AP World History Exam-How do I pace myself on the test?

AP World History Exam-How do I pace myself on the test? Topic: Compare and contrast ap world history essays
July 21, 2019 / By Jaclyn
Question: Hi, I'm taking the AP World History exam next week. I'm a good essay writer, except it takes me very long to write one (I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I reread paragraphs as this often helps me construct them). On the exam, we are given 120 mins or so to write 3 essays (DBQ, Compare/Contrast, Change Over Time). How can I write them faster and still make them sound just as good? Thanks for your opinions!! Any suggestions would help; I've never finished an essay within a forty minute period, even when I knew what the topic was ahead of time!
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Emelia Emelia | 8 days ago
Yeah, it's difficult, I took my AP Euro test today. You're allowed to take more time to write the DBQ (I recomend this, it's 45% of your essay score), and it will just cut into your FRQ time. I took a little over an hour to answer my DBQ, and scribbled out my FRQ's, and finished with 8 minutes to spare. I'm the same as you. I am really good at the computer, where I can edit with a few clicks, but with pen paper (and 130 minutes) I tend to crumble.
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Emelia Originally Answered: AP World History test?
Hah. I took the test today too. >.< I have trouble with CCOTS. But I guess its kind of late now.

Christin Christin
do not quote on dbq, do not list document numbers in your thesis. thats what i can say about the dbq, use your 10 analysis minutes that they give you to start looking at your documents, finding the pov, groups, and also if u have enough time u can toy around with a thesis at the time, theres nothing they can do about it, just remember to rewrite your thesis onto the paper they give you also, they grade the DBQ more harsher then the Compare and change over time, so its alright to take a little longer on that, cause it shouldnt take u a very long time to write the other 2 essays, also practice writing essays in 40 minutes like i have been doing.
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Avalona Avalona
well good thing about AP test...is that grammer and mispelling of the words dont matter....they only grade on the material, so it doesnt matter how good of the essay it really is just as long as it answers the questions...if you are completely stuck on an essay try and get as many points as possible...easy points are the thesis, additional doc(DBQ), POV(DBQ), addresses all parts of the question...easy 4 points right there. soo dont stress on how well written the essay is...just answer the question but dont get too carried away on the structure of the essay cuz you wouldnt want them to misinterpret what your trying to say.
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Abelia Abelia
My advice is write like you normally do, but if you run out of time just do bullet points it sounds stupid, but it shows that you know your stuff. Its what they recommend if you run out of time. And it generally won't hurt your score too much (I know people who did this and still got full essay points)
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Abelia Originally Answered: AP World History Test aftermath?
ahhhh it was a lot better than I thought it would be! all my practice tests were insanely hard, and made the multiple choice section seem really easy. I kinda BS'ed the second essay though...

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