I have an issue. I find it hard to lie?

I have an issue. I find it hard to lie? Topic: Dyslexia research
July 18, 2019 / By Irmalinda
Question: Hello, thank you for viewing my question. My problem is that I have observed that I find it incredibly hard to lie. I am 19 years old & I'd have to admit that I had a bit of a rough start to life; probably not as bad as many others, but each person's pain to their own. I can be somewhat a perfectionist (extremely defined ritual for having showers, washing dishes & cleaning my room etc.) you could almost call it OCD, but it's not really. I don't give 2 hoots how others go about their lives. Some of my friends have said that I am always pushing myself & push everything I do to the extreme without giving myself enough credit. I have seemed to be able to define every single variable in my life & systematically change it to make things run smooth, if not perfect. The problem is, I have seemed to get this right & I feel as if my life has become extremely boring with the exception when little things go wrong & I get extremely frustrated to fix it straight away. To get a more exact idea: - I am always proof-reading & reviewing my writing later to check if it was typographically & grammatically correct, but I don't give a stuff if others write messages to me 'lyk dis bro'. - I can remember the last 4 lies I told with the reason why I told them & the integrated story I used to fabricate the lie, but I can detect a lie from someone else almost instantaneously & say nothing to them without any frustration because I can look beyond the lie and into reading & accepting the reasons behind it. Of the very few people I’ve told this to, they consider this to be a very insightful view. I like to base by opinions on other people without the emotionally reactions, rather, the total truth and accepting being empathetic towards helping them. An example of this is last week, one of the students at my college said of his great knowledge of one of the disability ACTs, but I remembered the previous week him telling that he’s not very good at reading & has a touch of dyslexia, along with my class observations of his reactions & difficulty to reading long documents. Instead of stopping him right on the spot & tell him he’s lying, I could see that maybe he most probably had read most of it, regardless if he actually remembered all of what he read, he should be allowed to have his own confidence as what he's saying isn't hurting anyone. - One day in high school, my mate was impressed with himself being able to recite the 9 decimal places of pi on his calculator. I went home that afternoon & researched on the associative patterns of the brain & taught myself in a couple of hours to recite the first 100 decimal places of pi which I then performed in class the next the next day to everyone else’s astonishment. I didn’t do it for an ego boost, just to demonstrate how it could be done & if I’d spent even more time on it, I could have easily done a lot more. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of those stereotyped asian geniuses that lacks basic life skills. I'd expect others view me as if I never lie; When I do lie, they will never find out. Therefore, I never lie. I have failed in past attempts of lying on the spot, but I got really nervous & they could detect just from my body language that I was lying. That's why now if I am going to lie to someone, I'd dedicate enough time to make it so convincing that I even believe it & I know that there is no way that they'd EVER find out. I'm not a habitual liar, these are for things like "Our appointment is this afternoon, are you coming?" Whereby then I'd follow with my story to get out of it. I've also observed that the last 4 occurrences have been due to avoidance issues. I think I may have found a connection... As I've stated earlier, when I used to get caught lying, I used to have the feeling of intense shame. I suppose this is tapping onto one the development of my childhood & primal instincts. I know there has been extensive research on child development & the connection between a child's IQ score & their ability to lie; Higher the IQ = More chance of lying. But my IQ is just above the average, so this would not be an indicating factor. It really seems to me that I need the 'chill' & lie a bit more (nothing bad of course). Do you have any links or literature you'd think I'd benefit from? Also, your opinions are welcome. Congratulation if you’ve read this far! Thank you again & have a nice day!
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Elfleda Elfleda | 5 days ago
I'm not a very good liar myself which is why I hate when I have to lie but i'd suggest trying to show as little emotion as possible when you are trying to tell a good lie.Now, first off if you know when and if you have to lie then do your best to remember what you are going to say for your lie, and start repeating it in your mind, and try to form a slight sense if not seemingly complete sense of it as if it were the truth.Treat it as if it is not a lie but like it is the truth and take a deep breath before the lie so you are prepared to be convincing!:)
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Chevonne Chevonne
The best way 2 tell a lie is 2 tell the truth. I'm confident enough 2 say that i'[m one of the best liars alive. There r 2 types of lieing. Lieing using honesty, or lying with a total made up story. Now, in order 2 convince the person, u must step it up with sarcasm, or emotional response. For instance....Did u eat my last piece of cake?*** What!!!! There was cake in the fridge!!!! Man! Did u do ur homework?***No mom, I have decide to quit school and become a monk! (changing the conversation).........All of the above r crap...the most important skill for a liar is **deliverance**: Body language, Facial expression, and tone of your voice. If you can play it of according 2 ur act...no one will ever suspect..unless they know for a fact.. good luck!
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Ashton Ashton
Lying and IQ are completely independent of one another, although the more intelligent one is the better story they are able to tell. Its a moral choice. I'm sorry you're ignored at home.
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