How do i get a career in the anime industry?

How do i get a career in the anime industry? Topic: Recent business articles
July 19, 2019 / By Jacki
Question: I love to watch anime, I watch it all the time and i can somewhat draw anime characters too. I was wondering how I'd be able to get into the anime business? Also if there's a fighting chance for me to do voice over for some anime? I would really appreciate if someone could give some really good answers. thank you for you answers :)
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Elyse Elyse | 5 days ago
You can't. There was a recent article on the industry--it's not only getting smaller (less money is being made due to the economy) the artists that are top of the line are all fighting for a place in employment with it. Anime/Manga is a style. It's been popular for over 20 years, the field is flooded. The ONLY way to make a go of it is to do your OWN work, with your own designs, either as graphic novels (publishers are still open to submitted work, though that's going the way of the dinosaur too) or self publishing your own work. Studios have all the artists they need. The only remotely 'open' field I know of is computer gaming, which may still be a good field for a few more years. Then that one will be flooded as well.
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Elyse Originally Answered: Can you help me pick a career? (Music Industry)?
In most cases, a degree isn't even necessary because a lot of the stuffs you wrote are gained through experience and more importantly, connections. You need to have a network of people in the industry to even have a chance to get in.
Elyse Originally Answered: Can you help me pick a career? (Music Industry)?
You may be aware, but the music/entertainment industry is supposed to be *very* competitive and fickle. This government site has more general career info: http://www.bls.gov/ooh and can search "musicians and singers", "music directors and composers" (may need a master's degree) or such. With regard to schooling, please do *avoid* those private For-profit schools such as devry, art institute, capella, university of phoenix, strayer, fashion institute of design, westwood, sae institute, academy of art, walden, full sail and others. Their course credits usually do ** NOT ** transfer to other schools, even if the for-profit school is regionally accredited as opposed to only nationally accredited. Please instead consider the more affordable (and usually more reputable) *community college* and/or the *state-public university* as long as the program is accredited within the industry. Just an fyi that "American public university" is a for-profit school. For U.S. colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ This site is supposed to have accredited schools of music (however, please still forgo those for-profit schools): http://nasm.arts-accredit.org/

Christiana Christiana
Well, getting into a career for anime is tough. You have to be really good in order to do so. You have to take your skills to the max and beat out all the other anime drawers. You would first have to show it to a company like Viz or Funimation. Maybe go smaller because those are huge companies and won't really take you serious. Keep in mind, anime artists from Japan are more likely to succeed than anyone here. It is a tough industry. Doing a dub would be much easier, though you would have to know that you can't just start out big. You have to work your way up. It is tougher to get into the business in America. So, practice a lot, be sure to have your own style and not just replicate other artist's work, and maybe go to Japan.
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Avalina Avalina
same case for me :D u have to be strong first, so take some courses in some drawing softwares like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, Maya or 3d max etc... Download some tutorials to get some techniques Try to prepare a good portfolio full of ur art... this can help
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Avalina Originally Answered: Career in anime/animation?
Well if you want to create an anime, you will have to learn how to create manga first. Best thing to do is enter a contest (once you practice and get good of course) with your manga and try and get noticed from there. There is ALOT you need to learn before that though (like creating manuscripts, etc), so maybe get experience by becoming an assistant of a manga artist first. I have good stories too, but you also need alot of skill in drawing and have a good understanding of japanese culture, etc to proceed. Also you won't make a living out of creating your own manga, so you will have to rely on some other form of income. And once and IF your manga get's successful, you will still be extremely-lucky or your story is uber successful to get an anime. If you want to draw anime on the other hand, you will probably be drawing someone else's manga, since manga artists don't draw their own anime. Matter of fact, read Bakuman (same authors of Death Note). It is a good read, and will clear alot of your questions.

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