What influences us to buy things?

What influences us to buy things? Topic: Can money buy happiness essays
July 21, 2019 / By Isolde
Question: I'm writing an essay on consumerism, and the topic within consumerism I chose to explore is what influences us to buy things? I've got some things that can influence us to buy things, but not enough.... I've got: -ads -influence from others -what you have defines you, in a way -the more stuff you have, the "happier" you are. (question w/i topic- can money really buy happiness?) I really don't know where to go with this paper, so any ideas are welcome!!! Thanks!
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Eliza Eliza | 2 days ago
You can link your last point with your first point. People think that they will be happier because that's what ads tell them. I think you've got enough. your first point is probably your strongest one, you can say A LOT of stuff when it comes to how the media influences us to buy things.
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Chonsie Chonsie
You are talking about the behavioural aspects of Marketing, to answer this you should research personality traits, learning processes,Freud's Psychoanalytic theory, Maslow's hierarcy of needs, sub groups that ppl belong too , there is a fair bit to it but it is interesting stuff in more ways than one. Also there is the marketing mix, the 4 p's product price promotion place hope this helps, feel free to e-mail for more info
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Aubrey Aubrey
Advertisers convince us we can't live without certain products,by showing ads that show how difficult day to day life is. We need an expensive coffee maker because it's so hard to make coffee without a $200 gadget. We need special razors with lotion in them because it's so difficult to shave our legs.
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Abaigael Abaigael
1. Impulse Items: You know, those items that you see at the grocery store or where ever, in which case you'll be standing in the check out line and you'll see candy bars, magazines, etc.? Those impulse items very strongly influence others to buy things.
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Spencer Spencer
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