How can I start an exercise program?

How can I start an exercise program? Topic: How to write a fitness plan
July 19, 2019 / By Janey
Question: I am an 18-year old female, 5"5, about 245 lbs. I am grossly out of shape and I have a hypoactive thyroid, making it difficult to lose weight. I am going to see a specialist in about a month, but for now, how do I begin an exercise program? Most activity is difficult for me, but I want to be get into shape. How should I begin?
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Essie Essie | 8 days ago
Step 1: Write down your goals. Not weight. FITNESS goals. These are easier to measure and health isn't a weight anyway. Step 2: Lookup ways to achieve your goals. Step 3: Write them down and plan ahead...then start. Or, you can just email me all this info and we can work on it together.
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Claretta Claretta
If you really want to lose that weight, youll want to make sure the specialist you see treats your hypothyroidism with Armour or other desiccated thyroid meds. Why? Because unlike Synthroid or Levoxyl, which are T4-only meds, Armour is the exact same thing as your thyroid: T4. T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. And that treatment raises your metabolism unlike the T4-only meds. And raising your metabolism helps you lose weight along with regular aerobic exercise and eating a low carb diet. Read the website below. (And by the way, if you are seeing an Endocrinologist, they tend to prescribe T4-only meds, which are lousy. )
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Basmath Basmath
Start slow start by cutting out one food. Take a 5 min walk. Just don't try to do it all at once it'll be to hard. Good luck ps no soda
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Adelicia Adelicia
start with the small steps, just go for a walk...then in a week or so walk a bit faster, then speed walk, then run. u dont have to jump right in and run 10 miles a day to start :) the important thing is that u stick with it! good luck hun!
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