Wanting to build a koi pond what price range am I looking a for a medium size koi pond?

Wanting to build a koi pond what price range am I looking a for a medium size koi pond? Topic: What is the media research center
July 18, 2019 / By Jazmin
Question: For some years now it has always been a my dream of mine to have a koi pond. I live in Texas and am building a house and will be moving in sometime in May. I thought that I would get started on that long awaited dream and since I will practically have a blank slate I thought I would create a backyard centered around the koi. Are there some books I could read to get me started in the right direction. Because although it's a dream I have to admit that I'm somewhat ignorant about koi the only thing I know for sure is that they are beautiful and I want to be apart of there world. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks
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Fairuza Fairuza | 6 days ago
There are plenty of books to read to get you started...and if I were you I would definentally purchase a couple before you even begin digging the hole! The depth, angle of incline, lining substrate, filters, lights, and plant choice will all play a role. A koi pond is like building a whole new ecosystem in your backyard. It takes a lot of time, a lot of upkeep and cleaning, quite a bit of money, and some patience and research. However, once you get everything set up just right, it can be one of the most rewarding, personal, tranquil areas in your whole home. I used to spend hours outside sitting by my koi pond before we moved. What is really great is when you train your fish to actually recognize you and they will actually swim to the surface for you to pet them!! They are fish with personality, believe it or not (books will teach you how to do this using food rewards over time). They are not cheap!! The pond set up itself is going to cost you in the hundreds at a minimum, and that is if you do all the work yourself. Not to mention the cost of accessories, chemicals, and most of all, FISH! Since you are in Tx, you'll probably have to rent some equipment or hire someone to dig the hole...you can't get deep enough through the rock with a shovel (books will tell you how deep, but usually a couple of feet at least to keep the racoons from stealing your fish, and the sides need to be straight drop offs not slanted). Then you have to get a liner, a pump (usually two pumps works better), a GOOD filtration system (Don't be cheap here...this is the lifeline of your whole pond system!), an aerator (or make a waterfall with one of your pumps), plants, water chemicals, a UV filter light (kills microorganism algea that will turn your water bright green....real common in Tx), rocks for the bottom, and a heater. I may have even forgotten something. Then...you need to start the pond without any fish at first and let the water balance itself. Put the plants in, and the chemicals, and just let everything do it own thing for a couple days before you get the fish. Now the fun part!! Koi fish are not cheap! You can buy small ones about the size of a goldfish that are of medium quality for about $10-20 a piece. Keep in mind that as the fish grow, their colors fade and change a bit so the cheaper the fish, the uglier it will be when it grows up. If you want to buy large fish immediately, you are looking at about $100-150 for low-quality, all the way up to thousands a piece for show-quality fish. Check in your area to see if there is a local pond shop that carries them, also check your fish stores...some will carry the smaller ones. A good option also is to order them online! I know this sounds funny, but this way they are coming straight from the hatchery and have been exposed to fewer diseases. Also, they are less stressed because they are only being shipped once, and usually the people shipping them will offer a 7-10day warranty if the fish dies. The biggest advantage to ordering though is that a lot of them will give you REALLY good deals if you buy "in bulk". For example, one fish may be $20, but they will sell you 10 fish of a bigger size for only $120, and you can usually pick your colors too. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I can't wait until I am able to build my own "dream pond"!
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IT is likely to be a close run thing between B and D. During summer there is more light, more light drives more photosynthesis, which produces more oxygen. This photosynthesis occurs in algae, plants, and microscopic plants living in the water. Salt content shouldn't come into it, since ponds are freshwater. Diatoms are phytoplankton which are usually oceanic, but there are some freshwater varieties. I suspect these are more likely to be found in rivers than ponds though, so go for answer B.
Fairuza Originally Answered: What changes occur in pond water during summer?
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Concordia Concordia
We have a pond that's bigger than yours and we don't have a filter, It is stream fed so the water moves somewhat but we've learned to throw a barley ball in there and it works great! Be sure to have some plant life like Lily pads so the Koi have a place to hide from the birds. The King Fishers treated out pond like the local breakfast spot until we figured it out. Good luck with your pond, they are great to have!
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Berry Berry
The prices can vary wildly depending on your soil, climate, and the contractors. I would ask a contractor for a bid and then you'll know for sure what to expect - good contractors should bid for free. If you're thinking of do-it-yourself, the tanks usually cost $2-5 per gallon and the pumps are usually $200-500.
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Berry Originally Answered: How do I start an outdoor fish pond?
How fortunate you are! Digging the hole for a fishpond is one of the most obnoxious tasks in building a pond. It is interesting that there is a drain hole; I wonder where it goes? You do not have to dig up your yard. I put in an 800 gallon pond with fish, plants, and a waterfall last year, and here are my "I wish I'd known that!" tips. 1. If you put a liner in your pond, the more expensive and thicker, the better. Cheap liners are easily punctured and become brittle in the sun. 2. A pond needs an ecosystem. Fish, plants, aeration, sun/shade, filtration, bacteria. - Fish eat algae. Algae is bad. You do not want algae. - Plants provide shade and oxygen for the fish. Algae hates shade. Both submerged plants (water lilies) and floating plants (water lettuce, water hyacinth) are good. - Aeration (waterfall, bubbler, sprayer) oxygenates the water and discourages algae. Algae hates moving water. - Every pond needs both sun and shade. You don't want it directly under a tree, but you do want some type of shade for it during the day. - Filtration: A biofilter is a externaltub with filtering medium such as foam. This tub can be buried outside your pond. My biofilter is at the top of my waterfall. - Bacteria. Beneficial bacteria, available in liquid, powder, and tablet form, is added to your pond to keep its ecosystem balanced. It helps destroy algae. It should be added as soon as your pond is filled. 3. Regarding your pump: It should circulate the total pond every hour. 100 gallon pond = 100 GPH pump. You must also calculate "head" or "lift" if you use a fountain, bubbler, or sprayer; rather than drive yourself crazy doing this, find a reputable pond store and ask them. Or research it yourself if you prefer! 4. Very, very crucial: Rainwater runoff should not get into your pond. Fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil--whatever your neighbors dump into their yard, will get into your pond. 5. Fish and predators: Predators will find your fish. Hawks, owls, egrets, cats, raccoons. I put an upside down milk crate with a stepping stone on it in my pond. The fish have learned to hide in the milk crate. All this sounds complicated. At first it may be. But most of these are one-time purchases. Building a pond is like building a home: do it right, don't skimp on materials, and ask others for advice. And be patient. I researched for 9 months before I built my pond. Happy ponding!

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