Please help in this situation about renting a house, I can't believe the landlord were so bad to my friend?

Please help in this situation about renting a house, I can't believe the landlord were so bad to my friend? Topic: How to write a good report paper
July 21, 2019 / By Irmgard
Question: I just found a cheap house for rent for my friend last week about 5days ago for my best friend. The house was for rent $600/month (which the owner told him) so he decided to stay in this place, the owner was nice at the very beginning and talking to him like friend, the owner was about 35yrs old male, my friend is 25. When my friend decided move to the place, the owner told him need to put a deposit first (half of the rent the owner said, usually maybe just 1/4 he thought), so my friend gave him $300 deposit before rent it, since something happened at home for emergency for my friend because his grandfather was very sick,so he wanted to see his grandfather from out of town. So which after 2 days later from the deposit date when he decided going to see his grandpa, my friend decided to call the owner to give up the place and explained his situation,since he was regret to gave $300 already which just a deposit. But the owner told him that MUST gave him the other half which is another$300, my friend refused to give that $300 again because he must give up the place and see illness grandpa... anyway, the owner started act up very mean to my friend, he told my friend talked to him in person, he did, but the owner was forcing my friend gave him and can't even wait another HOUR,if don't get the money and leave the place,then he will take the paper (which owner&my friend wrote in a piece of binder paper before gave the deposit $300 at the beginning,since it's a private house, so just both signed and date indicate that both agree that my friend live there at least about 1-2months, and 1month notice before move out) to the court and he will win he said to my friend. Omg,what a lame person he is,not being understanding but force my friend to pay other half! So my friend was not willing to pay, but since he doesn't want cause any troubles he decided gave him that $300 same day and about only half later since he went to bank and got cash! Then after that he went to see grandpa for 2days, just came back couple days ago, but he told me he was not feeling safe going back to live there even pay $600 TOTAL already because in case that lame owner will trouble him other stuff again. So he went back there since he paid the whole month rent which he can stay until 11/10/2009 from 10/10/2009, but he just put some boxes inside that room now,NEVER plan to stay there or anything because he rather stay at parents house, but yesterday he went back to gather some stuff that he put before see grandpa, the owner saw him and told him this: " I think you are very suspicious to me, everytime you come to my house and just only when I am not there,I have a lot of stuff missing from my house... etc" OMG! I was so angry for him that owner was so unreasonable, my friend never went back there but the stupid owner can make things up like this... So now my question is- Is there any possiblity that the owner will sue my friend? My friend was a very quiet and good person, but the owner put him in other way, I think it's not fair to him because he never live there, now when he went back get stuff out and the owner told him those stuff about missing things in his old house. (His house was very dirty and messy, smell very bad too honestly, how can he asked my friend about stealing his stuff etc?) We are in California, any rules saying about renter policy etc? which I am very worried too because I don't know what kind of person that owner was.. I heard some of the conversation when they talke before tho. Is the owner right or my friend ? in case the owner really going to court for trouble?? He was a very sweet and friendly person, I just hope nothing happen to my best friend like this, want to help him avoid any troubles. He just decided not to stay there anymore,but not willing to cancel or move stuff out completely yet since he have the right to stay until the end of the 30days period, but will try to move out about 3-4days before 11/10/09 since he really don't want the owner charge him for more, hope you can see this as in your situation, what will you do?sigh... Thanks again and hope hear from suggestions from you, I really appreciated it. I really hope that lame owner won't cause him any trouble,should my friend have voice recorder and try to record the conversation next time when go there again? I really think the owner did it in purpose,now my friend afraid going back and paid the full rent $600 already :( so I hope everything ok, what should he do in this situation? thanks for your time
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Best Answers: Please help in this situation about renting a house, I can't believe the landlord were so bad to my friend?

Elfreda Elfreda | 6 days ago
Your friend owed him the full months rent. You might thnk your friend is "nice" but he just tried to steal money from the landlord! how the hell is that "nice"? Sounds ilke a scum bag to me. Recording conversations is not legal, it will do your friend no good. The landlord needs to fill out a pollice report, he can't recover his stolen goods in court. However, if you friend owes him any additional money after he moves out or damages the property in any way he can be sued for that loss. If your friend paid the 600 rent and a 300 deposit then he is entitled to the 300 back 21 days after he moves out.
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Elfreda Originally Answered: I'm renting & I am afraid my landlord is letting the house go to foreclosure. Help?
I think you'll feel better once you understand just how long the foreclosure process takes. First, your landlord will receive a Notice of Default. This notice gives him 90 days to come current or make other arrangements to keep the property (refinance, contact his lender for a restructure, etc.). If those 90 days pass without a resolution being worked out, there will be a notice of Trustee's Sale. This is where the property is auctioned by the Sheriff. The auction usually happens 21-28 days after the first notice. (In California, notices are run in the local news paper every week and a notice has to run for 3 consecutive weeks before the home can be auctioned.) The day of (or the evening before) the auction, a notice will be placed on the home. Not too many homes are selling at auction, so the property will probably be returned to the bank. What happens from there depends on what state you live in. In California, the bank then has to serve you notice, which gives you 30 days to vacate. Best case, it looks like you have at least 120 days. I would ask your landlord if he has received a Notice of Default. Definitely take him up on the offer to use your security deposit as your last month's rent. If the home is foreclosed on before the end of your lease (which it doesn't sound like is going to happen, and that's a *good* thing!), you could sue the landlord for breach of contract. Hope this helps you sleep better! It's time to start looking for a new place. If you're in a position to possibly qualify for a FHA-backed loan, you might want to consider buying the place you're in. It'll save you moving costs and there are tax advantages to home ownership.)
Elfreda Originally Answered: I'm renting & I am afraid my landlord is letting the house go to foreclosure. Help?
If you want to check on the taxes I would go to your counties appraisal district web site and search the record by address. If he is foreclosing the bank will sell it but someone might sell it as an investment and allow you to continue living there. The issues is you don't want to take chances since you have a child that is depending on you. I would try to get an apartment if possible as soon as I could and if there is any money left on the rent, ask him for it back. Or see if you can't have the security deposit back and due to the situation you want to pay him weekly. If he objects just let him know that he has placed you in a serious position where you may not have a home to come home to and under the circumstances you don't believe he has any reason to object since he is the one that is breaking the lease agreement with you. It is him you have the lease with, not the bank AND if he won't do it ask him where he plans on moving you and your son to and what will the rent be and when can you expect the movers to come?

Cheyanne Cheyanne
You write out a lease receipt to your landlord to sign, and if he would not, then you definately do not pay him. you ought to purchase lease books from WHsmith & the like in case you desire. Open a economic business enterprise account to pay the money into to show good faith. if he gets shitty approximately it and threaten court docket, then you have information that it wasn't frittered away. changing the locks could additionally be a good suggestion. that isn't breaking the regulation. look to your address on Zoopla. That'll inform you if that's been offered at any time in the final 10 or so years. perhaps that's in basic terms that he hasn't advised his loan enterprise. Eviction could take months, and could be not liable to be granted in case you exhibit that his refusal of a settlement/receipt became the reason at the back of not handing it over.
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Asia Asia
I am sure California has laws about renters rights, your friend and you need to contact someone who can explain your rights. It appears that your friend is being taken advantage of because he is easily intimidated and the owner recognizes that. With your language problems, it appears you have not been in the US long and perhaps neither has your friend. Almost every municipality has a board set up to protect renters from landlords like the one you describe. Your friend may have a lawsuit against a landlord who uses intimidation to coerce him to complete a contract which was voidable, and falsely acusing him of stealing things.
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Asia Originally Answered: Landlord wants parents to cosign for me renting a room?
Honestly you are very fortunate to find anyone willing to rent to you at all. Your idea of trying to force the landlord to take the hit financially if you fail isn't going to go over with anyone. You can not insist it is the landlord, and not your mother (or anyone else willing to co-sign) that has to take the risk limits your rental options to motels. Motels will accept you since it is easier and cheaper to evict you once you don't pay.

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