I just graduated High School and one of my old teachers asked me out, what should I do?

I just graduated High School and one of my old teachers asked me out, what should I do? Topic: Case student affairs
July 19, 2019 / By Ivy
Question: I graduated from high school in late May and I'm getting ready to go off to college and everything. I was at the grocery store and I ran into my old english teacher, he says hi and everything he added me on facebook the day after I graduated actually. He was being courteous and asking me how i was and what i've been doing. Then he asked me on a date. I don't know what to say because we live in the suburbs and he's young (28) and smart and beautiful but with all this technology people would find out fast and maybe they would say that we had an affair while he was my teacher, but I really want to date him? help? I want to date him but I'm scared that he might have to go under investigation with the school board I don't know much about these kind of situations, that's why I'm a bit scarred. And I told him I would get back to him. He gave me his number
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Ellie Ellie | 8 days ago
First of all, are you 18 yet? If you're not, you'd better tell him that you can't even consider dating him until you are. In fact, if that's the case, it might be a good thing.. If you and he are still interested in each other a few months from now, it's likely to be an indication that your feelings are serious, and having your first date only then should reduce the likelihood of anyone's thinking that anything was going on while you were his student. So even if you are already 18, I think it would be wise to tell him that, although you'd like to, you think it would be better to wait until after you've started college, to lessen the chances of gossip that might hurt him professionally. I suppose I should be telling you that he's too old for you, and maybe he is now, but as the daughter of a solid, loving teacher-student marriage I just can't!
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Ellie Originally Answered: To those who have already graduated high school?
1. You do mature a lot. You change over the years and you don't even notice it. 2. There is a lot I wish I had did and I didn't realise it till my senior year and then I tried to make up for my lost years and it just made me more sad about my high school experience. 3. Get good grades so you can get into a good college. Get them so you do good in life and excel. Get them so you can go places and play sports. Spend lots of time with your friends outside of school. Go do things, stay at each others houses, etc. Don't skip school alone. Why: Your friends are there and you should spend every minute you can with them because in 4 years it'll be all gone and you WILL miss hanging out with them at school. Be involved: Join every club, try out for every sport, go to every dance, go to games. Why: Those events, no matter how lame they might seem are opportune times to make memories with your friends and have good times to look back on. Make lots of friends: Why? The more people you know, the more you will have to stay connected with after high school. Make CLOSE friends. Have best friends. People you can count on for anything. Do what makes you happy. If playing volleyball and joining yearbook staff makes you happy then do it. Find the activities that you like and do them, don't let anyone hold you back. Most of all enjoy the time you have in high school. Yes, high school sucks and it sucks big time. -Early mornings. -Lame dress codes. -No cell phones during class and teachers can take them. -Homework -Cliques Etc. BUT when you graduate and walk across that stage with your friends and you think back to goofing off in study hall, silly things you did, memories of prom or whatever you did that was memorable and you think I am never going to get to do that again, it will hit you hard. So live up the next 4 years of your life, enjoy the time you have in that hell hole they call high school, make the best of it. You do whatever you have to do to be able to look back on those four years and not regret any of it. You want to be able to look back and say more times "I am so glad that happened." vs "I wish I did this or that." or regret it.

Christabella Christabella
No, I wouldn't. You just graduated high school. He's ten years older than you. While you do find the occasional marriage where such an age difference works out (it must be hard; you'll be in college while he's getting ready to settle down and have kids in his middle-age), most people that far apart end up divorced or were in some sort of arranged marriage in the first place. I think that he just wants to get you in bed, and honestly I'd be kind of freaked out. I mean, it's up to you, but what would *I* personally do? I'd have ignored his Facebook request, blocked him from my account, and politely told him that I'm not interested. (I'd want to tell him to "f*** off" but if he really is a maniac I don't want him killing me in my sleep or something.) And you're right. Everybody would find out fairly quickly and it would look bad on the both of you. You already pointed out why it would look bad on him (besides the fact that most people are probably thinking along the same lines as I am - pervert!) Plus you'll look like a, pardon me, slut or prostitute. I have four words regarding this. Get. rid. of. him.
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Aundria Aundria
Who would want to date an English teacher? Also if you did date him who is not to say that when another 18 year old girl graduates he might have the hots for them too. This also means that he was checking you out while you were under 18. Just think if that was your daughter.
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Abbigail Abbigail
I do not suppose it is been too lengthy to invite a instructor for a reference. You might also want to comprise a letter from any individual extra just lately worried for your existence too. Asking your instructor through Facebook turns out wholly proper to me. Make it as handy as viable for her. She'll normally simply wish to ship the letter through electronic mail besides. I understand lots of humans who use Facebook as a authentic networking website.
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Stan Stan
Hell yeah! If I were you and thought he was cute then I would say yes in a heart beat. Who cares what others think. If your 18 and done with school then its cool now.
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Stan Originally Answered: What do I put on my college applications for what high school I graduated from if I was homeschooled?
Write the name of your public high school and the dates you attended, and then write "homeschooled" and the dates you were homeschooled. If you want, you could probably also include information on your GED with that (e.g. "Homeschooled 2008-2009, earned GED in 2009"). Or you could just contact the colleges you're applying to and see if there is some special way they would want you to handle your situation. I doubt you're the only applicant with this sort of the situation the schools have ever dealt with and they might have something specific they do or don't want you to do.

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