Can I get into Ohio State, Vanderbilt, The University of Virginia, or Miami (OH)?

Can I get into Ohio State, Vanderbilt, The University of Virginia, or Miami (OH)? Topic: Writing an academic essay plan
July 22, 2019 / By Ivvah
Question: So these are my three favorite schools Here's my problem... -My cumulative GPA is a 3.38 -I'm terrible at math -I'm not really part of a minority group -UVA and OSU don't have early acceptance (Not sure about Vandy or MU) But I do have this going for me... -I'm in AP United States Government and have a B, which I can get up to an A if I get a 5 on the AP test (which is very possible, i've heard its not too hard) -I attended a Model UN conference at UVA, and my partner and I were named best delegates in our committee -I'll be a 3-year varsity golf letterman (did JV freshman year, so I'll have 4 years of golf) -I plan on taking the SAT subject tests in US and World History, and regardless of the fact that I wasn't in AP US History (which was stupid of me not to take), I got an A in regular and should be able to do well -I plan to major in Political Science & Government, so my strength in history can help me and the extracurriculars i'm involved in coincide with my academic strengths. -I'm a good writer, so my essay will hopefully be pretty good -I have 2 UVA alums that can write recs. for me (1 was my history teacher from last year and the other is a relative of a relative) -My high school is a very highly regarded public high school in Cleveland -I generally make a good impression on adults, so an interview would likely be good for me -My dad and grandpa both went to undergrad and grad school at Ohio State -I live in Ohio -Also, I'm working with an ACT tutor, and my goal is to score over a 30 Do you think that I can still get in? Or should I look into another school? Jonathan
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Ellery Ellery | 7 days ago
even with the alumni recs at uva youre still a longshot. its quite possibly the best public school in teh country and although the recs would help that gpa will probably prevent you from getting in. i dont want to sound rude but thats how it is. the average gpa is close to a 4.0 Miami ohio does have early action. the deadline is december 10. being in state should probably help you though.
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Ellery Originally Answered: Could I get into Ohio State University with a 3.92 GPA and a 23 ACT?
Hey there! I am so glad that you're considering Ohio State. It's a great school and I'll be there next year as a first-year undergraduate student. To answer your question: It's kind of iffy. You're ACT score is a little on the low side. Ohio State generally sees ACT scores in the range of 25-27. Although I have seen people get in with an ACT of 24, I've never seen a 23, so please try to increase your ACT score (shoot for at least a 25). Also, make sure that you have done the ACT with writing, as Ohio State requires some type of writing for admissions (either on the SAT or ACT). With your GPA: it's totally fine. In fact, that's exactly what my GPA was (but I had a 28 ACT). With extracurriculars: you're also good. You have a lot of variety there. Now, with the course load of senior year: with the 4 AP classes (counting your self-studying), that's awesome! Ohio State LOVES to see hardworking seniors. Just make sure that you keep up with all of your work and don't make any Cs (it doesn't look good at all, especially with students who have high GPAs, like you). On a more personal note: good luck with AP Statistics! I am in that class this year and it is Hell on Earth. There's so much work and so much to do all of the time. It's so exhausting. Haha. So, do well in there; it's difficult, but worth it in the end. Good luck with admissions and I hope you decide to come OSU. It's such a great school and I know you'll love it. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me. - Greeny
Ellery Originally Answered: Could I get into Ohio State University with a 3.92 GPA and a 23 ACT?
I think you need to improve your ACT score. Sure, your GPA is high and you have a lot of extracurricular activities, but your test score is going to hurt you. Also, since you're out of state, OSU has no way of knowing if your GPA is inflated or not as it is not a local school. Improve your test scores and you should have a decent shot. Good luck!

Christabel Christabel
I got into OSU with a ~3.75 gpa, and I'm in the honors program. AP credit helps a lot, so does living in state. And you're related to alumni, another big help (my mother went to Cuyahoga Community College and my father went into the Air Force. Not quite OSU). Apply early and you're sure to get in. Ohio State will send you an acceptance letter within maybe 6 weeks even if they don't have early decision. Have you visited OSU yet? If not, I highly recommend it. It's a very nice campus, I could just sit in the sun in the Oval all day. And nothing compares to football Saturdays. The excitement in the air lasts all day (especially when we win berths to the Rose Bowl and storm the field, lol), and that same energy now is surging all week (it's Beat M!ch*[email protected] Week! The greatest week in college football!). There is no college in America I would rather be at than Ohio State. Go Buckeyes!
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Christabel Originally Answered: Is a 27 good enough for Ohio State University?
Yes, no problem - they accept about 63% of applicants http://www.cappex.com/colleges/The-Ohio-...
Christabel Originally Answered: Is a 27 good enough for Ohio State University?
Are you touching on THE Ohio State college? :) nicely, with reference to the only way you will discover out, as an instance, if the Univ. of Kentucky is placed in a bad section is to make a campus excursion and make certain that for your self. Or discover buddies/friends who flow there, etc. even nevertheless, till now you get to that factor, permit me recommend which you placed aside a while this coming weekend for a protracted communicate with your mum and dad. tell them what you're thinking, what you notice as a achievable profession direction and the universities you're at present pondering to your undergraduate degree. Then, ask them, promptly and without equivocation, how plenty they could have sufficient funds to spend to help you on your quest. perhaps funds isn't a situation to your loved ones; if so, sturdy for you. yet for many mum and dad, extraordinarily with yet another little one additionally in college, funds must be seen. permit your mum and dad instruction manual you with the advice of ways plenty they could have sufficient funds. That one actuality, probable extra effective than the different, will make certain whether you attend THE Ohio State college (!) or uk. sturdy success!

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