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July 17, 2019 / By Jaylee
Question: Who read the pretty little liars books? Can u please tell me who -A is? Who killed Alison? Anything else i wanna know? I know it seems bad that i want to know all the answers now but i won't have much time to see the show anymore netherless the books Is Jenna truely Blind? Who grabbed the pictures of Emily and Mya in the photobooth?
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Everette Everette | 10 days ago
At first A is Mona, but once she dies the texts and messages continue. It's kind of confusing, but A is Allison because Allison was never dead. She actually killed her twin sister Courtney because she was trying to replace her and pass herself off as Allison, so in the end they DID switch identities. Allison became Courtney and Courtney became Allison. Yeah...confusing.
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Everette Originally Answered: In Pretty Little Liars, is the television show almost word from word to the book?
no its not really word for word. In the book it gives waaaaay more information than the book. Its kinda the same for example In the first episode they just say alison disappeared but in the book alison was like hypnotizing the other girls and spencer got scared and they got in a fight. Thats when alison Disappeared, after her and spencer got in a little argument but the show didnt tell you that. Also in the book ali is more mean and the girls are more bad. Like Hanna and mona Flashed some stranger, All the girls went streaking, They all smoke and drank ETC TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Dont worry too much if your mad at yourself for reading too much into it haha thats what i did too! But i was reading interviews and lucy hale and shay mitchell (aria and emily) said that no one even knows who a is. The producers think its better if they didnt know. Since they dont write the show like exactly what happened in the book, Maybe they will add another twist or maybe they will change who A is completely.
Everette Originally Answered: In Pretty Little Liars, is the television show almost word from word to the book?
you will likely like 90210 (the remake), and Degrassi yet they are on season 12 so which you will have a great style of catching as much as do. The strolling lifeless and American Horror tale are my 2 prominent shows, i do no longer understand in case you will like them nevertheless. If Supernatural creeped you out then you definitely probably shouldn't watch AHS. And if zombies scare then you definitely perhaps you mustn't watch TWD the two. they are the two great shows nevertheless.

Colette Colette
They pretty much stay on the same plot. But here are a few things that they did different: Remember the Homecoming Dance? That never even happened in the book. In the book, when Hanna gets hit by the car, she's in a car. She wasn't in her car in the TV series (at Mona's party) In the beginning of every Pretty Little Liars book, they do the Introduction as an event that happened when Alison was still alive. There are much more different things that they do. The reason is that if you watch the show and read all the books, they want to keep you interested and mix it up. You should read the series. I recently finished the last book the day I started reading it. That's how good it is. I would read them if I were you, because then you can compare them to the TV series. I hope you found my answer helpful!!!
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Berenice Berenice
well, at first, Mona is A. And apparently, Alison isn't even dead! I'm not sure... I have to read the newest one. There's a new A now though, and everyone's trying to figure out who it is lolz. -Jodie :)
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Berenice Originally Answered: Who do you think A is from Pretty Little Liars and why?
It's Ezra: Here are SOME reasons, but not all. 1. Ezra’s short story ends “everything she had known disappeared, drifting into the summer sky.” Who died in the summer? Ali. 2. Ezra didn’t seem all too surprised when Aria told him she was the one who blinded Jenna. 3. The night Ella got A’s letter, Ezra kept trying to delay Aria going home. Maybe he wanted to be sure Ella would have read the letter by the time Aria got there. 4. There are many references to A’s eyes in the show, as well as many references to Ezra’s eyes. Example: the text Aria sent him that ended up going to Ella was about how pretty Ezra’s eyes are. In one episode, someone calls A “pretty eyes.” 5. People used to call him “Z” in high school, which is the last letter of his last name. Last letter of his first name? A. 6. He has a typewriter. Byron and Ella have both received letters written on typewriters. Aria has mentioned his typewriter a few times, and the camera is constantly focusing on it. 7. It was Ezra’s apartment that got robbed by A before they told the therapist about A. It was his diploma hanging in the office. He could easily have put it there himself. 8. He probably has easy access to student’s lockers. Most High Schools give the teachers their student’s locker combos. 9. The dark-haired couple… Ezra and Jackie? 10. He was a student at Hollis while Byron was having that affair… He could’ve found out by accident. Meredith was just sitting all over Byron’s office with a giant “MISTRESS” sign on her foreehead. 11. A has always been pretty easy on Aria. This could be because he actually loves her, or because his final torture for her is finding out her “twue wuv” is A. 12. Hanna was hit by the car because “she knew too much.” But if Hanna didn’t know who A was, why did she get hit? Because she knew about Ezra’s affair with Aria. 13. When Ella asks if Ezra knows anyone who would want to hurt him, he says “there might have been… but not anymore.” We assume he’s talking about Jackie. But IS he? 14. After the danceathon, A went to get their coat from coatcheck, where Ella was working. She was smiley and said “hope you had a good time tonight!” That was the night she had set Ezra up with Jackie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCGz3fJ8kJc 15. In that same scene, A’s coatcheck number is 32. Ezra’s apartment is 3B (B is the second letter of the alphabet). 16. A makes lots of literary references. 17. Why was Ezra at Ali’s funeral if he didn’t know she was friends with Aria? 18. A knew which book Ezra had been published in. 19. He drove by on his bike right before they got the note saying “ding dong the ***** is dead.” 20. The writers said that episode 1x13 has a big hint as to who A is, and in that episode, the chalkboard says “but I was A” right behind Ezra. 21. THIS SCENE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsy54JB22Ao What is Noel REALLY using to blackmail Ezra? He never says anything about Aria, and he writes a big A on the paper. 22. Aria’s creepy doll said “make Jackie go away.” It was pretty clear at this point Ezra wanted to get rid of Jackie.

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