My tragus piercing.?

My tragus piercing.? Topic: Case stuck in gun
July 17, 2019 / By Jasmine
Question: Well I got a tragus piercing thursday, it didn't hurt at all. He didn't even tell me he pierced it, I didn't know until I saw him reaching for the jewlery. It has a horseshoe in it, because that's what the guy suggested to put in. I wanted a barbell, but he said I should stick to the horseshoe. So, I didn't argue and I said alright. So, the piercing itself didn't hurt. Now, the after pain is killing me. My hair is getting tangled in it, I have to constatly keep cleaning it because it's getting crusty, i banged it with the phone a few times. So my questions are; -What is the best way to clean it? -Does it hurt more or less then a cartilage? I know that everyone has different pain tolerances. But I have 7 piercings. Left tragus; and 3 in each lobe. None hurt whatsoever. Will the cartilage hurt if none of them hurt me?? xoxo; Dezaree Oh BTW; i'm using Claire's solution because I got 4 piercings from there in the past week or so. So I'm using that for my tragus. If it shows any irritation i'm going to switch back. But yeah, i just cleaned it and it's stinging right now, and the inside was bleeding a little. xoxo, Dezaree My piercer recommended to use antibacterial soap. He said to do this, I'm only using Claire's solution just because I'm too lazy to drive down to a store and get soap or seasalt. I don't touch around the piercing unless I'm cleaning it. Or if I do touch it, I'm touching the two balls at the end, not around the hole itself. xoxo, Dezaree
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Eustacia Eustacia | 3 days ago
Ive had my tragus for over a year now. When I first got it done it was the same as you. I heard the crunch but there was no pain and for me, the healing process was almost painless as well. But, I had a very precautious piercer who told me to play it safe with everything. I had to use the other ear for talking on the phone (because of the infection factor. phones ect, are covered in germs. i mean, how often do we wash our phones) and i had to sleep on the other side. I finally found a way to sleep on that side without it touching the pillow case. You lay your head on your arm and your arm bends around your ear so that your arm is only touching your face and top of your head. I did that cos at night was when it would hurt. I've had my cartilage done and it was a lot more painful than this. I think mostley because this was with a needle and the others were with a gun which just shattered my cartilage. You should probably stop using the claires solution though. If anything its only slowing the healing process. Don't trust accessory store brands to sterilize your ear. All you need is some sea salt and a little squirt bottle. You take a little cap full, enough to fill the tip of a teaspoon, and put it in a squirt bottle of warm water and put your head over the sink and squirt it at your ear. just touch the jewlary to move it around and if there are still stuck on crusties (which is normal) after the squirting, use a quetip soaked in the salt water. Touching the piercing is only transfering germs to your ear. And only clean it twice a day. no more no less. I would have gotten a ring instead of horseshoe cos now you get stuff caught in it but once it's healed, you can change that over. Until then, I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck!
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Eustacia Originally Answered: How to hide a tragus piercing?
'ie. not taken out, covered'. From your wording, the statement appears to say that the air cadets will NOT allow you to take the piercing out, only to cover it. This (if you really did mean this) simply can not be the case, no organisation would make it against the rules to remove a piercing. You can just wear a plaster/band aid over it until it heals, once healed tragus piercings generally stay open for a long time with no jewellery in them. Healing times are different for everyone, but after a month or so you may find that you are able to take the jewellery out for periods of time and have no trouble putting it back in. My tragus piercings have both stayed open for over 6 months with nothing in them.

Clover Clover
Hey Dezaree (: I had my tragus pierced last week and i know exactly what you mean!! The initial piercing didn't hurt at alll but ommmmggg i'm a deep sleeper and i woke up with blood all down my face from where i'd slept on it. And yehh.. I've caught it on the phone a few times and it throbs for hours :( Mine has stopped hurting now. I found the best way to clean it is with a couple of cotton buds, some diluted tea tree oil and just to rub it around the piercing for a bit :) Do this about 3 times a day and you should be finee. Tragus piercings do take a little longer to heal up (around 3 months) so you'll be cleaning it for quite a while. Personally, i don't have a cartilage piercing but i have heard that they do hurt quite a bit more than the tragus piercing. Good luck though :) xx
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Bell Bell
Tragus is harder than cartilage. It's closer to the strength of bone and seeing as it's so close to your ear canal and nerves in your cheeks it tends to hurt more, take longer to pierce by a few seconds (it takes maybe 7 seconds versus 4 or 5) and takes longer to heal. They don't pierce it the same as a cartilage. The positioning takes longer because there is less surface to pierce and with the cartilage of your ear right behind it a cork or some catching stopper is placed behind so that the needle doesn't go into your ear. Cartilage takes about 6 months to heal all the way and a tragus takes 8 to 9 months. Any piercing can take up to a year and a half if problems occur or never heal right. Keep an eye on it if you get it done. A good tip is to have a parent take you to a piercing shop, not the mall, and ask them what they do. They can show you a needle, the ring, the stopper, all of it and tell you about how long it should take to heal. Expect some tenderness for a few days to a week and if anything seems wrong talk to the person who did it. Don't play with it a lot, that promotes the germs on your hands to get into the open wound and can lead to an infection. They are there to answer questions as to avoid their clients getting nasty infections that could have been avoided. Good luck!
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Adreana Adreana
When i got my done it didn't hurt either or nor did i know the guy was pering it. It sounds like it is healing but don't clean it to much. The crusts are going to be normal. do not freak out when there is some cause there is going to be so there for a while. Use antibacterial soap and salt water.. what i did i used the antibacterial soap in the moring and then at night i used antibacterial soap again and soaked my ear in salt water.Use a Qtip to clean it with the antibacterial soap Keep ur hair up for a couple of days. that what might be making it irritate. I wore my hair up for a week but did diff hairstyles If u clean it to much it will get irritate. I also have mine cartilage and my didn't hurt at all. Hopes this helps GOOD LUCK
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Terrance Terrance
It hurts more than cartilage. Not that I have it, but my friend has it. Use Claire's Ear Solution (you can find a Claire/Icing store in almost any mall in America or Canada) to clean it. It's trustworthy. Or else you can go to a Dermatologist and sometimes they can give you something. When I got my belly button pierced, I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a solution thing that really worked! Good Luck!
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Terrance Originally Answered: Surface piercing vs dermal piercing?
Surface piercings always have a higher rejection rate. Anchors tend to stay as long as they're kept clean, but from experience, it does not matter how old the piercing is, if you get something in the piercing (cleaners, chemicals, dirt) it will reject. It's a pocket in the skin that is hard to flush if you get something in it. They also hurt in a rather memorable way if you get them caught on clothing, hair, blankets, etc and they rip out. But scarring in that case is actually pretty minimal as opposed to a surface piercing that isn't set properly. I've got, at this time, four dermal anchors in the backs on my hands. I work construction, so my hands see a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. That could give you an idea as to how well they'll stay if you're careful about them. Just remember that they take just as long, if not longer, to heal because the tissue doesn't just grow around the piercing. Anchors have small holes in them that the tissue also grows through to lock them in place. As long as you're careful about it, they'll stay and they're easy to hide, just unscrew the jewelry and put in a skin colored flat disc or leave the threads open and they look like tiny freckles. Just use cation with that, if you get something in the rod, you'll never get jewelry back in there.

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