Im pregnant and 15.paranoid about birth?

Im pregnant and 15.paranoid about birth? Topic: Details in writing a paragraph for kids
July 19, 2019 / By Jannette
Question: i have heard there are always complications due to my age?! aarrgh! i'm only 12 and a half weeks so i have quite a ways to go...not worried that much.. millions of women do it .. just worried about the baby not fitting or them having to use forceps or something.not to keen on forceps sounds like it could hurt my baby or..oh god or an episiotomy .........do those hurt later??? but i would love to do it naturally..lol don't know if i can though. and when i have the baby and they do the tests i don't want them to take the baby out of my sight...can i say no?? regardless i'm going to lol...my baby my rules.... muhahahah...but will they hold me down and take the baby or something? oh yea and i only want my boyfriend in the room...can that work? does the epidural hurt..or will i not care considering the pain i will be in... and is there anything i can do to prevent strech marks??? thanks Mr.answers BUT you didn't help me in the slightest bit...and i dont remember learning saying "lol" online means i think my baby is a puppy?? i just don't want them to take her/him out of the room!! i hear so much about babies getting switched and kidnapped!!! i don't mind if my boyfriend can go... my boyfriend is 19...were taking the pregnancy pain classes...im not sure if i want to go natural. and were banking the cord blood... theyre sending the packet to us.. i dont think it will be a problem caring for my baby considering i live with 4 little children whom i have cared for since birth...my mother is kinda a drunk.... and the other belongs to my sister. ANYWAYS i wasn't asking anybody to judge me.... k now i have read 6000 books and nothing answers like honest knowledgeable people SO i thought i would see what other people experiences were. Sorry if my age , or English bothers you. you don't HAVE to answer... thank you for all the non judgmental women answering my question i have absolutely no problem with them making sure my baby is healthy, and giving him/her vaccines [i volunteered at a pediatric hospital and know what happens when those vaccines aren't given] but like i said earlier i just don't want any accidental switches!! my boyfriend can go with him/her at least right? ladyshy2 money is not an issue, but thank you for your concern. i don't understand how you can judge somebody when you read a few paragraphs they wrote online?? the baby is being born into a loving environment, considering i have moved in with my boyfriend... my goodness first you all tell me to take responsibility for my actions, then when i do you complain!!! theres no pleasing you "higher knowledge" beings!!! stop telling me i cant take care of MY baby!!! your basing your opinions on other teenagers. you cannot tell how good of a mother i will be by reading what i have said on "yahooanswers" my next question i will most definatly be leaving out my age..... regardless of what any of you say i believe having and caring for my child will be one of my greatest accomplishments. and i will be getting my GED in about 4 months... i have been home schooled for the past 6 months and i will be going to college in 3 years to be a nurse i have everything under control. just a little uncertain about the birth.
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Ethelinda Ethelinda | 5 days ago
I was waiting for someone else to do it, before I did, so I didn't look like the only b-word answering here. You have a lot of maturing to do before this baby is born. Judging just by this paragraph, this kid's first word is most likely going to be 'LOL' Might I suggest reading What to expect when you're expecting, there is a whole graphic section on labor and delivery, not picture graphic, but extremely detailed. And watch some birth videos. If you can watch one without squealing 'OMG I'm totally not doing that', then you are on the right track. P.S Nothing can prevent stretch marks, if they are going to happen, they certainly will!
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Ethelinda Originally Answered: Pregnant from pre * AND on birth control?
Hey great question, I’m glad you asked. The first step would be to take a pregnancy test. In the case that your girlfriend is pregnant, I would urge you and your girlfriend to seriously consider adoption over abortion. Medical studies have shown that abortion can result in serious medical and mental side affects that would negatively impact you and your girlfriend’s life. (Not only does abortion completely eliminate your child’s life, it also increases the chances of your girlfriend becoming infertile.) On the other hand, choosing adoption allows your baby to be put in a good home where he or she can be loved and cared for (you would even get to help in the process of choosing parents!) while still allowing you and your girlfriend to pursue your lives and careers. You were wondering about the costs, but let me reassure you that the majority of adoption agencies do not charge anything to put a child up for adoption. On top of that, most agencies offer financial assistance for prenatal and delivery expenses. Adoption agencies are increasing in number and easier to access than ever. If you provide information on where you live, I can get you information on adoption programs in your area, and even programs that provide support for young parents both during the pregnancy and after delivery (financial/medical/counseling/ect). One nationwide program is the Alternatives Pregnancy Center; they can help with pregnancy tests, medical scans, ultrasounds, and the adoption process. You could try a google search to find one in your area. Good luck to you and your girlfriend!

Claudia Claudia
Write a birth plan - which is basically a list of what you want for your labour and birth. When I did mine, I wrote that I wanted an epidural, and that I did not want pain killers like demerol. I was very specific about some things... and then when the day came, I totally changed my mind. So, write out everything that you want, and then bring that to your doctor and to the hospital, and ask them about the things. If what you want is part of the standard procedure then great. If what you want is different, then you need to be prepared to enforce your wishes, or to choose a different hospital. You might want to consider hiring a doula. That's a person who specializes in helping you through the pregnancy and delivery. They will be there to make sure that what you want to happen actually happens. When you're in labour, you're not really able to stand up and argue your case, but the doula can and will do that. Every pregnancy and delivery is different, but with mine, I had an epidural, and it felt like some pressure and poking, but it wasn't painful at all (and I'mm a wimp with pain). Later on I also had an episiotomy, and that didn't hurt at all afterwards. The hospital encouraged me to use lots of ice, and I think I sat on ice for a whole day, and that probably really reduced any swelling. Surround yourself with good stories, and ignore the negative ones. Think positive, be happy, and enjoy the experience. Eat as healthy as you can (studies show that babies show a preference to eat the same foods that their mothers ate during pregnancy, because all of the tastes and flavours that you eat also go into the amniotic fluid which the baby constantly tastes). Good luck and know that you will come through this with so many good memories.
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Becci Becci
1. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your size and age. He or she can be a great help in that category. I'm 18 and only 4'10" and I had worries about delivering my baby. The doctor told me that your body can work in crazy ways and that I shouldn't have any complications. 2. Some doctors don't do episiotomys anymore and that is why they try to control your pushing so you won't tear. They can hurt later, but it'll be worth it for your baby. 3. I am planning on giving birth naturally unless I really have to have medication for other reasons. I am also planning on telling the doctors about a birth plan (which you should make up one) about what I want done with my baby so I am able to hold him right away when he's born, and then they can do certain tests to make sure he's healthy and doesn't need extra care. They need to check the baby though in order to make sure everything went as planned. 4. I am planning to only have my fiance in the room with me because I want this to be a special experience for the both of us. After everything is settled down, then family and friends can visit if I am up for it after the birth. 5. I haven't had an epidural obviously, haha, because I haven't given birth yet, but the women that I have talked to most said they didn't feel a thing. 6. Nothing has actually proven to be 100% effective of preventing strech marks, but I heard using cocoa butter or vitamin E lotion is suppossed to help. I use Palmers cocoa butter, and still have yet to get a strech mark. You should check out this website and use it weekly to see how you and your baby are developing and growing. It has so much more information about birth, common fears that women have, and of course pregnancy. http://www.babycenter.com/6_your-pregnan... If you need help with anything or need advice email me. =)
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Adene Adene
I had my first when I was 15, I was considered high risk due to my age but nothing else about the pregnancy was high risk. Your age has nothing to do with the baby fitting through the birth canal or you tearing, that can happen if you're 15 or 35 lol. The tests they do on the baby if for his/her health, I don't think you can really object. I don't see why you'd want to not let him/her get the tests done, since they are probably required to make sure the baby is perfectly healthy. You can have whoever you want in the room, if you only want your boyfriend there then only let him in. (Besides the doctors and nurses of course.) The epidural feels like a pinprick compared to the contractions, and there's no way to prevent stretchmarks. You can use lotion/cocoa butter to help soften the skin but they're gonna come if they want.
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Adene Originally Answered: Am i pregnant or is it my birth control?
This is a very rare medical phenomenon called Clandestineness Fetus or "Stealth Baby". This is basically when a woman is on the pill, having unprotected sex, gets pregnant. How this works you ask, a very few percentage of men (0.02%) have a certain enzyme whithin their sperm that isn't completly stopped by the chemicals released by the common birth control pill. The pill in this case however simply makes the baby "invisible" to pregnancy tests. These babies commonly are born early and are much smaller than regular babies, as well as the majority of these babies having birth defects such as mental retardation, dyflexia, dyslexia and bi-polar disease.

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