Do you think she'd like that i did this?

Do you think she'd like that i did this? Topic: Essay on my true friend
July 21, 2019 / By Janele
Question: i wrote my college essay about a particular friend whose made an impact on a certain part of my life. she means a lot to me and i do have conflicting feelings towards her and I know that she does as well. i'm just waiting for that 1 moment to finally be able to tell her straight up even though she already knows. any who, i told her that i was writing up a college essay and that i'd show her when i'm done. today she asked me if i could send her it but i'm not completely finished with it yet. the thing she doesn't know is that i included her into my college essay. i wrote how special she is to me as a friend and how it's made an impact to me on a certain part of my life.should i tell her in advance before she reads my essay or should i surprise her? i'm sure either way she'd be touched by it but which way would be better? ive sent her alot of things that has brought tears to her eyes and i want this 1 to be just as special yes it kinda does deal with being gay becuz i am and so is she
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Erin Erin | 10 days ago
Don't mention it to her before she reads it. That will kinda spoil it for her. It will be so much more special if she just starts reading it thinking it's "some essay" and then gets to a part where she's mentioned and it's "the essay", you know? It will create an awesome mood for you two, and then I think that could be your special moment right there to let her in on your true feelings. I know I'd much prefer that and I think most would agree. It will be a fun and romantic surprise.
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Claire Claire
aww thats really cute your so in love lol x x dont tell her just let her read the essay to her its just a essay but when she reads what you wrote about her she will be surprised and then maybe yo should let out your true feelings obviously you love her like ,ad and you two are both gay so theres nothing so complicated about it, first see what her reaction is and if you think the time is right to spill then do.xx anyway good luck x x
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Bambi Bambi
I think you should not say anything to her, just let her read it. If you say something to her b4 she reads it, she is going to get an idea of what the essay is about, but if you let her read it first, it might get her surprised and it will create more drama (in a good way) I think she'll be touched by it more if she doesnt know anything. =D
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Addie Addie
I think what you've done is very nice :) You said that you wanted to wait for that special moment, I think that you putting her in your eassy is the "special moment" Just insetad of telling her whats in it AND or surprising her, give he an obviouse clue.. you know?
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