How can I get a job at 14/15? Also, how do I get a workers permit?

How can I get a job at 14/15? Also, how do I get a workers permit? Topic: Writing as a productive skills
July 18, 2019 / By Jasmin
Question: I'm 14, and I'll be 15 in a few months. I get straight A's and do swim team. I want to have some extra money to spend on stuff because my only source of money is family near the holidays. The only place I know that hires 14/15 year olds in VA is Kroger, but I've heard that it is kind of gross, but I really don't mind as long as I don't get sick. I need a job that I can work at on weekends and during next summer with a somewhat flexible schedule (in case my swim team delays a swim meet or my parents decide to go visit family for a weekend or something like that). I don't have the greatest memory or people skills, but I can be a productive worker. I obviously can't drive, so I would have to have my parents drive me or I ride a bike. Should I work at Kroger? Are there any other places that hire 14/15 year olds? Also, how do I get a workers permit and apply for a job?
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Best Answers: How can I get a job at 14/15? Also, how do I get a workers permit?

Eunice Eunice | 2 days ago
Apply to Kroger. Ask ther places near you if they hire below age 16 - most will say no, but you might find some that do. You'd get a work permit from your school Your bigger problem though is how you define flexiable, Having sa job doesn't mean you work when you don't have something better to do.. They'd write a schdule a week or so ahead of time, and aren't going to be flexible if something comes up after that. And even before the schedule is written, if they need you, you're expected to work not ask ot be off. If you have a regulr time that you have something else, like swin team practice on Tuesday night or something, tell them that before you take the job if they offer you a job. Even then, if they need you thaat night, you might have to still work.
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Cleopatra Cleopatra
I'd suggest you make it clear to whoever interviews you that your personal and social life comes first and the job second. Generally it is understood a job depends on employees that can be counted on to adher to the employers needs, not the employee needs.
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Belita Belita
McDonald's hires at that age. Go ask to speak to the manager at the nearest McDonalds to find out what the requirements are. You WILL have to have your parents' permission.
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