Why does this girl hate me?

Why does this girl hate me? Topic: How to write a report for school assignment
July 19, 2019 / By Jaki
Question: well in seventh grade im not sure she hated me but she sat next to me last year and wrote on my desk " i like girls" and "she likes girls" and on assignments also. this year, its completely different, we don't have any classes together but we both go to this volunteering thing after school a few days a week and now she just completely ignores me, like shes too cool to be around me or sometimes she smart-mouths me even when im not talking to her. well shes not that "popular" tho according to most students. anyway, so i've tried my best to forgive her for everything, its difficult, but i'm sure shes not so bad of a person, she just hates me for something. And I'm still pretty upset though and im asking for advice
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Enola Enola | 1 day ago
she sounds like a mixed up person who your probably best of ignoring to the best of your abilities, some people use other people to belittle to make them feel good its a form of bullying and you should not put up with it, rise above any snide comments she makes because an opinion from someone like that is nothing to get upset about and its amazing how seeing how little you care about what she has to say will annoy her, she'll either pick on someone else( in which case give them this advice ) or she'll try violence if she does that go to someone in authority and report her, bullies thrive on silence from victims it keeps them in control once reported they can be dealt with but it cant be done on your own, good luck hope it gets sorted. and remember mental bullying only works if you believe the bully and they will say anything to make you feel bad so they feel important.truth is they are nothing without a victim.
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Being a young woman has it's wonderful advantages. You are freer psychologically than males who cannot cry cannot show feeling and have to have the appearance of being strong. Your body is prettier and you do not have that thing stuck on the front of your public symphysis.You can wear what you want and you can wear any color you want. Men cannot. You will become a mother which is the most powerful person on the face of the planet.You live longer too. You do not start wars and rarely inflict pain on others purposely. Women persevere where men crumble into the dust. Women gladly bear responsibility and reason while too many men try to escape from one and avoid the other. And today you have choices. You can be almost anything you want to be. However you do not make as much as men for the same job. How to women cope? They become frugal and make due. I've seen grown men cry because they have to pay bills. I've seen women cry aplenty but never over that. Do not let religion hold you down if that is what is at the root of this. That Bible was wrote and revised numerous time by men to reflect what they want - plain and simple. No amount of money or jewels from the earth can equal your worth. Do not be ashamed of yourself.

Cilla Cilla
She's trying to make herself popular. What better way to get the attention of others than by talking smack about someone else? She, of course, is going the wrong direction but this is usually the last resort for someone looking for attention.
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Azure Azure
hmmmm yea more amazing :) i think she gives u alot of crap cuz she see's you as an easy target 2 kinda bully, with these sorta people you've gotta be mean 2 them to stop them beign mean 2 u, she gives u crap cuz it makes her feel good about herself so next time she starts giving u crap 4 no reason just turn round and tell her 2 shut up or something :)
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Abital Abital
i'm jealous of my maximum suitable chum because of the fact she's prettier then me, besides the reality that no longer many agree, I continually think of she is for some reason : ( I by no ability enable it get the main suitable of me even with the undeniable fact that, and that i might by no ability call her fugly, just to make myself sense extra useful. i admire her because of the fact she's my maximum suitable chum, of direction..!
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