How should I handle an extremely boring girlfriend?

How should I handle an extremely boring girlfriend? Topic: How to write about your art work
July 21, 2019 / By Janetta
Question: I've been dating this girl for several months, and I do care about her and her feelings. But she is boring. Plain and simple. We are complete opposites. I'm an eccentric artist, a writer, a photographer, and I have endless hobbies, interests, collections, ideas, goals, and passions to talk about and work on. I'm highly active, always trying new things, completing various projects, exploring places I've never been and things I haven't done. I am highly emotional and become intensely passionate about many topics. I have crazy dreams... She is one of the most genuinely kind-hearted, sweet people I know. She has some great traits- she can be described as honest, loyal, trustworthy, mature, reliable, kind-hearted, selfless, patient, a great listener, non-confrontational, considerate, thoughtful. But she is monotonous...personality is one way all the time. Never gets overly excited, happy, angry, sad, surprised, or any emotion other than neutral and "pleasant" about anything, no matter what the situation is. I try to start conversations about numerous varied topics, and she will just respond the same to everything, "Oh, I haven't thought about that yet." Or "I don't know/I'm not sure." "I don't care one way or the other." "I've never tried that before." "Oh, okay. I see." She never wants to do anything other than watch tv and movies, play with her cat, sleep, and eat. She talks about work (she's a principal at a school) and that's about it. She's a sweet girl and I care about her. I know she cares about me a lot. And I don't want to hurt her. I don't know how to handle this...I want more out of life. She is open-minded to trying new things and doing what I wanna do, but just tags along and doesn't really care about anything. And she is supportive of my artwork, writing, and other goals and passions I have. But her PERSONAL lack of passion about ANYTHING other than her love for me drives me absolutely insane. I have tried so hard to ask her what she likes, cares about, wants to do, etc. but she will always say "I haven't thought about it" or "Nothing in particular" and will stay silent or steer the conversation back to me every time, no matter how simple or complex the question is. Whether I ask ''what color car do you like best'' or ''how do you think the universe got here'' I will get the same answer, "Haven't thought about that yet." One more thing: We are highly physically attracted to each other, but I'm worried that's all that's there...on my end, anyway. She has some great traits many other girls don't have, especially if they ARE really interesting. But I don't think I can accept someone who doesn't share my zest for life in the long-run!!!
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Essa Essa | 6 days ago
The appropriate response would be, "dump her". Yep, just because you care about someone doesn't mean they should be your life partner. Marriage material is someone you click with, like you said, yall won't last in the long run.
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Claramay Claramay
Why don't you get her involved in your hobbies? Ask her to come along and give them a go or say you'd prefer company whilst doing them. You can't change people but being 'nice and kind' is rather boring, everybody needs a bit of excitment in their life. You could arrange a date where you go somewhere and do something together, an adventure day - Even if it's something as tame as ice skating.
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Basemath Basemath
Meant to help people however, it's nothing like the Paula Abdula song opposites attract - it's way better in a relationship to have things in common otherwise the relationship is less likely to last
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Adelia Adelia
Get another girl friend that is not so boring! OMG, why do people ask such stupid questions on Y/A?
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