What do you have to say about this situation?

What do you have to say about this situation? Topic: Play script writing activity
July 17, 2019 / By Jannine
Question: i am going to commit suicide and here is the reason why. my life is nothing. i have no friends and my family seriously despises me just because i suffer from major depressive disorder. they never even talk to me. back in high school everybody made fun of me. i am out of high school now but i am still going to commit suicide. also i go to therapy twice a week and have tried every medication under the sun. i literally have no reason to live anymore.
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Ethna Ethna | 6 days ago
Some people are not helped by therapy. A certain percent are damaged more by it, because it tends to reinforce the notion that "something is wrong with you"----in effect a self-fulfilling prophecy. In addition, many drugs prescribed for depression have some pretty depressing side effects, such as loss of libido. I'm not sure quite how to help you, because you are the only person who can drag yourself up this slippery slope, and I do understand how much depression is a form of quicksand that seems impossible to escape. This might not sound like much, but like you, I have been taunted and attacked, and this very night I've just gotten done reading an e-mail from a Lesbian owner of a group in my area who stated that I was "not likable". (She also ranted a bit about my being short, brown, and older...stating that these were not "why" she did not like me....odd, because I would not think to either comment upon such trivial, nor would I ever state to a person I did not know that they were "not likable", although I consider it ok to say that I don't like someone I can't imagine having the massive ego that it takes to say that someone is "unlikable" versus that I don't like them.... Anyway, to make a long story short, it wounded me pretty deeply to get that sort of thing from a site that claims to offer a" safe supportive accepting community" Frankly, I think I've encountered more acceptance from Rednecks and Hells Angels than from women like her. But what I know about all people is that we all belong somewhere, and that for many people, the warm friends that make you feel life is worth living come much later than High School. The social jockeying and cruelty in High School are very savage. I think it is good to talk about suicide. However I would like to ask you to postpone it for two years. During those two years, give yourself some treats, and try to figure out what your best way of helping the world could be. A person who plans to commit suicide anyway has the ultimate freedom of action, provided he keeps on with life and avoids mental hospitalization. One thing you may not know is that many people who wind up in the field of "mental health" or "helping professions" have suffered from similar states. Ever hear the old saw "physician, heal thyself"? It is abundantly true in psychiatry. If you do not feel that the choices of your therapist are helping you to change and grow and become a person who wants to live because they value themself and their work, then seek a different type of therapy of a new therapist. Giving yourself the "command" to stick around and "try" for a couple of years will let you feel that you have a finite amount to tolerate. Anyone can stick out two years. then, at the end of your "hitch", reevaluate. And hopefully "reenlist" in the living. Writing to you has made me feel a little better about why I am alive. Please try to tough it out for a while longer. It gets better, it really does. Vigourous physical activity is also very key to restoring your body to your mind, and visa versa. As is trying to give back something to other people who are worse off than you are. In high school people make fun of the more sensitive ones and the ones who don't care to learn to play the subtle political games of popularity. but----ten years out of High School the "popular people" are usually pretty boring and ordinary. the mocked ones are writing clever scripts for the brain dead popular kids to relax in front of the TV watching. Talk to almost any person in a creative field and you will find they were nerds, dorks, geeks....etc. Ditto for the high achieving science figures. High school is hell because it is run by the lowest common denominator. Try work, or a college course in an area that you really care about. Volunteer work is cool too, because it is usually really nice folks. Update your question if you want me to send my e-mail. I hope you have a good night and good dreams. LQL
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Becka Becka
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