Economic Question Please help?

Economic Question Please help? Topic: The art of problem solving book
July 17, 2019 / By Janessa
Question: Out of 102 question I do not know these and can not find them! 1. The fundamental economic problem is inflation. that resources are scarce relative to wants. supply and demand. how to make more money. unemployment. 2. If an economy is experiencing unemployment, it is operating at a point on its PPC. below its PPC. beyond its PPC. at the horizontal intercept of its PPC. at the vertical intercept of its PPC. 3. Which of the following represents the largest opportunity cost of attending college? tuition room and board payments the cost of books and supplies the stress of studying and exams income given up by not working as many hours 4. If a country’s GDP increases from $1m to $2m at the same time prices increase by half (50%), real GDP will rise. fall. stay the same. fluctuate. be unable to be determined. 5. Which of the following would not be counted as part of U.S. GDP? a Mazda MX6 produced in Detroit an Apple computer produced in California a Dodge Intrepid produced in Canada a six-pack of Sam Adams brewed in Pittsburgh a haircut given in Washington D.C. 6. To correct for inflation, GDP numbers must be converted using the price level in a given year known as the base year. real year. current year. constant year. inflation year. 7. The most important key to improvement in the quality of a country’s labor force is a) health care. a) nutrition. a) mobility. a) education. population growth. 8. If the MSC of an additional hour of an activity is greater than the MSB, you should do more of the activity. do less of the activity. not change your level of the activity. do less of another activity. do more of the activity if you like doing it. 9. Which of the following is an organization through which DCs jointly assist LDCs? the World Bank NATO the Federal Reserve NAFTA the WTO 10. To promote development, the governments of LDCs should pursue policies that improve the quality of labor. enhance capital accumulation. raise technology levels. increase efficiency. do all of the above. 11. The fundamental economic problem is how to make money. True False 12. Current dollar GDP can increase while real GDP decreases. True False 13. Inefficiency exists whenever the economy’s output combination lies inside its production possibilities curve. (Points: 6) True False 14. An improvement in education leads to an outward shift in the production possibilities curve. True False 15. Liberal arts education is generally ineffective in improving the quality of a country’s labor force. True False These are really hard! Help!
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Eryn Eryn | 4 days ago
Looks like you answered your own question, but I'll throw my 2c in... Here's the same answer from earlier - I got 1 thumb down. Let's see if I get more love this time... "The Wall Street Casino is more to blame than the mortgage crisis. Wall Street caused this, enabled by the government, allowed by a public of sheeple, abetted by the fractional reserve Federal Reserve and the rest of the banksters. The derivatives markets are measured in the hundreds of trillions of US dollars. This much wealth only exists in the magical fantasy world of the imaginations of these 'financial wizards' (?). This is the heart of the crisis. This is the engine which drives the entire world's financial markets. And it's running on fumes." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You could argue the real estate bubble and accompanying sub-prime collapse simultaneously bursting was what made a bad situation worse. It's kind of a chicken and egg thing. They're closely related and they made each other worse. Bottom line, the real cause of this mess is the Federal Reserve. It's a Ponzi scheme by any definition. They created money by fiat. It was always meant to collapse. What goes up...
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