What alto sax would you choose?

What alto sax would you choose? Topic: Case sax
July 17, 2019 / By Jayme
Question: I'm a junior in high school and just cracked the bell of my sax. i was told it would be $475 for the bell plus labor and tax. my idea is that buying a new or used one would be more benificial. the place where i took it has both a fairly new conn and selmer, both for around $700. a friend of mine that just graduated has a professional level yamaha that is roughly 2 years old and she is asking around $850. i think the best choice is the yamaha, but that might be because that was what my old sax was. i also know exactly how this yamaha was taken care of, because i've known the girl for years. does anyone have any advice? also, i'd be using it in marching band, while i know this would be bad on a good instrument, i'd like to know which one would be the best to get no matter what.
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Evette Evette | 2 days ago
I'm a senior in High School, and have been using a Vito. Its been great for marching band, pep band, etc. in any and all weather types. I first got it in 6th grade as a used sax, and it's been perfect for all my band stuff. Some of my friends have taken it, and then brought it back saying they dropped it or did something that made me gasp, but when I looked at it, you couldn't tell anything had happened. I can't say that will be the case for every single intrument, but I can say that my Vito is very sturdy, and has withstood 4 years of marching band, in both rain and shine. You could also look into a Leblanc, which is part of the Vito brand. Of course your choice is going to be made on whats available to you, but if you can, I would suggest a Vito. They are pretty good instruments. But I would agree and say that getting something from the store might be better, so that in case something does happen to your intrument, you have a warranty.
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Colleen Colleen
buy one of the ones from the music store. my reason saying that is because they are new, cost less and probaly can handle more wear and tear than a used sax. also if the new break in a short amount of time you'd have a warranty probaly so you could replace it. however if you buy the used one andit breaks permanetly you're out of $850.
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Don't listen to the previous poster, he's wrong. Alto sax is in Eb, not Bb. Tenor and soprano are the common Bb saxophones. There are many steps to transposing that would be very difficult to impossible to teach on here. For one, you have to know what key of music (not key of instrument) the sax is playing in. Whatever key the saxophone plays in will be very different from the saxophone. If an alto plays in the key of G major, it is Bb major for the piano. Then you have to transpose the notes. If a saxophone plays an Eb, it sounds a C on the piano. Also you have to take into consideration that the alto sax sounds a lower note than the piano, so there is octaves to take into consideration. There are so many steps that it is very hit and miss. I started transposing music when I was 13, and it was a lot of trial and error to make it work. Unfortunately unless you take a college level class that teaches transposition, you have to just experiment to find out what note is what, and how it transposes correctly.
Colleen Originally Answered: When writing music for alto and piano how do you transpose?piano C=to alto?
C on the piano, would be A on the alto saxophone (which is tuned in e flat, not b flat like someone said)

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