How do I say in arabic "I love E." with arabic script please?

How do I say in arabic "I love E." with arabic script please? Topic: How to write a letters in arabic language
July 19, 2019 / By Jadyn
Question: says a man and E... is a girl thank you John, I know I can't put only the first letter in arabic, I will write the full name. I can write with arabic script. Just I need the structure. I put E... just to give the idea that there will be a name. And I need colloquial arabic... not classic Thanks in advance
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Emiline Emiline | 4 days ago
أَنَا أُحِبُّ إِي Ana Uhibbu E إي = E Please, do not use colloquial Arabic. In fact there is no such thing as a "colloquial Arabic." There is the eloquent Arabic Language and the ineloquent Arabic ACCENT, and the later one is ugly and degrading to the Arabic language.
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Emiline Originally Answered: Can you read Arabic script?
Even if the person can read Arabic, they are not expected to be able to read Shahmukhi properly. The Shahmukhi consists of 37 alphabets and Arabic consists of 28 alphabets, so Shahmukhi has 9 letters more. I'm native Arabic and I find it confusing when read sentences that has been written in Shahmukhi.
Emiline Originally Answered: Can you read Arabic script?
do not hassle this is common, we Arabs recognize them without delay because each be conscious is universal, even different new words, via the context. Vowel marks are in reality used in children books, and contained in the qura'an. each little thing else is without vowel marks. i'm declaring this is common because you'll carry close it by making use of practising, the extra you progression the extra you grow to have the capacity to envision words quickly, so do not hassle :)

Chryssa Chryssa
احب ُThat literally means 'I love.' Since it is a different alphabet, keep in mind that it won't completely make sense to just put the letter E. Maybe you would consider using the full name instead? But if you're really set on that, the best way to write it would be: احب اي But that doesn't really look correct. If someone that spoke Arabic read it, it would look like "I love any," which obviously wasn't your intent. If you want to actually use the name instead of the initial, I can do that too.
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Avilon Avilon
أنا أحب (general colloquial) ana ahob (object) followed by the object Same with the other dialects: أنا بحب (Egyptian) ana bahib (object)
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The egyptian movie industry is so prevalent and pretty much everyone can understand an Egyptian accent. You would also be understood speaking Classical or Modern Standard Arabic everywhere you go, and although it is used alot in writing and on tv, technically nobody speaks it. If you mean Gulf countries by Eastern Arabic, i'd say all their dialects are fairly similar, and if you know MSA or Egyptian dialects you can be understood easily [i'm not sure if it would be as easy for you to understand them though]. In writing, all Arabic is the same, since almost all is written in modern standars arabic. Egyptians tend to spell words ending with ي without the 2 dots. But that's as far as it goes. If we're talking everyday dialectical conversing then here's an example for "what do you want": MSA: Matha tureedeen? Egyptian: 'Ayza eh? Gulf: Sho Tebgheen? So they're entirely different in this example, but that's not always the case. Love translates into "hob". Other synonyms which we use interchangeably may not literally translate into love in English. Hope this helps!

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