Life is falling apart, my fix? (Motorcycling? Military?) Thank you?

Life is falling apart, my fix? (Motorcycling? Military?) Thank you? Topic: The sister keeper true story
July 17, 2019 / By Ivory
Question: I hate to have to put an entire life story in here. But Im tired of searching for people with similar problems as me. I mean, life could be worse.. I'll get started.. It started when I lost my uncle to a long battle with cancer. (We were very close, saw him everyday). Losing him was hard, I was there for him in the last days.. I felt the need to. I still remember him telling me he was afraid.. it tore me up inside to watch him fall apart in front of me. Along with trying to help my cousin, which my uncle was his father. All in all, this was very tough, my first experience with loss. Days before Christmas, weeks before I started Emergency medical Basic school. I had a lot of memories in little parts of the class that made me remember. I still haven't fully accepted it, nor cried much since then.. But after 2 months of class, 2 and a half after my uncle died, I lost my aunt, to breast cancer. Which went from good, to dead in a day. She was my tutor all my life, do to my having learning disables, including dyslexia. We were also very close. All this while, my own father, had lost his younger brother, business partner, and best friend. Which he pretty much raised, and his sister. My family was a absolute mess. The day after my aunt passed was my mid term test, I was 1 point away from passing, but I was still doing well in class.. all during this time my girlfriend of one year had been.. unsupportable. She made it all about her, and I dont just say this like most people. She truly made the pain all about her.. we were fighting, she was lying, life was getting uncertain, and very painful. I got too distracted, I got too hurt, and I had to withdraw from my EMT class due to running out of time to sign off on my skills, basicly to prove I knew them all. This had to be done before the class was even finished. I knew them all.. I just got distracted, I couldn't concentrate.. I couldn't sleep. I just lost it. So i withdrew. Since then I've been working every day, fixing me and my girlfriends relationship, things got great, got amazing, perfect. Better then ever, but she still didn't have her own personality. Her friends were jealous of me, they disliked me. Im older, im more mature. And im more charming, and she listened to her friends and broke up with me. Along with her parents hating me because they blamed me for her stress and pain, not their own doing. (All I ask is to please trust me on that statement, I wont get into it) So I find the world against me, and she leaves. Days before our anniversary. Now tonight, and nights before, she calls me, tells me she loves me, gonna marry me, while she goes off and dates someone else, goes and plays her little high school games. She just simply doesn't understand.. and she just plays with my heart with all this, telling me she misses me, but I need to understand how she needs to be with someone else right now. When I need her the most.. I've always been a good boyfriend, an amazing one. I swear. This just ripped my life apart. Prior to this during school I hate to say I also lost my dog of 14 years and got into trouble with the police under false accusations, which destroyed the friendship I had with people I loved for many years. I feel truly alone, my best friends, have always lied to me, and I finally let them go. I've finally accepted that I need to admit, I suffer from multiple learning disabilities and a strong anxiety disorder. But I assure anyone I can fight through and do any job. Stress is more so just a beater on letting me relax. I can still perform.. I am now living my life working everyday with my father, studying here and there for when get my head back on straight for school, saving every penny I get for my life long dream of getting a motorcycle. I've heard some amazing stories from friends having their hobbies of motorcycling straighten them out, but I guess I won't see till I try. Motorcycling is what I've always wanted. But here I ask you now. I've already talked to the Army about being a 68W. I scored a 42 on my ASVAB. Im a smart guy but Im not a math guy, sadly.. Im not a speed reader due to my learning disabilities so I couldn't sign at that time. So I decided to think about it some more. My question is, what do I do? Do I ride this out? Get my motorcycle, do alittle traveling, enjoy myself, meet some new people, just have some fun and finally relax? Do I live my other life long interest, and join the military? Army? Air Force? My career plans are Paramedic / Firefighter. But Im up for any job in the military that I would enjoy.. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've had 4 years of JROTC in highschool.. I've always had childhood love of the military. Especially jets. When I was younger I dreamed of being an Air Force fighter pilot. But I don't know if I can do that with my lack of math skills. I've just received LASIK eye surgery just as a side
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Ellenor Ellenor | 6 days ago
You seem to have a lot going on. I'm sorry for your situation. Sometimes you just need to get away. You can enlist, but you need to realize that being in the Army (ESPECIALLY when deployed,) is one of the biggest stressors there is. If you can channel all that drama out, and focus on the Army, it will be a good thing for you. A lot of people are lost, join the Army and come out a confident, productive member of society. Plus, you can use the G.I. Bill to go to college at virtually no expense. As for your girlfriend, she doesn't sound like a keeper. You can do way better if what you wrote was true. Don't be the rebound guy, stand up. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. EDIT: Thumbs down? Enlighten me on what you disagree with. Thumbs down from the ignorant is as good as thumbs up from the wise.
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Ellenor Originally Answered: Motorcycling accidents. biking.OPINIONS please?
Oh!Im still chancin' it. Starting and stopping can be learned in a day. feeling comfortable doin' it, another 20 hrs....mastering it, you never stop learning. Read all these answers here and nobody said anything about the most important thing you need to survive on a motorcycle....... Automatic reactions. Like bein at the zoo, standing in front of the rattlesnake cage...tap the glass, the snake strikes, even w/ the glass between you...you automatically jerked away, no thinkin to it. Now days cell phones, multitaskers, an idiots, still. None of which, are lookin out for you. You have to be aware of everything thats goin on around you at all times. Create good habits. Watch head position, use their mirrors to look at them, look at their front tire, watch whats goin on way up front, to your sides, an rear. where you goin if something happens? This all becomes habit, pretty quick. Close calls...think about what you would have done, everytime...dont let all this thinkin scare ya. Soon enough youll be smellin the coffe, feelin the wind an enjoyin the view, because these habits are now on auto-pilot. One final example...true story. July 4, 1979, Los Angeles. Goin for a 40 mile ride, by the beach, thru some hills, 11am b 4 goin to pick kids up for,the 4th {independence day here}. Got about 60 yds dn the road, 32mph, when a ******* made a lefthand turn in front of me, w/ 25 ft between us an stopped, people crossing in her path. Locked the brakes up..not goin in front of car...big curb, people at bus stop, bad idea....go behind the car, maybe?? if she didnt stop, another car makin a turn, visioned my leg gettin hooked on back of her car, squeezin between the two. Go on wrong side of st. not enough room an oncoming traffic. nx option...lay bike dn, an slide face 1st into side of car, not really enough space, an I dont like that result....by now, still upright, and gonna hit this car...any options left....right, left, cant stop, well yeah, you always haveta have one more.... Superman-it over the car!!! unlocked brks, put feet back, an at impact, pushed off. Yes, my handlebars were loose enough, so my body weight moved them forward with me, an didnt split me like a chicken. I landed face 1st, 15-20 ft on the other side of the car. even though it was a summer day, I still had a leather jacket an short gloves on. Got my arm underneath my face, resulting in only minor scratches. After a body check, got up kinda bowl-legged, cause my boys put a dent in my gas tank..... But I walked away..at the time, this was my 3rd, an worst accident. None of the 3...were my fault. Oh!! almost forgot a most important fact...all that happened in about 2 seconds

Christa Christa
The military is not a place to escape from the rigors of normal life, it will only be worse, if you feel you cannot handle the civilian world, the military one will be much harder, your social anxiety making this 100 times worse, as for jets, i didnt see anything about college in there......
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Audrey Audrey
so your life started falling apart when someone died, and you think the military is a good choice? you know, we are fighting a war right now, right? and even though the newspapers stopped printing headlines of how many soldiers die each day, they are still fighting and dying. so you want to thrust yourself into an atmosphere where people you know are likely to die while still being in a poor state of mind? bad idea in my opinion why not find a volunteer activity in you local area that you can commit your time to helping others. there's nothing like being involved in charitable work to lift one's spirit.
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Abbie Abbie
You can't be a fighter pilot. Lasik automatically disqualifies you. Sorry to be a downer. All i can say is take life as it comes. Everything happens for a reason.
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Stacy Stacy
Read what you have just written as an observer. If you do, the answer is very clear. That little voice has let itself out. Go with your gut ...it will tell you.
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Stacy Originally Answered: My life, is falling apart?
live a little let them folks be who ever they pretend to be talk to this guy of yours and tell him you need a friend. if he is a good guy he should see that.

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