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Homemade gifts? Topic: Paper bag making courses
July 17, 2019 / By Janel
Question: I want to make my family homemade gifts for the holidays i know it is a little early but i will be busy through december so i need to do them early. I wanted some links of instructions or directions for gifts. Please dont link me familyfun.com cause i already went there. Thanks everyone if you reply. Happy soon to be holidays.
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Ericka Ericka | 9 days ago
i dont have a link for this, but its prety self explainitory. this holiday season i bought inexpensive wood ornaments from an arts store for like literally 16-25 cents a piece. i bought a bunch of paint and i paint them, once im done i super glue a magnet on the back of them and they become refridgerator magnets (of course u can leave out the magnet and just hot glue a ribbon on to make it an ornament)...once its complete, i wrap them in a little bit of bubble wrap and place them inside little christmas themed bags tht i also got inexpensively along with some green and red paper shreds...i give them as gifts, and also sell them. this is a very unique gift, and so far its a success for me...well good luck and i hope my advice is helpful! merry christmas!
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Ericka Originally Answered: Creative/Homemade gifts? One year?
Here are some youtube craft links: Jewelry Making With Household Items : How to Make Jewelry From Silverware http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbnC8wlroLM Handmade Vintage Decoupage crafts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGU9dUCuAA8 paper rose tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI0gMjSkS3E Hope I helped =)

Clair Clair
for the guys in my family i'm making peanut brittle and putting it in cute holiday containers from walmart. relatively cheap. for the girls i'm making martini glass candles. melt down old candles, put a wick in a martini glass, and pour the melted wax around it. i'm using old martini glasses my mom had & there so cool - they're different colors and the stem is a zigzag. they're thick too so they wont crack from the heat or break easily if they fall over. by the way all the people i'm making gifts for are over 25. for my friends (we're 14) i made glass bead bracelets. really cheap i got a whole glass bead kit from walmart it came with a mix of pretty glass beads and clear cord. they look fancy not at all cheap.
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Baily Baily
You should do something that is in accordance with your skills. If you are a good or mediocre painter, then paint a picture. Or write a poem. Or do handicraft work. Homemade gifts must not be perfect.
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Adamina Adamina
Well Im not crafty.. so homemade.. that's kinda hard..lol.. but you can get a basket go to the dollar store or like a walmart and make it nice.. personalize it with little things they like simple things like their favorite gum, candy bars, chocolates .. pictures of yourself or you can bake them some sugar cookies and ice them with words of endearment.. anything coming from my kids.. which took thought is great!
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Tahath Tahath
this is one of the things im doing for my mom im making her a dvd slideshow with all the pictures i've taken of me and my kids all year them at the park or in the pool just everything they did and all the memories with music in the backround i dont know if you know how to do this but you can look it up online
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Tahath Originally Answered: Need ideas for Homemade Christmas gifts?
My kids and I do this EVERY YEAR. We do buy gifts, but we save money with the following: Christmas Cards: Instead of buying packet after packet of Christmas cards that will only get thrown out on Boxing day, sit down at your computer and write a letter. The whole family can be included in this, and tell of all the exciting things that have happened for the family in the past year. At the top of your letter, scan a nice family photo and print out as many copies as you need. Then simply send it to family and friends. Gifts: Every year my kids and I make gift baskets. We buy a small basket, cellophane and a large bow and ribbons. We bake cookies, muffins, white christmas, truffles, etc. and wrap them and put them into the basket along with a small store bought Christmas cake. We then give them to neighbours, elderly family members and young couples or families with not much money. It also makes us feel really good to help out others. Total cost approx. $10 Buy a cheap plain photo album, and decorate it yourself at home. Use ribbons, buttons, sequins, whatever you like. Fill it with photos of yourself and your friends and present it to one of your friends. Look up some old recipes online, and handwrite them neatly onto lined paper. Using some cardboard, cut two sheets the same size as the paper for front and back covers. decorate as you like. Using a hole punch, put two holes in the side and tie all together with some festive ribbon. This recipe book would make a fantastic gift for mother or grandmother. Go to a craft store and spend about $20. Buy jewellery hooks, gems and needle nose pliers. Go to the local library and pick up a book on jewellery making, or simply look it up online. Make some cute earrings or bracelets to give to your friends. Also, you could simply invest in some time and yarn, make them some cute friendship bracelets. There are many different designs you can do with these. Make some mixed C.D's. Using your computer, make up a playlist of songs that mean something to somebody. It could be songs you and your best friend danced to when you were younger, it could be your mum's favourite tracks.... if you're REALLY lucky, you might be able to track down their wedding video or ask another family member who attended the wedding for a list of remembered songs. Then you can make it into a C.D for them, and help them remember how in love they are. There are free programs you can download to make C.D labels, that you can customise with the recipients photos and names. Learn to make candles and lip balm. There are hundreds of great recipes out there, and they take very little time to make. Try your hand at making some scented candles and lipbalm for your sister or another friend. Make your own facial remedies. These can be made mostly using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. Milk and uncooked oatmeal for a great bath soak, avocado or honey for facial mask, vinegar and water for hair rinse. Once again there are hundreds of recipes online for these. Maybe you could make candles and lip balm for your mother and sister, then treat them to a home beauty therapy session on boxing day, to relax them after Christmas day. Who knows? Maybe you could even get in on the act and get some great photos of your "homemade beauty treatments" for next years photo albums and Christmas letters. For the men: Mixed tapes would be a good idea for your brother, and if you can get your hands on some wood and a chisel, you could try your hand at making him some cool drumsticks and painting them for him to hang in his room. For your dad, try going to a craft store and buying some etching cream. Buy a large glass and with a steady hand, write his name into the glass to personalise it. You could even do that on one side, and make a clear sleeve on the other side and place a family photo in it! (just be sure to securely seal it properly around all sides). Again, there are many tutorials online to do this. Hope this helps x] wow.... that took me nearly an hour to write :/ HAHAHAHA all in the name of my favourite holiday

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