What is the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist?

What is the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist? Topic: Great compare and contrast essay
July 19, 2019 / By Isabelle
Question: A have to write a compare and contrast essay about a revolutionary vs. Terrorist. Any ideas or things I could talk about would be great
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Best Answers: What is the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist?

Elfrieda Elfrieda | 8 days ago
Depends on your interpretation of the word. But perhaps the most famous revolution in the world was the French Revolution in the late 18th century. One of the leading forces of that revolution was Robespierre who presided over the Great Terror wherein tens of thousands of people were guillotined. This was very much an act of terrorism but was also considered 'revolutionary'.
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Elfrieda Originally Answered: NBC CBS CNN are unable to say terrorist and Hasan in the same sentence. Was Major Hasan a terrorist?
Of course he was, but maybe as an independent and not part of any organization. That's been known to happen.

China China
In my opinion not much. Public view has a lot to do with it. I'd say the main differences are success and how many followers. Same as with a religion and a cult. If he wins, history sees him as a revolutionary, if he loses, history sees him as a terrorist.
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Astaroth Astaroth
One definition I've read, can't remember the source, is that a revolutionary targets the government and military establishments and their apparatus, where as a terrorist targets civilian ones as well.
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Abaegayle Abaegayle
ok, now for example Islam religion, when bin laden decided to change the laws for islam called RADICAL ISLAM, he belived in a revolution where they had to kill people that where not islamic, and start a new revolution also the jihad (holy war) is a example, terrorist are people who terrerize civllians for a rule
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Abaegayle Originally Answered: How is my Revolutionary War Essay?
I couldn't read the whole thing cause i have my own work but...double space it and then print it out. Go through and proof read it aloud and you will find some mistakes. The mistakes aren't huge but will overall make the essay flow better and be a better read for the teacher(which is very important). Remember you're not gonna write some amazing, world changing essay. You're being rated against your classmates so just try and write better than them. For instance, the 4th line down "had made it easy", take out "had". It may sound better in your head but it actually sounds unneeded and not good. Essays don't to have all this flowery language. Be concise. "They would still be under British command to this day". Really? How do you know this?(you would need to prove this, a lot could have happened in 250 years even if we had lost. this is a big part of your essay, if you cant find the evidence then cut it out) This is just filler. Don't write something to fill up space. (and if u wanted to keep that say "today" not "to this day". I hope i helped a little bit. Just go through it yourself aloud. That is the biggest thing i can stress. Printing it out really helps, trust me.

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