How do I prepare for the ACT?

How do I prepare for the ACT? Topic: How to get answers for math homework
July 16, 2019 / By Indigo
Question: How do I prepare for the ACT? I dont have internet at home to do practice tests, and my parents refuse to drive me to the library. They won't let me drive myself either because A) I dont have a car and B) I dont have enough experience behind the wheel (true enough). I've been taking practice tests at school. The problem is I seriously suck at math and science, and I dont test well anyway. Does anyone have any tips for ALL parts of the ACT? I realize threads have been made like this before, but I wanted more suggestions.
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Elba Elba | 8 days ago
Hi: For the math part of it I can help you with. The rest study and review what to learn. Here are math tips: here are my tips: 1) read the problem through; until you understand it. 2) look for clue words like: sum, more than,less than, greater,multiplied,divided by..etc for all word problems 3) look for given equation, variables, etc 4) find out what the problem is asking you to solve for . 5) write "Given: " , than what is given, than write what your solving for 6) if you have to rearrange the equation in order to solve it, than write out step by step what math operation your using on it to solve it, if you have to rearrange it otherwise to 7 7) Write step by step what Math operation your using to solve for it . This will make it easier for you to backtrack it and see what you did wrong; if you made error in your math - if your proof for it, doesn't check and equal 8) While doing number 6 and 7: Pay Attention To the Signs . This the one number reason why people make a errors in Math answers when solving there math problem 9) Do a Proof to prove your answer is correct. By writing "Proof:" -The reason for this : Sometimes you might think you have the right answer when your really got the wrong one but this will tell you right away. do the following: 10) write your original equation down ,plug in your numbers, than write step by step what Math operation your using to solve for it . If this does not check and equal than back track for your answer in the first part. If they check out than check the Proof and see if you made a error . As soon as you find your error . Correct it, than solve it again and redo the proof again until it check and equals 11) If your not sure of how to do a problem , ask a good friend or a good teacher who is good in math to help you, okay. 12) Sometime ask the web for help, you want to find the surface area of a cone; just type in "Surface area of a cone" in one of the search engine boxes press enter and see what pops up click a few of them and see if you can find the equation Wikpika - is a good source for math, help so is yahoo, bing is a hit and miss but they can be a big help. Once you find a new equation -Than write it down along with what is with a few example; in a notebook and you will have it at side ready to aid in your time of confession or doubt, okay. Just be sure to add any other equations you encounter in math and they always be ready to assist you like a flaming sword makes a enemy stop in his track so will this aid you. 13) Make sure you put the units on the end of the final answer. Some teacher will mark it wrong if it not there. Here a example of of a math problem so you get a idea of how to do one : example: Given : (0,7) (5, 32) m = (y1-y)/ (x1-x) -slope formula y = mx+b - y intercept formula Make a Linear model using the two points? Step 1 - the linear model : m = (y1-y)/ (x1-x) - slope formula m = (32- 7)/ (5-0) - replacing x1,x,y1,and y with 5,0,32,and 7 m = 25/ 5 - Subtraction m = 5 -Division Step 2 : y = mx+b - y intercept formula 7 = 5(0)+b - replacing m,x,and y with 5,0,and 7 7= 0 +b -multiplication of 5 and 0 7 = b - Addition so y = 5x + 7 is your Linear model for the points (0,7) (5, 32) Step 3 : Proof or Check : y = 5x + 7 - Derived equation from the above 32 = 5(5) + 7 - Plugging x and y with 5, and 32 32 = 25 + 7 - Multiplication 32 = 32 - Addition It checks and equals Here are some Math help websites for you I got off Yahoo: www. math.com www.webmath.com www.sosmath.com www.sosmath.com www.coolmath.com www.purplemath.com www.mathpower.com www.analyzemath.com.html www.AAAmath,com www. figurethis.com www.mathcats.com www.easymaths.com www.homeworkspot.com/high/math www. parentingteens.about.com/od/math/Math_Fr... www.themathhomeworkhelp.com www.aplusmath.com www.homeworkhelp4u.com/math_homework_h… www.nutshellmath.com www.mathhomeworkhelp.com www.freemathhelp.com for video learning : http://www.khanacademy.org/http://www.mathtv.com/videos_by_topic http://www.youtube.com/results? search_qu… www.videomathtutor.com/www.math-videos-o... If you Have any questions in Math. Post them here in the Mathematics section and we Nine Million Yahoo answerer will come to your aid and help with it Good luck and my best wishes to you I hope this helps.
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Elba Originally Answered: How should I prepare for my SAT's?
well, for me, im not that smart either - but i was still able to score well on the SATs. Why? because the SAT does not test your intelligence, it tests how well prepared you are now, i dont know how good SAT prep classes are (cuz I never had to money to afford one) so what I bought were like two or three practice books and got some from the library as well - the best one is the blue collegeboard official study guide you can go sign up for another class but i think that practice books have everything you need, and hey, they worked for me
Elba Originally Answered: How should I prepare for my SAT's?
I would recommend two things: 1. Get the official SAT book from the collegeboard 2. Sign up to a free SAT Prep course online such as http://domesatreview.com. They have the curriculum needed to master what's in the book. Good luck!
Elba Originally Answered: How should I prepare for my SAT's?
SAT 1000 Question - Bank is especially designed to whet your skills for SAT. The goal of this question bank is to cut your chase and help you maximize your SAT score quickly and efficiently. Test takers will now also be able to track, analyze and compare their results with their past performance.

Cherie Cherie
Buy the ACT prep book and do the practice tests in that. It's very useful. PS: No internet at home? Damn.
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Cherie Originally Answered: How to prepare for GRE?
I picked up a Barron's GRE prep book for $4 at a book warehouse. It's great for going over strategy. As a comp sci major, I'm sure on the math you'll just need a quick review of your basic math formulas and such. Running through the practice test in the Barron's book, helped me pinpoint what I'd forgotten in basic math. Study the definitions of words, hundreds of them. I can't remember the name of the book I used for that, but it had 3 words/page and they were perforated so you could make flashcards - that was the most useful tool - I think I paid around $8-10 for it at a Waldenbook, but several of the words I memorized from that book came up on my exam. I scored in the 90th percentile for the verbal section which was satisfying for me. As for the writing section, practice writing as much as possible and follow the strategies in the Barron book. Have others who are in the know, (such as a professor you are close with,) read your practice essays and give you constructive feedback.
Cherie Originally Answered: How to prepare for GRE?
Skip Barron, they are a generic mass produced book company that does not specialize in serious test prep. Try these guys: http://shopping.powerscore.com On a side note, the GRE is not that hard. If you read, just about anything, the test should not be difficult since you are in the science field.

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