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Question about college applications? Topic: Uc prompts
July 18, 2019 / By Janna
Question: If you apply before the deadline to a school, will you be able to send in your scores after the deadline because you already applied? I took the s.a.t but I recently decided to take the a.c.t but I won't be able to until Febuary cause I missed the December payment deadline so if I took it my scores wouldn't be sent until a month after the deadline. Is that okay? They already have my s.a.t scores.
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Etheldreda Etheldreda | 3 days ago
It depends on the college. At UC's the deadline to submit the application was November 30, but UC will consider Sat or Act Scores from the December Exams. "If you're applying for admission to the fall term, be sure to take your admissions tests no later than December of your senior year — preferably earlier — to ensure that your application receives prompt and full consideration. It is unlikely that scores from tests taken after our December deadline will arrive in our office in time for our review process. " http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/ad...
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Honestly, I think just writing about your Day of Silence participation (which is awesome of you, by the way) would be fine. A lot of applicants won't even have that much concrete activism to their credit. That's not to say that you can't write about additional efforts to educate people, but don't worry about it being "enough"; your honest commitment is what they're looking for.

Clarity Clarity
When you apply to a University or College, your test scores don't have to be in before the deadline for the applications. There is a separate deadline for test scores to be mailed in by. I personally didn't submit any of my test scores until much after my applications were turned in because I didn't like my original SAT score. I took the ACT after and submitted those, eventually leading me to get accepted to all the schools I applied for. Good luck with your applications!
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Beatrix Beatrix
yes it is okay. They don't read all apps until later. You have your SAT score so its fine. The only thing I am unsure of is if you are applying EA or ED, but even then I don't think it matters.
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