Macbook Pro for graduation?

Macbook Pro for graduation? Topic: What do i use to write papers on mac
July 16, 2019 / By Jaqualine
Question: I've been looking at laptops to take to college, and i'm pretty set on a Macbook pro... But I just cant decide on a GB. I have a huge music collection, my iPod is about 160 GB so I'm thinking 360 should be enough, but should i go for the 500 or am i gonna be ok for a while storing school work on it with all my music? I also heard they dont crash. but i'm just wondering. Thanks for your help. :D greatly appreciate it!
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Etta Etta | 8 days ago
any computer can crash, but macs have been pretty dependable in the last few years. What size harddrive you need depends on why you're getting this computer? are you going to be doing HD video editing? definitely get the bigger hard drive. If you're just gonna be using it for writing papers and surfing the web, then you don't really need a bigger hard drive now. Hard drives are pretty cheap these days and getting cheaper. It's easy enough to replace your initial hard drive with a massive one if you decide you need more space a couple years down the line. 360 or 500 gb are both huge unless you save tons and tons of high quality video so get whichever works for you.
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Etta Originally Answered: Macbook vs. Macbook Pro for high school/college student?
I have the pro. It isn't significantly more expensive, when you take into account how much you are already spending. It is a better computer because it has more space, a better system, a light-up keyboard, and a great design. It is a very user-friendly computer and I am confident that it was worth the extra money. Also, with technology changing so rapidly, a nicer computer, like the pro is already a step ahead, so it will not get outdated as quickly. I know a guy who has had his pro for five years now and it works as well as mine! Good luck! :) Also, I have the 13 inch! It was a lot less expensive and it is very portable. The screen is still nice and big and easy to see!
Etta Originally Answered: Macbook vs. Macbook Pro for high school/college student?
I am a university computer science student and a IT worker and I am using a 3 year old MacBook Core Duo 2.0 GHz. The very first MacBook model with a weaker CPU and a weaker integrated GPU than the new MacBook's have today. I use my computer all the time and I am certainly a power user with lots of different internet browser windows open, mail, irc client, text editor, messenger clients and I am demanding. My MacBook serves me pretty well, even if I manage to trigger the fans which starts to be noisy after some heavy loads. I do not do gaming or heavy graphics. Just watch videos on the www. However I use virtual macine software so essentially I run two computer operating systems at once. Sometimes even two virtual machines which sums to three systems. If you were about to do gaming or video editing or really heavy photoshopping, you would definitely reach for the better graphics card in the pro. But with your usage there is no need for the extra graphics power. However, I would never the less say, go for the pro. It is a piece of engineering wich most probably would serve you well and will give you the feeling one gets when one have the best. You might would have excepted a more rational advice from such a techish guy as me but as I said, I live with my computer and I know what it is to be like when you have the best. Mine were the best 13" imo when it was new. I would say aim for the 15" MacBook pro and you would simply be sure you couldn't get better and I don't think the extra weight compared to a 13" would be much of a difference. It would be a better shot for future use since it gives you extra GPU to handle future demands. 5 years with a 15" pro no probs. 13", well it is not to fresh after 5 years.

Clematis Clematis
I would go with the 500GB to be safe, because upgrading a mac is near impossible if you dont want to shell out a ton of money. Also, macs do crash, and I would go for a windows 7 based computer. You can get a computer with way better hardware for the same price if you bought from HP or Dell and Windows 7 is very easy to use and I have only has one crash with it (and it was my fault as I was running an ATi 5770 GPU with a nVidia GTX 260's drivers). lol
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Becky Becky
I got the MacBook Pro over the summer and love it! I have the smaller of the two and that's the one that most college students would have.
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Im getting the non retina new macbook... to me it seems like the retina is really only necessary for people who do a lot of photo and video work.. otherwise, its just excessive

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