Does anybody remember a very old computer game that was Space-based?

Does anybody remember a very old computer game that was Space-based? Topic: On writing a friendly letter for kids
July 21, 2019 / By Jade
Question: Back when I was a kid (around 15 years ago) my dad had a game for our old computer. You started out with a spacedock and 4 fighters. You'd fly around searching for planets (The command Alt-A told the ships to look for any planet) and they'd show up as dots a bit bigger than this O. They'd have a letter on them that would tell you what the planet did. There were Energy planets marked with an E, D planets that sent you back to your base, T planets that refilled your torpedoes, and little minibases you could fill with energy to make a second base if your first one got destroyed. There were gateways to other dimensions that looked like little rainbow blocks (your ships were green, and the enemy ships were red) and you would look for the enemy bases and try to destroy them. You could go invisible for a little bit by pressing I, fire torpedoes by pressing spacebar, and P for firing phasers. If you do, what was it called? And is there a version of it somewhere to download? THANKS! It was a DOS game and I think my dad called it "TREK" but he was a trekkie, so that might not have been the actual name of it.
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Emerald Emerald | 2 days ago
The game WAS called Trek. It was written by Carl McLawhorn of Wendel, NC, in roughly 1987. I have a copy of version 2.8 that I'll send you. Be aware that it is not particularly XP friendly. I've had it crash the PC more than once.
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Avice Avice
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