For a girl how is a.380 compared to a.25 caliber to shoot?

For a girl how is a.380 compared to a.25 caliber to shoot? Topic: Features review writing examples
July 19, 2019 / By Innogen
Question: I am a girl looking for a gun. I have recently shot my friends .25 caliber and was going to purchase one, but after I read reviews I am rethinking that it might not be the best gun to get so I am looking for the next smallest that is effective. I liked the 25 for the lack of kick, and ease of handling +size for a girl. So how does a 380 compare to shoot, and are there other suggestions? I also am looking at the price of ammo for range practice and noticing how expensive the 25 ammo is. Thanks. So I am getting some saying it's completely different shooting a .380 or 9mm compared to a .25ACP and some that are saying as far as kick, etc it's no different...that is my main concern. And it's a self-protection thing with perm to carry, but I also intend on shooting fairly often at the range to hone my skills. ok, so I shot a .40 and an AK47 tonight! :-D But anyway my point was...I think with time and practice I could handle the 40 or something similar...it wasnt as bad of a backfire as I expected. So of all the guns we talked about...what's going to be the cheapest, easiet to find ammo...b/c that is prob what's going to make my choice now that I know I can handle most. Thanks for all the answers so far!
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Eleanor Eleanor | 1 day ago
The first thing you should do no matter what kind of firearm you buy is to take a safety class. The NRA offers many classes, and local DNRs offer some too. I don't care which one you take, but please take one. Firearms will operate the exact same way no matter what kind of reproductive equipment you have. For self defense .25 and .380 are a bit on the small side (but certainly better than nothing). You can get some very small firearms in larger calibers (I'm not talking about anything too large, but a slight bit larger than .25 or .380 would be good). Recommending a firearms is a lot like recommending shoes. You have to try it on first, and the kind of shoe you get (dress shoes, sneakers, flip flops) totally depends on what situation you will be using it in. Once you have a general purpose for your gun you need to think about experience levels and calibers. If you are fairly new you'll need to start off with a smaller caliber so you don't develop bad habits like flinching and expecting recoil. After you know what you want and what caliber you should start thinking about what kind of features you like. So you like single actions, double actions, revolvers, autoloaders? You can find out what kind you like by going to your local range (do a google map search to look for a range in your area) and renting a few different guns. See what feels the most comfortable and what you like the best, then write up a list of what you want and how important it is to you. For example the list might look like the following (this is just an example, not necessarily what you would want): 1. 9mm 2. autoloader 3. double action 4. frame mounted safety 5. 10 + 1 capacity 6. single stack magazine 7. long trigger pull 8. polymer Take this list to a few gun shops. The staff there will be able to narrow down the selection to a couple of things that you might like. I usually try not to buy one right there and then, I sleep on it and think about it for a while to avoid making a rash decision. Once you have it narrowed down to 3 choices or so, try renting those particular guns at the range and giving them all a try. See what feels natural and comfortable to you. Once you know which gun you want look around for the best pricing. Check the internet (gunbroker and other gun shops), but keep in mind that you will need an FFL transfer and shipping if it is out of state. Check local gun shops, pawn shops (often times overprices), and gun shows (you really have to know what you're doing at a gun show). After all that the only thing left to do is to go and buy your new firearm, always operate and store it safely, and be a responsible gun owner.
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Eleanor Originally Answered: Gun caliber question.270.308 or 30-06 which is better?
Personally i think you are gonna get some biased answers here. the .270, 30-06 and .308 are all similar and each caliber has a few advantages over the other two. Here they are 30-06 advantage widest range of bullet weights disadvantage slower than the .270 but not by much 270 Advantage shoots faster and hits harder than the other two disadvantage not as many bullet weights available. 308 advantage most widely available military surplus ammo disadvantage slower than both the 30-06 and 270 This analysis was made using the winchester ballistics calculator using the xp3 bullet. I make no claim that this holds true for all types of bullets in these calibers. For the accuracy question you should be looking at a rifle in all three calibers. shoot a few and see which one fits you best and what cartridge shoots best for you. as far as availability, around here its a turkey shoot as to what is available. check your local stores for ammo availability. On a personal note I vote for the .270 simply because mine belonged to my grandfather and it shoots dead on at 200 yards.

Cherish Cherish
First if the entire 380 is often essentially the most fashionable self security quality. The weapons you speak approximately have just about a four" barrel and weigh approximately 21 oz.. I severely doubt there being so much of a cringe change. And no- the accuracy isn't higher at the 32. If you're shopping those weapons, the 380 is the so much higher option. If you're no longer , however are watching at quality first earlier than you choose a gun- the 380 remains to be the higher option. A 32 acp will rise up to approximately a hundred seventy five feet/lbs in a four" barrel with a Corbon 60 gr, and a 380 gets approximately 240 with a 70 gr. If you're gun searching, there are a couple of smaller hide deliver pistols to be had in these days like Kahr for approximately $six hundred, and a Ruger LCP or Taurus TCP for approximately $three hundred. However, the Beretta eighty four is a excellent Ferrari in comparison to those weapons. If concealment may not be a predicament- the Beretta is the right way to move. Edit: I have had the Beretta eighty five (no longer eighty four) for approximately 10 years. I carried it for quiet a at the same time and it's the best gun I have ever had to make use of in a self security problem. It works. I simply purchased a Taurus TCP 380 this week for pocket deliver. It is very correct for a tiny gun. If pocket deliver is what you want- keep in mind the TCP. If no longer, the Beretta is way higher and a couple of x the capability.
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Ashling Ashling
Are you looking for personal defense, or do you just want to shoot one? Cause, for personal defense they both lack stopping power. Contact a local range and see if they have guns you can rent to try out, I know of several in my area, all you need to do is by the ammo. Most .380's on the market are notoriously unreliable. Research before you buy. True that most people are killed by .22s than any other caliber, but look at how many there are out there. The .25 and .380 in semi auto really are about the same to shoot, no noticeable difference as far as recoil, handling, and size.
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Zibeon Zibeon
Well I don't have any experience with the .25, but I know enough... .25 caliber is only slightly larger than .22 caliber, which is notorious for its lack of stopping power (although it can definitely be lethal). .380 is pretty much a smaller, less intense version of a .38 caliber round, which is quite lethal and a great weapon for self defense. Considering how popular the .380 is for women to carry, it's probably not that expensive to get the ammo, and I do know that the kick is nothing to be afraid of. I've shot a .38 many times, and a .380 once and the .380 is MUCH easier and smaller. Great gun for a woman for self defense. My mom actually likes her snub-nose .38, but she's the Annie Oakley of handguns. lol Definitely get something. And remember that whatever you get MUST BE ABLE TO KILL SOMEBODY. Even if you are completely against killing somebody and very reluctant to even think about it, more people will be hurt if you pretend to be ready to use a gun, or if you attempt to use one that isn't effective. Good luck, BE SAFE, have fun with whatever you get, and I hope you never need it to save your life! :)
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Sloan Sloan
They both suck for anyone. I would suggest a 9mm for cheap easy shooting fun and you would stand a fair chance of defending your self with one. One step better is a .40 Smith and Wesson ,but they are expensive to shoot. Go to a range and rent a few guns and Get one you can shoot well. More cops have been killed with a .22 Long rifle in a pistol than any other round. So the gun you shoot the best is the right one for you. Don't buy a cheap crappy ghetto gun and expect it to save your life or be fun to shoot. Look for a Sig arms, beretta, Glock, S&W, Taurs. a 380 is the same as a 9 to shoot and a .25 is just going to piss someone off if you hit them with it. You would be better with a .22 than a 25acp.
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