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Advice for aspiring writer on Wattpad? Topic: How to write a wattpad story
July 19, 2019 / By Jacquelyn
Question: I'm a writer and I finished writing about four different stories/books. And I decided to post a few on Wattpad.com. And I'm 16....But I've been getting a lot of critics and a few haters from my stories. And it's pretty hurtful. Sometimes I feel like quiting....advice? please.
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Emely Emely | 1 day ago
Criticism sucks! I hate it and it hurts my feelings, I feel like they're cruel and picking on me, and I just want to quit and die! BUT, it is extremely important to tough it out, because not only do you get thicker skin, but become a better writer. If they have something constructive to say, learn from it. If they don't, then pretend like they didn't even read your story and are just replying because they're jealous that you wrote something and they didn't. Not everyone is going to like you and your story, but that's okay! It doesn't mean you're a bad a writer, it just means that it didn't work for them. Take their advice and move on. It will sting for a few minutes, but you always get over it! My Creative Writing professor kicked me out of my Creative Writing class because she said that I didn't have any talent for writing (not kidding) the next day, I sold my first story to a magazine. Just because one person doesn't like you, no matter how high and mighty they might seem, it doesn't mean that your a bad writer or that you should give up.
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Emely Originally Answered: Possible aspiring writer wants advice.?
That's the beauty of writing... you don't have to attend classes to be good! Some are just natural born writers, and you don't even need qualifications which is why writing can be a great "back-up" to your other career. If it is good enough it will be a reasonably good income too. But if you want to write at college/uni, there is bound to be a creative writing course somewhere. XD And the major obstacle has been myself, you need to have faith in yourself to be a good writer.

Christobel Christobel
First of all, there is no such thing as an author who doesn't need to improve. If anyone ever tells you so, that person is a liar. All skills require constant practice, and the people who are "really good" got that way through blood, sweat, and tears. So if you feel you're not good and want to get better, KEEP WRITING. Also, READ. Read anything that interests you—fiction or nonfiction, drama or romance or whatever. Reading will show you what things you like and what things you don't like, and you should write about the former and avoid the latter as a matter of self-exploration. If you are not reading frequently or researching for your work, you are hamstringing yourself. READ. If you have so few reads, are you first reading the works of others and offering thoughtful critiques on their creations? If not, go get started. In doing this you make yourself visible to both the person whose work you're critiquing as well as their readers, and are thus more likely to be visited and critiqued in turn. Never stop doing this, as it's as helpful for you as them. Don't worry about being "right" or "wrong"—although you can cite studies and facts, criticism is, above all, an opinion. You are not the author and don't know what the plans are for the story, so you can only make the best guess possible with the information you have. No one is obligated to accept and use it, and if they get offended that's THEIR problem. Having said that, you have to be ready to be criticized or increasing your visibility will only depress you more. Also, understand that the goal of criticism (usually) is to help, not harm, but under no circumstances are you required to accept and use all criticism—it is YOUR work, not your critics'. Most peer critics try to be gentle, but some are blunt while others are outright rude (I have been told that "everything sucks... please go die in a fire."). If you are as sensitive as you sound, you need to figure out if you are prepared to handle the really super-aggressively negative criticism; it is rare, in my experience, but it is out there and one day it will probably find you. Your skin will doubtless thicken in time, but you can't let it get you down until then.
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Avery Avery
You need to know the difference between constructive criticism and people who just hate on it. Constructive criticism will give you advice and tell you what you need to work on. And haters just say I like this and I don't like that blah blah blah. Don't even pay attention to people who say hurtful stuff they're not the president of writing! LOL Either way not everyone likes the same thing. If you stop now you won't get better cause you will stop working on your writing. There's no reason to stop just cause some people online or anyone doesn't like your stuff. Keep writing, you'll get better. As long as you love what you write you'll succeed.
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Abiah Abiah
Just don't give up. My sister is in college and one of her teachers assign her to write short stories on things. She doesn't like doing it, and since I love it, I volunteer to do it for her. After a week or so, her teacher sends the storie back with critiques. They're always horrible. They're not mean, they're constructive. It's still hurtful and depressing, you know? I eventually made my sister start writing on her own (though I still yet to see why a lawyer would need to know how to write short stories) and I fell out of even writing period. I regret letting that get the better of me because now I feel my writing is falling flat. I'm trying to get back to my habit and I can see my writing improving, it's just taking a VERY long time. So, you really shouldn't give up. You'll regret it. Whether the critics comments are hateful or constructive, you should always thrive to improve your writing. Try to ignore the ones that are just not constructive, but the ones that are, you should take into consideration. Yeah, just don't give up!
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Stew Stew
Never give up what you love, some of the Greatest Writers experienced the same thing they've been rejected dozens of times before being published. You just learn from the Criticism
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Stew Originally Answered: If you're an "aspiring" writer, or a writer.OPEN this?
So...how do you come up with ideas for your story? Usually I come up with one dramatic scene which is either the beginning or the end, then I figure out how those characters might proceed or reach that point. How do you start up with a chapter? I try to have each chapter open with something engaging, a sort of mini-hook. How many revising's do you go through? Usually four to seven, but I've done as many as fourteen--and *still* didn't sell it. How long does it take for you to write a chapter? It varies wildly. A day. A week. And, do you research? Of course. The joke is that I'd have to do a substantial amount of research to write my autobiography--funny because it's true. Do you use a pen and paper or just your laptop I never write with pen and paper. However, I have a desktop.

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