What would you do in this situation?

What would you do in this situation? Topic: Head case san jose
July 21, 2019 / By Irene
Question: So my brother has just finished high school, with good grades and good SAT scores. He was accepted to San Jose State University, and enrolled. My dad has already paid for his dorm, his meal card, and his tuition. He's even already been assigned a bed and roommates. The school had a mandatory orientation that all students must attend before their first year. My brother is very on top of things, and signed up and paid for the first one scheduled. A few months later, my dad popped up with a surprise vacation to Hawaii, that was already all paid for. Luckily, their were 4 more orientations available after that. Quickly, my brother signed himself up and paid for one on August 2nd. It started at 7am, and we live an hour away, so my brother left at 5:30 to make sure he was early. When he arrived, he waited for the check-in to start for like 30 minutes. When he finally checked in, he was told he was not on the list! He told them it must have been a mistake, because he signed up over a month ago. They were extremely rude and made no exceptions. My brother came home and made some phone calls, but one person was meaner than the next. So, my dad made some phone calls. Then, a lady starts to tell my dad that "since my brother was so irresponsible" and "didn't sign up for the orientation" he could not go to school there. Like I said early, my brother was already enrolled. So my dad begged her and pleaded his case for over and hour. Finally, she gave him the email of one of the head people, and told him that my brother better have a exceptionally written letter written by midnight last night and send it to the lady if he wanted any chance of going to school their. He and my dad were busy writing it and perfecting it for at least 3 hours. No word back yet, but I'm just wondering what you would do if you were in his position. He's so disappointed and my mom is madder than hell. I'm just kind of witnessing everything, but it does make me mad what they're saying. So, what do you think of that? What would you do? Thanks!
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Eleonor Eleonor | 3 days ago
Does your brother have some sort of printable receipt from when he signed up for orientation? I'm pretty sure when I signed up for orientation either a page popped up or I got an e-mail to print out as a receipt. You could also look back at the bank statement for whoever payed for the orientation. If it says they took the money out of your account then you have proof you payed for the orientation. I had a similar problem with sjsu housing where they charged my dads account twice and told us we hadn't payed at all but it seems like housing was alittle bit nicer about it then whoever your dealing with :/
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Cherry Cherry
Since he already paid for everything, and was accepted, there should be a contract. If you they don't let you in, go over all your contract and tell them you're contacting an attorney. Actually, first, ask a friend/family member that is a lawyer if they have any legal right to do what they're doing. Because it sounds like they are breaking a legal contract to me....
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Ashlynn Ashlynn
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