What do you think of University Of Phoenix.(please read)?

What do you think of University Of Phoenix.(please read)? Topic: Check college papers online
July 19, 2019 / By Janice
Question: My major is: business management. I'm currently attending it but it's ground not ONLINE. I think that people will underestimate me when I graduate because when I tell people I go there, they're like online? wtf? what's your advice for me? My idea is to get an associates degree from it and transfer to another university, what do u think? How many degrees will an university let you transfer to their school? No, I'm not only going to school for an associates. I want a bachelor in business but was wondering if I could get an associates from UOP and go for my bachelor degree at another university. It just scares the hell out of me for my paper to say University Of Phoenix after I graduate with a bs.
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Esta Esta | 9 days ago
Yes, U of P online has a bad rep with a lot of employers, but U of P in person *also* has a bad rep with employers. It's the school more than how you did that degree. But if you transfer to a reputable university and graduate from there, you do not need to list your U of P associates on your resume. You only need list the bachelor's degree. As the other poster said, check right now with the bachelor's degree schools you're looking at, and make sure that they will accept your credits from U of P. If not, then you are wasting your time and money, and would do far better getting that associates from your community college. And in general, I'd rather hire a cc graduate than someone from U of P. In fact for me, as with a lot of employers, seeing U of P on a resume means that we will not look at that resume.
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Esta Originally Answered: University of Phoenix or Western Governors University?
Western Governor's University is a non-profit school comprised by the governors of the Western US and Guam who wanted to create a distance learning program that was low in tuition and did not answer to stockholders. It has a very excellent reputation and is well respected among employers. It was also given a positive write up in Time magazine. They have worked hard to make the school respectable. I would seriously consider them if I were you. I have heard many excellent things about WGU.

Clarette Clarette
Yes, people tend to think online, but I'm not sure that would be the major problem. UofP was not very well respected even before they started offering online courses. They are a for-profit school without most of the accreditations respected by other universities. The problem you would have would be that most UofP courses would not transfer at all to another school. You can't transfer ANY degrees, just individual courses (usually up to 60 credits, which would be the equivalent of an associates degree), but that usually depends upon either what is called an articulation agreement between the two schools or a shared accreditation. My guess is that if you were to get an associates at UofP and then go to another university, you would pretty much have to start over again as a freshman.
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Baylee Baylee
People ask you that because EVERYONE knows they offer online. It's a real degree as stated by the HLC and NCASC. With 300k active students, it's hard to believe it's not real. An Associates degree ONLY transfers as credits, not as an actual degree. If you are to take your Associates to a state school, they will likely take all the Gened courses. It is unreasonable to assume that any college will take all of your credits. If you plan to continue to a master's, contact your school of choice and ask them the requirements on transferring in a bachelors. They may have more SPECIFIC requirements, depending on the school and the program.
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Adeline Adeline
If you plan on only an associates, a community college is by far your best bet. I am not sure what UoP charges for a credit, the local universities are by far the cheapest. Check out Baker. They might be the cheapest school. I am at Devry and in search of a new school for this reason.
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Ted Ted
You must have an idea where you want to transfer to. Contact that university and ask if they will accept your UofP credits. This will give you your answer.
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Ted Originally Answered: Should I go to University of Phoenix?
No. If you want to further your education, go for training in a real school. Community college or a real vocational/technical school would be much better - an much cheaper. A Phoenix "degree" isn't worth the paper it's printed on when it comes to getting a job.

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