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July 19, 2019 / By Jayma
Question: I need an idea for a 10th grade Chemistry Honors Project. The point of the project is to demonstrate our knowledge of the scientific method. The scientific method, of course, starts by asking a question. I need a question. Some examples the teacher gave were "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" and "why does grass grow faster in the summer?" With a question, I need an experiment. In the experiment, I need to have different variables to test. In the first example, a variable to consider would be the size of the lollipop, surface area of the tongue, etc. Please help! Just list a question and an idea for an experiment! Thanks!
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Everild Everild | 1 day ago
make different airfoils out of Styrofoam (or whatever material you like) and blow a fan over them to see if they generate lift. You could test which airfoils generate more lift, which are stable, and the upper camber of airfoils. You would have to hold onto the airfoils by attaching poles or something through them (you'll have to figure that out), so they don't fly away. The idea of the airfoil is lower pressure over the top races to meet higher pressure under it, so lift is created. You'll also have to consider the angle of attack for the airfoils. Use a stopwatch to time the rate of change from the starting position to some arbitrary point which is higher. If you have no idea what an airfoil is: http://www.centennialofflight.gov/essay/...
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Coline Coline
Wow, there's so many different questions you could consider, it really depends on what your interests are, what equipment etc you have access to, and what they'll let you do. For my year 10 science project I think I boiled water in two different sizes of pots to see which one boiled quicker. I used the same stove (but two different elements), same amount of water and stove temperature, used an accurate alcohol thermometer to measure (but they only gave me one so that's not as good), a stop watch and stirred the same amount to mix all the little pockets of heat together. It was a really boring project, obviously. If you're interested in physics stuff, both physics and chemistry care about Black Body Radiation, which you can demonstrate through having identical cups - one metal, one painted black - and seeing which one loses heat from hot water the quickest. You can investigate corrosion by using nails and different solutions (none, tap water, distilled water, salt water etc) and seeing the extent of corrosion at different time intervals (I did that as a project once too). Cooking is chemistry, too. You could try something to see what the optimum level of yeast or bicarb soda or something like that is for the perfect loaf of bread or whatever. This website (and a handful of others that will come up when you start searching something about high school science projects) has a list of things you could do: http://chemistry.about.com/od/sciencefai... Have fun. Just remember to consider everything that could affect your experiment and try to minimise the impact as much as possible if you can't control the variable. For example, you can't control the weather so you do things simultaneously (at the same time) so it impacts everything in the same way (unless you're doing something where you need to have a constant temp etc, in which case you store things in fridges, ovens, incubators, with humidifiers etc).
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I think you did the right thing. Being supportive to your child is wonderful, but if they don't do the work themselves, how will they learn? I have always believed that they need to learn to step out on their own at times from a young age they need their freedom to an extent

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