Study in turkey vs China?

Study in turkey vs China? Topic: China writing and language
July 18, 2019 / By Jackie
Question: Hello, I got 2 offer for scholarship, one in turkey(trabzon) and other in China(zhejiang) . Which country you prefer the most with reasons!
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Best Answers: Study in turkey vs China?

Elyzabeth Elyzabeth | 6 days ago
As your question, I cannot give you certain answer that I will take China or Turkey certainly. These two counties have totally different culture, language and customs, and they do have their advantages in different ways. But if I were you. Firstly, I will check the QS Universities Rankings http://www.topuniversities.com/universit... to figure out the information of these two universities. Then, I will compare the achievements and comprehensive strength they got and write down my interests. At last, I will Google these two countries on language, customs, culture, transportation and decide which one I will take to my interests.
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They are both very good choices. They are both developed and westernized. They can both provide you an immersive language environment and they both have a lot of places of interest to see. In Beijing, many people speak with a strong Beijing accent which Mandarin is largely based on. But you will soon notice a significant difference between the two. From personal experience, some native Beijingese tend to believe what they speak is the authentic mandarin accent and may try to make you believe so; For Shanghai, educated young people there usually speak with a 'General Chinese' accent so that I can't really tell where they are from based on the accent. However, the older generation may speak Mandarin with a strong Shanghainese accent, or they only speak Shanghainese , which is completely unintelligible to Mandarin-only speakers. Beijing has more historical and cultural sites, and Shanghai has more modern landmarks. The air quality in Shanghai is supposedly better than Beijing. Shanghai has been more westernized than Beijing since about a century ago. You might feel more natural in Shanghai than in Beijing. ------------ I would say from a language learning point of view, choosing between the two cities is like choosing between Harvard and Yale. Personally, I don't like shanghai that much, but if I were a westerner like you, I would prefer Shanghai.
Elyzabeth Originally Answered: Study abroad in China: Shanghai or Beijing?
Shanghai is a distinguished international area pulling more and more interest from throughout the world; so see what this city is offering with hotelbye . Shanghai is a popular vacation location for visitors. In Shanghai you can see the splendid Yu Garden (Yù Yuán), also known as the Garden of Happiness. That Garden covers an area in excess of 20,000 square yards and consists of an outer and an interior garden. The oldest area may be the Outer Garden with more improvements being made in the 18th century when Sansui Tang, the park's principal corridor, was added. The newer and much smaller Inner Garden days from 1709 and involves functions typical of a traditional Chinese writer's Garden: attractive small pavilions, decorative rocks, and miniature mountain ranges, splitting walls and small wetlands, and even a richly designed theatrical stage.

Christianne Christianne
Definitely Turkey. Degrees from China are about as valuable as toilet paper, and that's why doctors from there run video stores in the USA.
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Avaline Avaline
http://www.cucas.edu.cn/ I will suggest you to apply through CUCAS, CUCAS is a professional online platform for international students to apply for Chinese universities, it has a strong relationship with over 300 universities in China. They do not ask for any fee, the application fee is collect by them but only on behalf of the university, CUCAS also hold social activities for international students so they will not get bored, they always try to think as a foreigner and help international students to solve their problems. Very nice.
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you would apply for the canadian visa at a canadian consulate in the US ..you may have to go for interview you never part with your passport

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