Soooooo how was your first day back to school?

Soooooo how was your first day back to school? Topic: Essay one day in school
July 17, 2019 / By Jacinda
Question: mine was ok except for the getting up early part and one of my d-bag teaches giving me a 5 1/2 page essay.who gives essay on the first day of school dont see a reason for the 1/2 page
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Best Answers: Soooooo how was your first day back to school?

Eloise Eloise | 1 day ago
mmm it was fine. all we did was introduce and get to know eachother in each class.. andddd my only hw was to study for this little quiz that was really easy. so, yeah. the only thing that sucked was the classes that i was alone in >_<
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Eloise Originally Answered: I start college in about 3 weeks and I am soooooo nervous?
I also am going to college within a short distance of home (25 min) and am living in a dorm there. Don't worry about meeting new people, EVERYONE will have to meet new people and it'll just come naturally. It might be awkward the first couple days but you'll be fine. If you're nervous about meeting people, try hanging out in the lounge, asking people to go to the dining hall with you, or just leave your door open! I've had some of the same friends my entire life (almost) too, and it is hard to not see them as often as I did in high school. But that's what breaks are for! It might be hard to keep in touch with home friends, especially the first couple weeks of college, because you're adapting to a new situation. And the reality is, you may lose some of your friends. But you can always avoid that, just try to maintain touch every two weeks or so. Living in a dorm can be a major change, you'll have to share your room, use communal bathrooms, respect the needs of many others...but you'll also work that out in time. Make sure you aren't loud too late at night or too early in the morning. You might find it hard to have time alone, maybe if your roommate is at classes. But at least you live close to home, so if you ever get frustrated and don't feel like being around others, you can go home. Classes can be hard, depending on what you take. Most classes don't have homework assignments to hand in, and grades are dependent pretty much on a midterm and final, and any other major exams or papers you have. Don't procrastinate, and go to class because lectures can be useful. Look at ratemyprofessor.com to see how your profs are, it's pretty useful. It's best to just listen to the professor, and write and study as they want you to, because they (and the TAs) are grading your assignments. All in all, don't worry! You'll be fine.

Christel Christel
Not as bad as yours I see but not so great either. I've been getting up early all my life, so that's nothing new. On the farm, I was up even earlier and feeding hogs, chickens and cattle and milking cows. Now, the only one I feed is myself.
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Aurora Aurora
Mine was last week and it went okay, I guess. Yeah, I had a lot of homework, too, but I hadn't bought any of my books ('cos I didn't have enough money) so I didn't do any of it. It's catching up with me today, though!
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Abbygael Abbygael
I started my first year at college yesterday, Was quite good. Probably because we didn't do anything. Now I've got to do work I'm not liking it as much.
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Stanley Stanley
well i've been out of school for years but i went back to work for the first time in four months, i was off sick but that was really good, i enjoyed it!:-)
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