How can I get my mom to let me get a pug?

How can I get my mom to let me get a pug? Topic: If i was a dog essay
July 19, 2019 / By Jancis
Question: I Tried EVERYTHING. i made a power point i wrote essays i always have straight A's . I dont know what to do! i ask all the time! I do research, find good prices. sign up for newsletters. Its been 2 years and my love for pugs will never go away. I just really want one! I have dog already and my moms always like "we already have a dog" and Stuff i just really want one what can i do? also if i do get a pug i dont want to neglect the dog i have now. i love her so much and i dont want her upset.
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Eppie Eppie | 7 days ago
if you got a pug, the love would go away ... you are in love with the cute look and not the reality of owning a pug ... for example, they are extremely difficult to train being very stubborn and not the brightest breed ... they are notorious for difficulty in housebreaking IF EVER ... four adult pugs i know, not one is fully housebroken ... and the shedding is copious and disgusting ... i dog sat two pugs LAST SUMMER and i am still filling my vacuum cleaner cartridge with their fur over SIX MONTHS LATER !!! and the snoring ... no matter what you are trying to do that snoring is as loud and obnoxious as an actual human partner ... and you already have a dog, i am with your mom on this one ... if you love pugs so much when you move out you can ruin your own place with that breed ...
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Ciss Ciss
the breed that you have right now, must be friendly towards other dogs specially pugs! because pugs are really time consuming pets and need loads of attention. It should not happen that you start neglecting the one you have now. for the matter it would be unjust to the poor dog! and what your mother says is right but i take into consideration your point of view and would surely love to help you. i underwent same situation and waited for 5 years and finally convinced my parents! do one thing, take a pug from you known for a weekend and see if it actually adjusts well! or you can always ask the shelter or for the time kennels to lease a dog for a weekend to you! figure out the pros and the cons and consult a vet too! for the instance it may even happen that your mom also loves the pug being a part of the family! hopes and wishes. pooja
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Bailey Bailey
Nothing. Mom doesn't want to get a second dog. Simple. As you said your love for the breed will never go away so WHAT exactly is the problem with waiting until you are an adult living on your own? After all you're going to be leaving BOTH dogs with mom at that point.
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Adaline Adaline
Well Pugs have serious health issues due to its flat face but you can show Dogs 101 Pugs (on youtube) to your mom since it tells all the infomation about it. But if you're mom is in a serious money problem I would suggest waiting for a good moment.
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Taegan Taegan
You don't. A dog is a tremendous time and financial commitment, and only your mom can decide if you can afford it OR if she wants to spend money on it. You already have A DOG, be thankful for that, regardless of its breed. When YOU pay the bills, YOU can have a pug.
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Peers Peers
Why get a pug? There are dogs in the pound that will be killed, you should save a homeless dog rather than getting a spoiled pug =3=
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