/loser. Im rlly sad and i feel so ashamed of myself. ANY ADVICE? im so sad i cried like a thousand times today. I wanna cut my self and then kill myself. 3 of my friends arent talking to me+ A STUPID BREAKUP. thank you for all advices! P.S.- If are you going to leave a stupid/bad comment, please leave this page. P.P.S. My name is Hazel, and i'm 13 and a half.
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Fawn Fawn | 5 days ago
Wow Hazel, sounds like you are really going threw a rough spot. Try to remember that this will go away. You won't feel like this soon and life will be worth living again. Don't kill yourself. Do you have any other friends that you could talk to in person about this? If not your parents or siblings might be able to help. Jewish people have gone through so much, I'm sorry people are still going on about it. YOUR people are the ones who were persecuted. As for your boyfriend they will come and go. He obviously wasn't the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with so it's a good thing he left when he did. Focus on finding another guy and forget about that loser. I have had similar things happen to me, I try to listen to happy up-beat music. It always cheers me up. You may want to get counselling if this continues.
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Fawn Originally Answered: Im feeling sad/depressed most of the time.help?
I know how you feel, I've experienced similar events. You will be O.K, there are plenty of people who love you, I'm sure. Just try to stay hopeful, keep yourself busy with a special hobby or something to take your mind off of things. If you can't talk to your mother or confront her, try writing her a letter. Tell her how you are feeling and tell her how worried you are. If she cares for you, a letter that she can read in her own time would probably be better and wouldn't lead to an argument. Don't take your mothers words to heart, I've been spoken to like that before and I know what it feels like. Sometimes parents take their frustrations out on their children when they are going through difficult situations. Just try to keep up your spirits, there is always help, keep smiling. x
Fawn Originally Answered: Im feeling sad/depressed most of the time.help?
Moods come and pass and will even be prompted through moon tides and our vitamin, loss of pastime and such. Do whatever you might revel in and don't situation such a lot into one individual for all people have faults and can can help you down. Try prayer, relaxation,a few darkish chocolate and walnuts. And if he isn't well to you, please get one other one. I am a sag too. Sometimes we're too honest and so much people don't like that.
Fawn Originally Answered: Im feeling sad/depressed most of the time.help?
u have a great life, if u were in my shoes what would u do┬┐?try to make ur seconds enjoyable and dont worry about anything.life is like that and it goes so fast so just take it easy.

Corliss Corliss
keep your head up kid and dont worry to much what people say on the interscum (internet). dont cut yourself because the scars never go completely. also dont allow history to repeat. trust me on this providing you are an intellect that is.. walk up to a mirror and just look at yourself for as long as it takes untill you fall in love with your self, stare at your eyes, your chin, your hair and back to your eyes. look deeply and you will..............well i cant give everything away, that would ruin the surprise. ps: you are putting to much time into the loss, dont forget who you are. pss:sometimes good people get broken, but broken means it can be fixed or mended .
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