Hot tub circuit trips in cold weather?

Hot tub circuit trips in cold weather? Topic: Hot case set
July 17, 2019 / By Jeanetta
Question: I have an older Jacuzzi brand hot tub from approx. 1992 that I keep outdoors. I keep the temperature of the hot tub at 102 most of the time. Everything works fine with the tub yet when the outside temperature dips below say 10 degrees F the circuit breaker on the heater trips. If I don't catch this shortly after it happens my pipes freeze. If I set the water temperature to say 90 degrees F this doesn't happen though. I have had friends suggest that my heater is just working too hard to keep up with the outside temp but I have a feeling this isn't the case. When i fill the tub with 60 degree water in the fall the heater runs all day to get the temp up and I have no issues with that. Im just kind of stumped as to why or how the outside temp, or the delta temp between the water and outside could be an issue. Thank is advance for any help.
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Fanni Fanni | 10 days ago
Make sure you have no moisture because of the higher temps and condensation any where near the unit wiring or inside the disconnect first. Water and anything electrical does not mix well as we all know. It could be the heater is working very hard and it is causing an overload some how in amperage the way to check this is with an amp meter while it is running to see if it is over working and causing an over load maybe even due to heat in the wiring that is carrying back to the breaker. If you do not have the tools or equipment to do this you may need an electrician to check this out for you. It could even be in the heating element too form over working and over heating as well.
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Cora Cora
you could have 1 or more problems, 1 could be your high limit on the hot tub. could be tripping if that is what you mean by circuit breaker trips.. there could also be a small pinhole in your heating element, when the element gets hot the pinhole gets a little larger and lets water get thru the sheathing on the heating element, and to the inside of the element ,and trips the breaker. you need a spa man that actually has tools and meters to check for grounds on the spa system ! you have a ground somewhere in the system and that is what causes the circuit breaker to trip ! hopefully tou have a g.f.c.i. breaker for your hot tub. poola nd spa repairman for almost 10 yrs and electrician since 1984
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Bertred Bertred
Going into a hot tub when its hot doesn't serve much of a purpose. Going into a hot tub when its cold will warm you up nicely, sure when you get out you will be a bit cold but hey grab a towel and have a shower or something.
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Africa Africa
cold weather , cold pump, pump on thresh hold of tripping breaker during warmer weather, colder weather takes it over the top & trips breaker . connect to a socket with larger breaker or install a larger breaker.
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Thurston Thurston
its working to maintain the setting,drawing too many amps,go to 60 amp circiut breaker try it. or lower it. 65
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