What age is the channel MTV meant for?

What age is the channel MTV meant for? Topic: The sis group
July 19, 2019 / By Irma
Question: My sister is very uptight about what I watch. I'm 13, and she's 16. She's been watching tv since the 6th grade at age eleven and I'm thirteen now, and she still gets mad when I watch it. I only watch a few shows. I have to watch them when she leaves the house for volleyball, because she's so annoying. My mom and dad doesn't care how old I am, they never like me watching it, but they're never really home that much anyway. BQ- Halloween is coming up! 1) Are you participating in mischief night? My friends wanted me to ghost our other friend's houses. Ghosting is ringing a doorbell, leaving candy and a note that says "You've been ghosted" and running away quickly before they can see you. 2) What do you want to be? You know what I mean =/ age groups..
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Elfa Elfa | 4 days ago
i would say like cause some shows are fine for 12/13 kinda deal during the day but the later the show time the more "dirty" the shows get but in general its aimed at teenagers, your fine tell your sis to shut up. 1) mischeif nmight is saturday night so imma hit up a party and on the walk home while intoxicated im sure mischief will be created but i never smash pumpkins cause when i was lil it was like my worst fear and id feel so bad 2) a cowgirl;)
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Cheryl Cheryl
at a similar time as I trust you that television programming perspectives 19-20 as 18-40 5, i think of which you're a splash over the precise in lumping each and every person in this age group into one single group. i think of extra advantageous than the different time on your existence, the time from after intense college until at last approximately 25 has the main version in the place the contributors are in existence. some elect to get married and initiate up a kinfolk, some to varsity, some immediately to paintings. a number of this group are nonetheless immature sufficient to relish shows like Laguna sea coast, some are content cloth with CNN etc. i think of that any channel focusing in this group might locate themselves horrendously underwatched simply by fact the desires of this group are a techniques too diverse. what form of shows might you want to make certain in this channel?
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Ashtaroth Ashtaroth
I always thought about 15, considering most of the tv show contents is mostly aimed at that age (like in UK, Secret Life , the main character is aged 15 and same as RJ Berger) - also Jersey Shore is kind of, if it was a film it'd be like a 15. most of their reality shows are like high schoolers anyways Im 14, and I watch it, I NEVER watch it properly watch the late time ones with my Mum around...once I was watching Secret Life and my mum was asking me what kind of show is this, so yeah, I watch it with no one around
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Zophai Zophai
I think MTV is really aimed at teenagers. If your parents don't care if you watch the shows on there, your older sister has nooo right to tell you not to watch it. Tell her to **** off if she doesn't stop. BQ1) Nooo, haha! That sounds like a good idea! Maybe I'll do that instead or something. BQ2) I WANT to be Hitler or Jesusduck, but my mom would kill me before I went out as either of those.
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Sodi Sodi
Probably around 14 and up, depending on the time slot, ect. A) Nope B) I would love to be Lady Gaga, or Snookie from the Jersey Shore
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