Question for those Spanish Speakers out there?

Question for those Spanish Speakers out there? Topic: Spanish homework for kids
July 17, 2019 / By Jaden
Question: All right, please first let me state I am a 24 year old writer....not some kid looking for help in their homework. My best friend (who is fluent in Spanish) is currently out of town. So my question is: How would you say this phrase in Spanish? "Just for one night. I Love you. You are my prince.” I was told by someone with a less than perfect Spanish vocabulary that is is "Mi amore para este noche." It is for something I am writing and want to be sure, or at least more sure than I am now. Thank you. Thanks, Jassy. I appreciate the input on what is more common in Spain. My character is actually originally from there. I've got my text changed. I appreciate that SO much!!
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Emilee Emilee | 3 days ago
Sólo por una noche. Te quiero. Eres mi príncipe :) You can say solamente or sólo(accent mark over the 1st "o" cause otherwise it means alone=solo) It s more common to say te quiero than te amo, at least in Spain. No need to add "tu" cause "eres" implies 2nd person singular.
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Start small, with simple phrases. Think on the level of a child in grade school and work your way up from there. Good luck with your book.

Chrysanta Chrysanta
Sólo por una noche. Te amo. Eres mi príncipe. Hope it helps. The last phrase would also be "Tú eres mi príncipe" if you want it to be more personal. I'm a spanish native speaker :)
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Avila Avila
Spanish IS an global language, around the globe, despite the fact that now not up to English. One might make the argument "any one who ONLY speaks English and expects every person else to talk English is INCREDIBLY boastful", specially person who takes overseas phrases and mangles them into some thing like "I went to the bally (ballet), then to a caff (cafe) wherein I had a fish filly (fillet) of their buffy (buffet) then drove dwelling to Theodon Boyss (Bois) in my CabriOlett Covertible (cabriolet, because of this the identical factor as "convertible") and parked my auto within the GAREidge (storage), and I could pull out the carryokee (karaoke) laptop and sing. My spouse is considering purchasing a Maazda (Mazda) on the plaaza (plaza), and subsequent yr I could pass to Manaagua, Nicaraagua (Managua, Nicaragua)." Of path, there is no nation that harbours a complete bunch of individuals like that, is there?
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Abigale Abigale
Sólo para una noche. Le amo. Usted es mi príncipe. here is the translation website: http://translation2.paralink.com/ =)
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Stirling Stirling
--Sólo por un nocturno. Amo usted. Usted are my príncipe. --Apenas para una noche. Te quiero. Usted es mi príncipe.
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Hi, I'm native speaker from Latin America. Todos los días me levanto a las 5:30 A.M. (cinco y media de la mañana), luego de eso me cepillo los dientes, me afeito y me ducho; en eso me demoro alrededor de 15 minutos. Después me visto, me desayuno y salgo a estudiar. In English it would be: Every day I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, after that I brush my teeth, I shave and take a shower: in that I take about 15 minutes. Later I put on my clothes, I have breakfast and I go out to study. John, the user above, has some grammar mistakes, the right way to say what he wrote would be... "Por la mañana, me despierto a las ocho menos cuarto y me levanto a las ocho y cuarto. Después me ducho , me cepillo los dientes y me PEINO el pelo. Por lo general, me PONGO la ropa a las ocho y media para ASEGURARME de llegar a tiempo a la escuela"

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