If you had an abortion but are still pregnant, would you have pregnancy symptoms?

If you had an abortion but are still pregnant, would you have pregnancy symptoms? Topic: Case stress test system
July 17, 2019 / By Jean
Question: My friend is going through this right now and i have NO idea what to tell her.. she had an abortion but wants to be totally sure she isn't still pregnant. she says she doesn't have any symptoms she had before the abortion but maybe frequent urination. she doesn't want to take a test yet because they told her not to take a test within 3 weeks because it would remain positive because the hormones were still there. could she be pregnant but not have symptoms now? does anyone know anything about this?? to clarify: she was 6 weeks pregnant, she had an MVA procedure and she thinks it was possible she was preg with twins. she only had a vaginal ultrasound at the clinic and they never showed it to her or said anything about the scan they just sent her to have the procedure done
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Faithe Faithe | 8 days ago
Do you mean she's worried that the abortion failed and she could still be pregnant? While that is always a possibility, its a very, very slim possibility. She's probably just very stressed over the whole thing. You don't say how far along she was. She could always have an ultrasound done to make sure there is no heartbeat and no products of conception, but it would be very, very unusual if that were the case. The pregnancy hormones could stay in her system for several weeks, so she might experience pregnancy symptoms for some time yet without actually being pregnant.
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Faithe Originally Answered: Im pregnant i feel like my best and only option is abortion no matter how much i despise abortion plz help?
You know you can get medicaid to help pay for you and your childs healthcare. There are some very caring people out there in the community who will take you in, until you can delivery your child. Call your local Christian or Catholic churches and tell them your situation. I know there are people out there who would help you out. You know if you decide that you want to give up your child 100% or hand the child over to a foster parent. There is some legal rights you have. 1st Get a doctors note saying you are pregnant. 2nd Go to your department of health & humans services with the doctors note saying you are pregnant. 3rd Ask if they can find you a social worker either at a womens shelter for mothers/ or group home for young families 4th You can call your local churches. They would not brain wash you. They are there to help.

Conradine Conradine
You will continue to have pregnancy symptoms (even if they aren't the same symptoms as before) abour 3-6 weeks after an abortion because the hormones are still there and your body can become very confused. A lot of the symptoms are neusea, vomiting, dizziness, cramps, boobs swelling or leaking, going to the bathroom often & many others. As long as she is continuing to bleed (sometimes the bleeding comes out as clumps & is typically more severe than your average period.) she should be perfectly fine!
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Bertha Bertha
It is very rare for a woman to remain pregnant after and abortion, although it is possible. It is most likely to happen with a Manual Vacuum Aspiration. BUT, i doubt she is pregnant. Sometimes, you will continue to have pregnancy symptoms because the hormone is still in your system. If she had symptoms before, she would still have symptoms now if she did remain pregnant. She should just take the test when they told her to take it.
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Affrikah Affrikah
If you go in for an abortion, you will NOT come out pregnant still. The D&C or any other procedure they do is VERY thorough. They wouldn't call it an abortion if they did it and you were still pregnant afterward
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hypermesis is really bad as far i know but my friend was diagnosed with it..thogh she had to be on IV, and also lost a lot of weight due to vomiting..she now has a healthy kid..who was born with normal weight..Because of the potential for severe dehydration and other complications, it s generally treated as a medical emergency. Treatment of this condition ay include antiemetic medications and intravenous rehydration. If medication and IV hydration are insufficient nutritional support may be required. Management of this can be complicated because not all women respond to treatment. Coping strategies for uncomplicated morning sickness, which may include eating a bland diet and eating before rising in the morning, may be of some assistance but are unlikely to resolve the disorder on their own. There is evidence that ginger may be effective in treating pregnancy-related nausea, however this is generally ineffective in cases of HG. IV hydration is very very important...it often includes supplementation of electrolytes as persistent vomiting frequently leads to a deficiency. Likewise supplementation for lost thiamine (Vitamin B1) must be considered to reduce the risk of Wernicke's encephalopathy. After IV rehydration is completed, mother is generally progress to frequent small liquid or bland meals. After rehydration, treatment focuses on managing symptoms to allow normal intake of food. While no medication is considered completely risk-free for use during pregnancy, there are several which are commonly used to treat this condition are believed to be safe. The standard treatment in most of the world is Benedictin, a combination of doxylamine succinate and vitamin B6. However, due to a series of birth-defect lawsuits in the United States against its maker, Merrill Dow, Benedictin is not currently on the market in the U.S. (None of the lawsuits were successful, and numerous independent studies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have concluded that Benedictin does not cause birth defects.) Its component ingredients are available over-the-counter (doxylamine succinate is the active ingredient in many sleep medications), and some doctors will recommend this treatment to their patients. Antiemetic drugs, especially ondansetron (Zofran), are effective in many women. The major drawback of ondansetron is its extremely high cost. In severe cases of Hypermesis, the Zofran pump may be more effective than tablets. Metoclopramide is sometimes used in conjunction with antiemetic drugs; however, it has a somewhat higher incidence of side effects. Good Luck...and dont worry...

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