I'm pretty screwed up and poor and alone what should i do? NO RELIG PPL SCREAMING AT ME PLS?

I'm pretty screwed up and poor and alone what should i do? NO RELIG PPL SCREAMING AT ME PLS? Topic: How to write a nervous breakdown
July 19, 2019 / By Jayna
Question: THIS IS NOT FAKE! i have no parents. i was adopted by old people who did not give me a very good social life. i was basically lied to and screwed around with yelled at and slapped all through childhood had only a few friends then in my teens i was dirt poor had very no friends and later on had a psycho i thought was my friend turn on me and become an ex. she was a rich, pampered, sociopathic freak with aspergers syndrom and stalked me out of pure vengenance for 6 years, got me into trouble in school and on the internet claiming i was the one stalking her. she even got her parents to come to school cuz we found her net journal where she wrote how she was gonna kill me! i sank into depression over it cuz she never got in trouble at all. plus my adoptive parents are dead now and now cuz my ***** of a relative is mental were losing our house i guess cuz i had a job at walmart but quit due to me lacking social skills and having multiple nervous breakdowns. but its all my fault she says! character limit sucks. basically my life sucks since i was born and i have major depression AND NO MONEY so pls don't say "OH go seek prof help" and also please keep your GOD LOVES YOU comments away. thats part of my depression as it is, i don't want an agenda shoved in my damn face guess i should mention IM A GIRL and yeah i also kinda have mental problems as well, i am moslty codependant always lived an extremely codependant life and now basically i have nobody to take care of me so i can function halfway normally! basically what would you say to a mentally handicapped person who's been treated like **** and now had no hope of making a life by themselves?! i've tried and i know that i cannot live by myself cuz i'm STUPID and dysfuctional. and possibly going more insain than i want to let on. suicide, though not yet but i keep having hanging fantasies and even looked up a lot of suicide lore online
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Best Answers: I'm pretty screwed up and poor and alone what should i do? NO RELIG PPL SCREAMING AT ME PLS?

Evie Evie | 3 days ago
1. Get a job...you will develop social skills AND make some $ 2. Join a depression support group. They are often free, will help with you feelings of depression, and allow you to continue to develop your social skills. 3. Get over your childhood...there is nothing that you can do about it now. It might have sucked, but you are in control of your adulthood 4. Go to college: you will continue to develop social skills and will build skills to get a decent paying job (although I am not saying that you NEED to go to college to get a job that you will make some $ at. There are plenty of people with no education that make way more money than I). 5. Build a bridge and get over it! There has to be something in your life that is positive. 6. Find a hobby, particularly a group one...e.g. join a rowing team, a book club, or an organic gardening group...
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Evie Originally Answered: Screwed up situation. Looking for a less than screwed up answer. Any takers?
I really do understand what you are saying, first take a little break from the housework. You are putting to much time into it, if it is taking up most of your day. You are right that a marriage is a partnership, a compromise at times. I really think you feel resentment towards your wife. I am not sure about what, possibly how hard you worked when she stayed home with the kids and how little you felt you got back in return at that time. I like the idea someone else had of getting a part time job. It would get you out of the house, and maybe you would see things from a different perspective. As a person who works AND does all the household duties and childcare, I can say that I have seen both worlds. Your wife probably just wants some relax time when she gets home. What she said was certainly hurtful, but the way she was raised could make her put up her defences as soon as a relationship conversation starts. Maybe next time tell her in the morning before she goes to work, that when she gets home, you would like to have a talk with her. At least then she will be expecting it.

Collyn Collyn
Working at Walmart is enough to make anybody depressed. Anyway, how old are you? Then again, where are you? Here is the deal. You know that things a really screwed up, so you have to want to change things. First off maybe you need to try to forget about the girl. All that is doing is bringing back a lot of hate and bad feelings for you. It also sounds like you need to find a job. Even if you are under 18, after the crap that you have been through, you could probably be better off alone. Find a cheep place to live and just start your life over. You might even think about finding a new town. One where nobody knows who you are and will not prejudge you. feel free to contact me if you need or want someone to talk to. Mel
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Bernadine Bernadine
Sounds like you've had a pretty rough time. All I would say is that the only person who can fix all this is yourself. People can help you in some ways, but you have to be mentally strong and determined to make it work. One thing I'd implore you to take on board is not to get drawn into a spiral of blame. However much bad feelings you have for everything that has happened, put it in the past, deal with it and move on. Work hard, get a job, and think positive. Sounds simple I know, but it's all it takes - a bit of determination. Also - I know you said you didn't want to hear it, but don't be too proud to seek professional help. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. Good Luck.
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Aeryn Aeryn
Well. First let me say you were dealt some sh***y cards. You must now learn to make the best of each hand, sh***y ones included. Step by step OK? First, find a stable place where you can live. Note that if you accept help from many free shelters, you must also accept their spiel as well. Do what you must to survive. Go get a temp job that doesn't require many social skills, like newspaper delivery, landscaping, carwash, etc., while getting help with the social skills. As your skills increase, get better and better positions or jobs. Then, get yourself an education. I know that you're serious or you wouldn't have posted. I believe in you.
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Theo Theo
First things first - break each issue down individually . . . This is how I would tackle things. 1. To anyone who is not supportive of you, remove them from your life - even if that means you are alone. You do not need to listen to others who are negative, critical and unsupportive. There is safety in being alone for a while. 2. I was adopted too - I don't know how old you are but remember you were put on the planet for a purpose. It will be revealed to you in time. 3. Get information for: upskilling yourself, getting a job and getting some money to support yourself. Remember you were born alone, you die alone and it is up to you to make the most of the between time. 4. Look out for some social groups to where you can have some fun and focus on some enjoyment. 5. Exercise - this is free and makes you feel good. 6. From there, the rest will come to you, as long as you try first. Invest in yourself and learn to love yourself and take some control of things in your life.
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