Question to the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.?

Question to the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.? Topic: Case sororities
July 19, 2019 / By Jami
Question: I am interested in becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., but why is it that aspirants are advised not to express their interest to members? I recently befriended a classmate of mine who happens to be a member. She is a very sweet person. Upon the advice of another member, I expressed my interest to her while we were talking one day. Since then she has been very helpful. She's even introduced me to some of her sorors and I'm accompanying her to an event this weekend. However, I was also told that I should not have said anything to her about my interest. Can someone tell me which information is correct? Should I have kept this to myself?
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Ephah Ephah | 4 days ago
It really depends on the person whom you are expressing interest to. If you are close with that person and have built a pretty good relationship which is not solely based upon your interest in the sorority, then I see nothing wrong with expressing your interest. If it appears that the person has your best interests at heart, then I say go for it! Sometimes we don't get what we want because we don't say anything. I wouldn't broadcast it across campus, but you have to go with your instincts. Now in some cases it is best to not disclose your interest, including to some members of my sorority and other ladies who are interested as well. You have to learn how to go after your desires, while maintaining a level of discretion. Good luck to you.
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Ephah Originally Answered: Alpha Kappa Alpha G.P.A Requirements Question?
If your school requires a minimum GPA of a 2.75 and you have a 2.72 then you do not qualify for membership until you raise your GPA. The GPA requirement for the sorority is a 2.5 or C+ average however colleges and universities can set higher requirements at their discretion and therefore you must meet their requirements first.

Cindra Cindra
When Alpha Kappa Alpha's stroll or step, yes, their signature is the seemingly conceited attitude. This goes way back, many years. The formation of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was to, not only unite college African Americans, but to be proud of their heritage. 1908 was a time where segregation was very prominent and many racist activities were still going about. Being black and proud of who they are and the color of their skin is where this conceited attitude derived from. They are strongly confident in themselves and have no need to hide the color of their skin. The girls of Alpha Kappa Alpha may or may not live up to this stereotype. The girls that take this conceited attitude and allow it to change who they are as a person, forgetting the true meaning behind it, are the girls who see themselves as above everyone else, and may not be as receptive as others. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, they should be proud and take pride in the the founders of the organization. They should wear it proudly, not the organization wear them.
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Cindra Originally Answered: Does the Alpha Kappa Alpha Membership Interest Application go in the rush packet?
Look at the pre-rush check list. It states that all of the following must be included in the packet in this order: Sealed/Official transcripts Letter Confirming full-time status Undergraduate Legacy Application Form (Legacy applicants only) Undergraduate Membership Interest Form Letters of Reference (2) Evidence of Community/Campus Involvement Form Letter of Interest General Information for the Collegian Brochure I hope this helped! I would advise you to plan who you would want to write your recommendation letters early, because it would be unprofessional to rush a professor into writing a clear and concise paper without great thought. Make sure that they actually know who you are so they can actually write a meaningful recommendation, and not making random accusations such as "she works hard in class because she has and A" or "She is strong academically". Academics are a big part of this journey but you want something that carries meaning such as, "She is very dedicated in her work, she is my lab assistant and she has a loving and compassionate drive for her future. Get's along well with others and takes the time to clarify confusing topics to others, she is a big help around the classroom." That kind of statement is strong, direct and bold, so choose someone who you believe will give you all positive remarks. As a fellow aspirant of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. I am currently preparing my packet so that when I do hear about the interest meeting, all I would have to finish filling out are the dates and signatures. Always make your first your sloppy copy. I printed mine out and filled it out, making sure grammar, punctuation, and spelling was correct. Then I filled it out on the computer and saved it on my hard drive and sent it to myself as an attachment in an email just in case. You should never turn it in with your hand writing if the typing option is available. On my mac it didn't let my type in the fields so I had to find another computer. Anyways, if you have anymore questions I'll try to answer them Good luck fellow aspirant!

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