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July 19, 2019 / By Jaida
Question: I've got a few questions about the start menu on my computer... I use Windows Vista. 1) So there's usually a few or several small icons next to the "menu" icon... when I first got the computer it was "Show Desktop","Switch Between Windows" and maybe one other. Somehow, the "Show Desktop" one got deleted; and I can't get it back. Help, please? 2) On the actual start menu, there's generally about five programs (and they're always there) then a faded bar and icons that I use a lot also. When you pull one from the bottom half to the top, it stays there... and I accidently dragged a couple up, and they won't got back. And how can I delete programs from the start menu in general? My menu is filled as much as it can; and I only want a select few programs to be there... Thank you. If you answer my question I'll be extremely grateful. Step by Step is always good too (: Thanks!
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Emma Emma | 6 days ago
Researching question 1... all the answers i have found are pretty involved so far and I'm looking for something easier. Question 2... right click on the icon when it is in the top section and tell it to "Unpin from start menu"... this will remove it from the top list. To remove it from that sidebar completely, right click and tell it to "Remove from List"
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Ok, you have to be very careful! You didn't mention if this is a laptop or desktop! You will need all the drivers, ready before hand. You will need to make sure that all the drivers can be used in XP. If they can't, you need to find drivers that can be used as a replacement! You do not want to wipe vista with out the drivers. Without them, you may not even be able to get on the net, access your video settings etc. If it is a laptop (and some desktops), most have built in wireless. This can be a problem. A lot of the wireless hardware is made for vista ONLY! Good luck! Remember, research your computer and hardware before install xp! GET THE DRIVERS
Emma Originally Answered: I have a brand new, unused computer with Windows Vista pre-installed. I want to change OS to Windows XP. How?
You need an XP cd w/ serial number the drivers for all your hardware. The worry point is the hardware WinXP driver is not available such as display and sound. First, set the boot sequence, CD first then HDD. Load the Windows CD in the drive and Restart the system. Hit any key when asked to boot from cd. The installer will start. Then you'll be asked to select which partition you want to install the windows. Delete the primary partition and recreate it. This will erase all the data in that partition. Then perss enter to install the windows. Installer will format the partition and then copying the installation files to the HDD. The system will reboot and let it boot witn HDD. Installer will proceed automaticly... response to all installer request.
Emma Originally Answered: I have a brand new, unused computer with Windows Vista pre-installed. I want to change OS to Windows XP. How?
confident, maximum folk of problems with mass produced computers is that the applying build is quite detrimental, and as you're saying, that's what reasons maximum folk of subject concerns with new computers. Packard Bell, HP & Dell tend to be via some distance the worst offenders in this section. frequently, an entire reinstall of the OS will therapy maximum issues - that's proper carried out with a clean gadget, yet with 'restoration discs' extremely than real OS discs, that's often a discomfort.

Chyna Chyna
have been given to workstation then pass to C:// or w/e ur comp is mine is compaq so it says Compaq(C://) then browse those folders i think its in application data wish im suitable reason im @ a acquaintances domicile
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find a internet card or usb internet card and download the updates off the web you need the drive for the wireless card in your pc. If you researched it and found the drive even with a friends pc you could install it.
Chyna Originally Answered: Windows 7 to windows vista problem?
Re-format you hard stress and do a clean set up, yet till now you do this, confirm you lower back you your documents. you should use residing house windows common flow gadget, it fairly is what i used and its very solid. use the link under on the thank you to create a record with all your documents on it, after which you're able to do a clean set up of residing house windows 7 after which you will get all you documents and software documents lower back on residing house windows 7. The link is bearing on XP, regardless of if it fairly is going to nevertheless paintings in Vista

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