Life advice help involving a girl (im a boy)?

Life advice help involving a girl (im a boy)? Topic: Messed up case still got job
July 21, 2019 / By Janene
Question: I've asked this a couple of times before but im going to ask one final time for those extra couple of answers as i honestly do need advice/help here and it's a new day, but the last time i'll ask so here goes; Basically im 14, i've loved this girl for the past year since i first saw her. Thing is, i haven't really loved that many people before anyway..not like this. I've never actually had a gf :/ im not really ugly, just not the most popular person in my school due to the fact i get some retarded people following me all the time. But back to the point, since i've loved this girl for over a year now i've been really upset..you could say depressed if you like. Shortly after i started becoming friends with her she got with this guy who has now left school and is 17 (shes 14). I know this guy and he's really nasty to me; starts arguing with me all the time and he said to me one time; 'Why are you getting all pissy? Is it because i have her and you don't?' He's always been really nasty to HER as well, hits her, has a go at her all the time etc putting her in tears alot of the time. They recently broke up and shes been crying pretty much constantly but they both still love each other so much. I think they are getting back together as well. Oh did i mention, he has a go at her for hugging people like me who are her friends and he goes and kisses other girls. I'm one of her best friends and she knows i love her alot. But it's wierd because i love her SO much. She's the only person that means anything to me in the world, not even my parents care as much as she does and to be honest, shes my only TRUE friend. I always think about her, even when i thinking about something else..it's like shes at the back of my mind constantly like something is in the corner of your eye but you cannot quite see it. I honestly think if she didn't love him she would get with me and that would make me SO happy. My so called mates i do have say i've been really depressed the last year but i don't tell them why or anything because they'll just tell everyone..hence the reason they're not my 'true friends'. Everything else in my life just seems to go so bad. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm starting to have a few 'downs' with her now rather than just 'ups'. It's really getting on my nerves and i've been crying every night for the last year since i met her basically. I've had all sorts of thoughts going through my mind (yes, including death but i couldn't kill myself so don't worry, i just think 'oh i might as well be dead.' or 'Just kill me please' ya' know. I don't know what to do. Little advice, anyone make me feel better? I've tried to get over her but i just CAN'T. :'( Thank you for reading all this, i don't expect you to care because nobody else in my life does anyway. I'm just starting to cry now so, i'll finish my question here. If anyone wants to talk to me via e mail or msn then just say so at the bottom of your reply and i'll edit my question and give you it or just give me yours. Thanks :(
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Erykah Erykah | 3 days ago
Ok man, you need to step back and look at this minus the whirlwind of emotions. Take your feelings for her out of the equation and look at the big picture. Easier said than done, i know, but you still need to step back from this problem and see it in an objective light. You cant help her. Period. I know, i know, you wanna be the "knight in shining armor" who swoops in and whisks her off her feet by taking her away from all her problems...but it doesnt work that way in real life. In real life people that have problems drag you down into their problems and then you both drown. Look at your situation. I rest my case. If she wants to be with an @sshole, then you have to let her do that. You can express your opinion on the subject once, eg. "I really think that you would be better off without him." But thats about the extent of what you can express without her turning nasty with you. If you need to seperate yourself from the situation, you should definately do that. Its not your job to make sure she makes good decisions, and you sure as hell dont have to stand by and watch her ignore your advice and walk into a pit of despair. I really feel that if you seperate yourself from this mess and start talking to other people you'll feel a whole lot better. Take up a new hobby that gets you out and meeting new people. Dont tell me you cant. You CAN. Dont tell me you care too much and you'll wither and die without her around. You WONT, and you know it. ;-) Keep your head up, and never underestimate the raw power of reason when emotions start getting the best of ya.
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Keep moving forward ( which would be a cute tattoo idea). You've come so far just keep going. It's important to I guess forget your past and make sure you keep going. You can just say hi to the person that sits next to you and sparks may fly. As for not studying and getting good grades you are just like me. I'm going to be a high school junior and I've never studied a day in my life and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. Just keep paying attention and take attentive notes sometimes writing them really is all you need. My biggest regrets have to do with guys. Yeah go figure. My first kiss when I was 14 ( freshman yr. I have a late birthday) was with a 17 year old guy, who is a charmer and a player, he's been with like everyone in my neighborhood and even though I knew I didn't care and I got my heart broken. Another regret was turning down my best friend. I've known him 2 years but he is like a brother to me and I said no to going out with him because of the 17 year old. My advice would be is to follow your heart and don't let a guy play you, that's made me a stronger person. Yes it made me more aware and now I have my gaurd up but I feel like that will let me find the guy, the guy willing to fight my gaurd and knock down the walls I have built around myself. At your age and at my age, at anyone's age you will never know everything about life. My life has been different than yours, you have experienced something that I might never have to go through, but that makes you unique and the person you have become today. I learn new things everyday and I don't exactly agree with everything I learn but at the end of the day my experiences make me who I am. My tips would be to keep your head held high. You're going to meet some assholes in high school, you're going to meet some girls that hate you on sight, you're also goig to meet wonderful people. ----Don't ever let a guy know that you need him, if a guy doesn't realize that he needs you he isn't worth your time -schoolwork comes before EVERYTHING! -friends you meet in highschool may be the people you know the rest of your life and they can become your lifelong friends so never lose touch - don't do anything you feel pressured to do -the only secret kept, is kept to yourself -stay away from gossip -if someone has a problem with you and you know it, ignore them don't go out looking for any trouble - your mother is your friend -find a trusted adult in the building in case your mom can't help you. - always keep a clear mind, find time to relax and dot become to overwhelmed or you will make yourself sick. If you need any more info or questions feel free to email me [email protected]

Clarabella Clarabella
Drink, drugs, intercourse, staying out all night,a gang member, sure your an outstanding upstanding citizen, and nonetheless basically 14. those are actually not nasty comments, they're the certainty, you have options, basically comparable to everyone else, you regrettably have not chosen nicely. To drink and take drugs you decide on money, I assemble you have a believe fund or get a hefty pocket-money out of your undesirable dad and mom. No!! nicely that`s a ask your self, so the place is the money coming from, the team your in possibly, i think their wealthy too. Can`t you spot, it`s as much as you which ones street you're taking, do you honestly choose somebody to tell you what to do to place your life jointly!! You sell off the team for starters (a team of no hopers that is in a gang by using fact their cowards) no count if their pink or orange, it does`nt count. You take a seat your dad and mom down, and you tell them each little thing, you're saying your not happy then provide up what your doing, and permit your dad and mom comprehend, is there any way you're able to flow to a various college, if not, you tell your instructors you're being verbally abused, and you decide on it stopped. As for the older boy, tell your mom, It`s the certainty, it became`nt your fault. provide up the intercourse with boys, or you would be in even deeper worry, your too youthful for toddlers. So it`s as much as you, be reliable, not vulnerable, you have your total life in front of you, and it is so good.
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Barbary Barbary
ahhh i care. and i am going thru a similar situation. (will u help me with mine - click my avatar then my open questions - thx) what might help is getting a little notebook and writing down all ur feelings. sounds stupid and pointless but trust me on this one. tell this girl privately how u feel and dnt feel embarrassed its normal. i made myself depressed in a similar situation just dnt get to the point where u wanna kill urslef - it hurts and there r better things out there for u. just remember she ain't gonna b the one that u spend the rest of ur life with so look forward and stay positive :)
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Adela Adela
my emails [email protected] i really understand im diffrent im 13 a girl i wanna die everyday i would really like to talk to sombody to talk to who feels the way i do
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