MiniDV, DVD, Flash Memory, Hard Disk Drive Camcorder? Which is best?

MiniDV, DVD, Flash Memory, Hard Disk Drive Camcorder? Which is best? Topic: Mini research papers
July 17, 2019 / By Jeanna
Question: I have a 4 month old daughter and she's starting to do very funny things that I would like to record. Thing is.... i dont know anything about camcorders. I had considered a DVD camcorder because of the convenience of just recording and being able to put it into a dvd player right away. After doing a bit of research, i found out that dvd has poor quality. I want descent quality. So I want to know: #1 Which is better in quality??? MiniDV, DVD, Flash Memory, or Hard Drive Disk Camcorders??? #2 Which can I put into a dvd??? What would I need to be able to put it on a dvd??? I really need help with this!!!
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Fauna Fauna | 4 days ago
Hi there First in order of quality, 1 Mini-dv (tape) least compressed video, gives better results 2 Flash drive Better results then the HDD camera 3 HDD 4 Pen and paper (only joking but shows how bad Mini0dvd camcorders are) 5 Mini-DVD There are a couple of reasons why tape camcorders are better first the quality of the video, secondly as you are going to be filming your daughter once you have recorded on your tape and put it onto your computer you can keep the tapes, if looked after they can last for many years, no so with DVDs as they get scratched, and damaged, you have then lost your videos. by keeping the tapes (they are not expensive) you always have a way to make new videos. All the above will let you put them on DVD with the correct software. they all will record in high definition (getting the right model), but you have to remember that you cannot get HD video onto a DVD it will automatically reduce the quality to standard definition. if you want HD then you need to record onto Blue Ray. As for a make and model I would be looking at Sony, or Canon, but models cannot help as you did not give a budget. remember Quality comes at a price. RR
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Buying a USB HD is the same as upgrading your desktop to addin a new HD to your IDE or SATA connector. So, whatever, the danger is of losign data on a Harddrive will be also be there. The thing is that, now you have a back-up drive to back-up your primary harddrive. So, the odds of both HD failing are close to Zero. USB Flash drive would also be susceptible to Soft-errors (bit conversions) due to cosmic rays, and others that could damage the data integrity on the drive. And, also, they don't come cheap. They are more expensive than the HD in terms of bytes/$. :) There is no way to fix a broken HD. USB Flashdrive uses non-static parts, and so it is better at mobility and, it is shock proof compared to the HD which has moving parts. USB Flash drive uses flash memory, a kind of NAND memory type used in the IPOD. USB Flash drive is definitely more reliable than HD

Coriander Coriander
I like my flash drive camcorder. It is very easy to download with either a usb cord or a card reader. I bought some nice editing software. Minidv requires a firewire connection so make sure your computer has a firewire card. Minidvd is just a pain in the butt and the quality isn't very good.
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Bessy Bessy
Virtually ALL types of media have an acceptable quality. --- It's the recording quality that matters. Establish which camera has the greatest DEFINITION, and use the appropriate media. A video has to have good definition to be any good, so look for a camera with the best. Any shop will be able to tell you, so check as many as you can before deciding. My Cam corder uses a "Verbatim mini DVD-R" which records 1.4Gb of data and has 30 minutes recording time on each disc. These mini DVDs can be played on any DVD player, including TV (through a DVD player) & computer When purchasing, ensure you buy the correct type. There is a DVD-R and a DVD+R ( Minus & Negative). Don't get the wrong one because it won't work. The mini DVDs can be transferred (copied) to computer or hard drive (for later transferral to 4.7Gb DVDs) but such a process will depend ENTIRELY on your Computer Hardware In summary :- Buy Camera with maximum definition - plus - Mini DVD capability. Store mini DVDs ,& also copy to Computer. Flash memory---- Can be a little tricky to use as it has to be removed, copied ,then replaced Hard disk drives are too much of a hassle as they also have to be copied. Hope you get some GREAT DVDs.
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Afton Afton
I completely agree with Rugratzzz. I'd just add that whichever camcorder you choose, it has to have intuitive controls and feel right for you - a camcorder may look great on paper but it's useless if you can't work out how to use it in a hurry!
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Afton Originally Answered: Have new JVC GZ-MG130U (hard-drive camcorder) - PC won't recognize. No firewire, only USB connection.?
YOu need conversion software and drivers. The JVC should have come with some. As for the DVD, you need to play with it and convert it to software. You will probably need to BUY high end editing software like VEGAS+DVD, Avid Pro, Premier Pro. You may be able to find converters, but then you have to find the files which are often VOB files and convert each of these to AVI for editing. That means opening folders. Finding the data files, exporting them into software, converting, exporting them to editing software. It's kind of like rippind a commercial MUSIC CD and then putting it to an IPod.

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